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National Audit Federation Wishes You and Your Family A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015

Working Committee Meeting on 20 & 21 March 2015 at Chandigarh

"Delhi Chalo" - Day long Dharna at Jantar Mantar on 23 March 2015

New Office Bearers of National Audit Federation (2014-2016)

Download Guidelines on Mutual Transfer 

778 Transfer applications received as on 10 April 2014

Downlaod Model Constitution & Memorandum of Association

Confederation also joining in Dharna at JANTAR MANTAR, New Delhi on 23rd March 2015

Circular No. 10/2014-16/                 Dated :15-01-2015


All Affiliated Units Secretaries / Central Office Bearers / Zonal / Branch
Secretaries / Departmental Council Members / Special Invitees, Chief Patron & Patrons.

Working Committee Meeting on 20 & 21 March 2015 at Chandigarh Dilli Chalo” – Day long Dharna at Jantar Mantar on 23 March 2015


            As communicated earlier the next Working Committee meeting of the federation is scheduled to be held on the 20th and 21st of March 2015. The affiliated units of Category II and III from the offices of the Principal Accountant General (Audit), Punjab and Haryana have informed their willingness to jointly conduct the Working Committee meeting. It was decided by the National Executive meeting held at Gwaliorthat the federation will also join the call for Dharna “Dilli Chalo” at Jantar Mantar on 23rd March 2015 organised by the Confederation of Audit & Accounts Employees and Officers’ Organisations. The affiliated units from New Delhi have also extended their support for the successful conduct of the programme. It is therefore requested that all affiliated units should send atleast two representatives (President & Secretary) to attend the working committee meeting at Chandigarh and the Dharna at New Delhi. Since the meeting with 7th Central Pay Commission is due and several unsettled issues relating to the employees of this department are pending with the Finance Ministry and the CAG's office, the presence of all affiliated units will help us to deliberate in detail and take appropriate decisions to sort out the issues. Hence, it is reiterated that all unit leaders attend both the above programmes without fail.

Working Committee meeting :

Dates           :  20th & 21st March 2015

Venue                      :  Kissan Bhavan, Sector 35, Chandigarh. 

   (Less than 10 kms from Chandigarh Railway Station)

Delegate fee           :  Rs  750/- per member

Accommodation      :  At the above venue from 19th March to 22nd March

Climate                    :  Pleasant – temperature around 30 0c

Accommodation will be available from 19th morning to 22nd evening. Tickets may please be booked in advance so as reach Chandigarh before 20th morning and from there to New Delhi on 22nd. Tickets for the return journey after 6.00 pm on 23rd March 2015 to their respective places may also be booked in advance. Accommodation will be provided by the Delhi units at the Chauhan Dharamsala from 22nd after noon to 24th evening.

Several issues viz. Merger of DA, Grant of IR, Implementation of Judgements to all similarly placed employees etc. are still pending with the Ministry. The recommendation of the National Anomaly Committee on entry grade pay has not being accepted by the Union Government that adversely affected the promote candidates. These genuine issues pertaining to us can only be settled by exerting pressure on the Government. This is the right time and right decision by the Confederation to stage Dharna at Jantar Mantar. Participation of all affiliated units should be ensured for successful staging of the Dharna. It is our duty to fight for the genuine demands of the employees. Let us fight for the existence of the organised accounting sector. Let us decide to “Chalo Dhilli”.

Fighting Fund

Confederation of Audit and Accounts Employees’ Organisations has issued fifty rupees coupons to units. Collection from members may please be remitted to the bank a/c of Shri.S.S. Prabhakar, Finance Secretary, CAAEO at New Delhi – A/c No.10310580529.

Grade Pay Rs 13950 to AAOs promoted on or after 1-1-2006 - a welcome decision

As per the CAGs letter date 06.01.2015, it is permitted to revise the earlier exercised option for fixation of pay in the revised pay structure to the persons who have been promoted as AAO after 01.01.2006 from the date of their promotion to the cadre, if the option is more beneficial to them. In such cases they have to forgo the pay revision benefits already availed and excess if any paid, shall be adjusted against the arrear payment consequent on revised option. This order is only beneficial to those officials promoted as AAOs on or after 01.01.2006 and their Grade Pay was fixed at a stage less than 13950 on promotion.

Still there are anomalies in every cadre including AAO cadre. The issue of entry cadre minimum pay is also not addressed. Even then, by virtue of the present order a section of the AAOs has been benefited. This is an achievement by our Federation which was attained by persistent pursuance through letters, representations and meetings held with the CAG authorities. This can be seen from the various letters and minutes displayed on our web site. This is a welcome decision from CAG. Let us celebrate. I request all affiliated units to hold General Body/lunch hour meeting of the active members in their association rooms and inform the members about this achievement. National Audit Federation will always be there to fight for the genuine demands of the employees of IA&AD till they are achieved.

Together let us fight to rebuild the charm and lost lustre of IA&AD.

Hope to see you all at Chandigarh.

With regards,

Dear friends,

With the New Year comes new beginnings, fresh starts and promises of a brighter future. New Year resolutions are the promises we make to ourselves, such as improving career paths, losing weight, finding love, shedding of bad habits, setting targets to achieve and much more.

As far as Central Government employees are concerned, 2014 was yet another eventful year with full of reports and rumors. Reports on setting up of 7th Central Pay Commission, change in central ministry, installation of biometric systems, online monitoring of attendances of employees, declaration of assets of public servants under Lokpal, linking of Aadhar numbers with service books etc. There were rumors regarding merger of DA, grant of interim relief, reducing of retirement age to 58 etc. but nothing has happened. Instead, Government has banned recruitment against vacancies and creation of new posts in the name of austerity measures.   No signals on granting of Interim Relief and merger of DA.

Departmental issues such as issues relating to sector wise restructuring of Audit offices, pay parity with Central Secretariat employees, grant of Grade Pay of Rs 5400 to AAOs, Rs 4600 to Sr. Auditors, Rs 4200 to Auditors, issues relating to SAS exam etc., have not been settled. Proposals for creation of post of Audit Manager, Non-IA&AS group ‘A’ promotional posts to Audit Officers etc. are still pending with the Ministry. Implementation of court judgments to all similarly placed employees is the major issue at this juncture. Apart from obtaining assurances on certain demands during regular meetings with the CAG administration, nothing productively happened during the year 2014.

Carrying all these demands to this New Year, let’s welcome the year 2015 with a hope that this New Year will bring happiness to all. Let us continue our fight for fulfillment of our genuine demands. Let it be our New Year resolution!

Wishing you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015.


Circular No. 09/2014-16/                                                    Dated :24-12-2014


All Affiliated Units Secretaries / Central Office Bearers / Zonal / Branch Secretaries / Departmental Council Members / Special Invitees, Chief Patron & Patrons.


Minutes of the National Executive Meeting held on 14 & 15 December 2014 at Sanmat Guest House, Gwalior

Meeting started at 2.00 pm on 14th December 2014. After paying homage to Shri. Mannu Singh, Founder President by observing two minutes silence, Shri. Arun Vidhwans, Chief Patron inaugurated the meeting. Shri. Amal Kumar Das, President, Shri. L.S. Sujith Kumar, Secretary General, Shri. Amrendra Kumar, Additional Secretary General, Shri.Rakesh Sharma, Assistant Secretary General, Shri. D.K. Dahiya, Branch Secretary (P&T), Smt. Prasanna Kumari, Branch Secretary (Civil), Shri. Sudhir Kumar, Zonal Secretary (North) & Shri. N.K. Paul, Special Invitee were present.

Minutes of the meeting held on 13-11-2014 with Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General were discussed and reviewed. It was decided to pursue the issues viz.  reorganisation of Audit offices, issues relating to AAO/Auditor/Sr.Auditor/Supervisor cadres, SAS/RA/ CPD/other departmental  examinations and transfer issues, since reply from official side on these points were not satisfactory.

In the issues like posting of Auditors to field duty, inclusion of at least one discipline of the choice of local recreation club in sports quota recruitment, settling of TA claims, quality of uniform allowances, bringing audit parties at headquarters office atleast three days in a month and providing of adequate infrastructure, headquarters office informed that necessary instructions are being issued to field offices, hence the National Executive has decided to inform the field units to take up these issues locally and to report cases of noncompliance. Regarding Code of Ethics, it was informed that getting signature in Annexures I & II from head of audited entity is not required.

Regarding granting of higher pay scales to Auditors/Sr.Auditors, the National Executive expressed its contentment on the favourable proposal of the CAG to 7 CPC. Other positive assurances given were regarding framing of recruitment rules for EDP cadres, issues relating to sports persons, settling of TA claims, issuing of permanent passes to officials in Delhi who are regularly attending their official duty at various ministries and providing of sufficient fund for the purchase of adequate furniture to field offices. The Secretary General informed the committee that the federation has already written to the CAG's office seeking follow up action on issues like Supervisor promotion, grant of Grade Pay of 5400 to Hindi Officers, posting of Auditors to field parties and issues relating to SAS/RA/CPD examinations.

Regarding granting of Grade Pay 5400 to AAOs on the basis of Judgement of the Hon’ble High Court of Madras, at Chennai, the Secretary General informed the NEC that the federation has already initiated action to file a case at the Principal bench of CAT at New Delhi as per the directions of the Working Committee held at Guwahati. He also informed that he has requested the Finance Minister for an appointment to discuss this issue. The National Executive Committee appreciated the Secretary General's efforts on the issue. 

It was observed that the following Judgments of the Apex Court / CAT were implemented only to the applicants though they are applicable to similarly placed officials in all the organized Accounts and Audit offices:

1.      The SLP filed in Hob’ble Supreme Court on the grant of benefit from 1-1-1996 instead from 19-02-2003 has been dismissed. This case was filed by Railway Accounts employees in CATs, Ernakulam and Patna. The judgment has been implemented for applicants only.

2.      The SLP filed in Hon’ble Supreme Court against the Madras High Court decision on grant of grade pay of Rs.5400/- to AAOs has been implemented by A&E Office, Chennai in favor of applicants only.

3.      The case of a senior employee drawing less pay than junior due to grant of financial upgradation under ACP scheme was implemented only in Postal Accounts though the SLP was dismissed.

4.      The up gradation of 80% posts from 1-4-1987 cannot be termed as promotion and it should be ignored while granting benefits under ACP. The CAT judgment has been implemented in Defense Accounts only.

5.      Promotion from the post of SO to AAO between 1-1-2006 to 28-08-2008 should not be "Null & Void".  The promotion benefit of three per cent was granted only in Defense Accounts.

Other demands viz. Granting of Interim Relief and merger of 50% DA were also not allowed by the Government of India. National Executive meeting discussed in length the above issues and in consultation with the President and the Secretary General of the Confederation of Audit and Accounts Employees and Officer's Organisations, decided to stage a day long Dharna "Dhilli Chalo" at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 23rd March 2015.

It was also decided to hold a Working Committee on the 20th and 21st of March 2015 at Chandigarh. President and Secretary of all affiliated units are requested to attend the Working Committee Meeting as well as the dharna at New Delhi. The National Executive also directed the Secretary General to request all unit leaders to ensure maximum participation in the Dharna. All Executive Committee members of nearby units located at Delhi, Gwalior, Haryana and Punjab should participate in the Dharna.

The Confederation shall draft a memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister, Finance Ministry, Law ministry and the Secretary DOPT and forward a copy to the affiliated units which shall then be endorsed to the above ministries demanding implementation of the court judgments to all similarly placed employees in the Organised Accounting sector. It was also decided to extend all supports to the Confederation and donate generously towards fighting fund for the above cases filed on behalf of the members at the Principal Bench of CAT and Apex Court at New Delhi.

The host unit (Gwalior) had made excellent arrangements for stay and meeting. The quality of food served was also appreciated by delegates. I take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Audit Welfare Association, Gwalior, Category II & III for their sincere and dedicated efforts for the successful conduct of the National Executive. I also convey strong displeasure of the host units for the low turnout of the delegates.

In the lunch hours, a General Body meeting was also convened in the Accountant General's Office which was addressed by Secretary General and informed the members the outcome of the National Executive Meeting. Chief Patron, NAF also addressed the gathering and motivated the members. Smt. Prasanna Kumari, Branch Secretary (Civil) delivered a special address.

A condolence resolution on the sad demise of Shri. Mannu Singh, founder President was passed and directed the Secretary General to forward a copy of the same to the Patna unit for onward transmission to the family of the deceased leader. The meeting concluded at 3.30 pm on 15th December.

As decided, I request all the unit leaders to discuss this circular seriously in their EC/GB and to enlighten their members about the genuine causes behind the agitation call "Dhilli Chalo"

I also request the members of the Organised Accounting sector to take active participation and make "Dhilli Chalo" Aandolan, a grand success.

Let us fight for a cause. Let us fight for the implementation of Judgements in its letter and spirit. Let us fight for our legitimate, rational and reasonable demands.

Wish you a Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year 2015.

With regards,

No.NAF/2014-16/38                                                                Dated: 11/12/2014


The Secretary to the Government of India,

Department of Expenditure,

Ministry of Finance.

Sub: Regarding admissibility of Scheduled Tribal Allowance to the Central Government employees of Ranchi district.

Ref:     NoF (Exp)’s I.D. No.16(2)/2011-E.II(B) dated   -10-2011 issued to the Office of the C&AG, 9, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg, New Delhi – 110124.


Kind attention is invited to the subject cited.

As per Fifth Schedule Areas under Article 244(1) and Scheduled Areas (State of Jharkhand) Order, 2007, notification issued by Ministry of Law and Justice on 11/04/2007, most of the area of Jharkhand State including the whole of Area of Ranchi District was also notified as Scheduled Tribal Area. On the basis of the recommendations of the 6CPC, GOI has issued orders vide O.M.No.17(1)2008-EII(B) dated 29th August 2008 for the revision of Tribal Area Allowance. Consequently, the employees of various Central Government offices located at Ranchi viz. Income Tax office, Central Excise & Service Tax office, Central Bureau of Investigations, Central Institute of Psychiatry, Indian Institute of Natural Resins & Gums etc are drawing Tribal Allowance in the revised rate (copies of the relevant orders are enclosed for reference) but the same was denied to the employees working in the offices of the Accountants General, Ranchi.

On noticing the above, a proposal was forwarded by the office the Comptroller and Auditor General of India to the department of expenditure regarding admissibility of Scheduled/Tribal Allowance to the Central Government employees of Ranchi district. It was replied by your department vide letter under reference (copy enclosed) that “as per para 4 of this Ministry’s OM.No.17(1)/98-E.II(B) dated 17-07-1998, Tribal Area Allowance shall cease to be admissible in those state where it has been discontinued for the State Government employees wit effect from the date(s) of such discontinuance and shall be admissible at the revised rates in those States where this allowance continues to be extended for State Government employees”. Accordingly, the employees working in the offices of the Accountants General, Ranchi were denied the benefit of Tribal Allowance, but the employees working in other Central Government offices mentioned above are still enjoying the benefit.

Hence, may I submit that this is an injustice to a section of the Central Government employees (employees working in IA&AD) and I request you to take necessary action to extent this benefit to IA&AD employees also.\

Thanking you in anticipation of an early action in this regard.

                                                                                      Yours faithfully,

No. NAF/2014-16/37                                                       Dated :10-12-2014


Shri. Arun Jaitley,

Honorable Minister of Finance,

Government of India.

Sub:     Request for a meeting.

Respected Sir,

National Audit Federation, the apex body of all field level recognized associations of category II & III employees in the Indian Audit & Accounts Department. As you are aware that the August Institution of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, the watchdog of Indian Exchequer, is substantially contributing to the better management of money and finances by way of regular, independent, unbiased and meticulous review and reporting various schemes and departments of the government through Indian Audit & Accounts Department (IA&AD). But during the last few years there were unwarranted criticism, against this Constitutional authority stating that the CAG had exceeded its mandate. This is only because the CAG has unearthed certain irregularities in 2G spectrum allocation, Coal mining Sector, Commonwealth Games etc. the Government representatives also criticised that the Constitutional authority is exceeding its limit.

To curtail the powers of CAG and its field audit units the fund allocation to its field offices was also reduced by the earlier government and also denied proposals for career prospects for its employees on flimsy grounds. The proposals for cadre restructuring, creation of posts under non IA&AS Group ‘A’ cadre, creation of post of Audit Managers in IA&AD etc. are a few among those lying in the Ministry of Finance for approval and notification since 2012. Certain judgments of the Apex Court in favour of the employees were implemented to the applicants only, though there are many similarly placed employees in the organized accounting sector. Plea for the implementation of those judgments to similarly placed employees were turned down on the ground that they should approach afresh to the Court of Law. This has forced the employees to go to different courts and to spend huge money as well a valuable time.

In the circumstances, we would like to meet you in person to put forward some of the serious concerns of the Audit employees. I request the Honorable Minister to kindly grant us an audience on a convenient date. I also request you to allow the following persons to meet you.

1. Shri. A.K. Das, President, National Audit Federation.

2. Shri. L.S. Sujith Kumar, Secretary General, National Audit Federation.

3.Shri. Arun Vidwans, Chief Patron, National Audit Federation & President, Confederation of Audit & Accounts Employees and Officers’ Organisations.

4.      Shri. A.B. Sen, Secretary General, Confederation of Audit & Accounts Employees and Officers’ Organisations.

Thanking you in anticipation.

                                                                                                  Yours faithfully,

No. NAF/2014-16/36                                                          Dated :05-12-2014


Shri. M.L. Thamrakar,

Office of the C & A G of India,Consultant (JCM),

9, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg,

New Delhi – 110124.

Sub:     Nomination of members on the Staff Side of the Departmental Council – reg.

Ref:     No.931-Staff(JCM)/35-2014 dated 05-11-2014.


In response to your letter cited, I am directed to forward nomination of members on the Staff side of the Departmental Council in respect of our federation in Form ‘C’ in duplicate along with resolution passed in the National Executive meeting of the Federation held on 29th & 30th May 2014 at Chennai.

Please acknowledge the receipt.

                                                                                                 Yours faithfully,

Resolution No.3


The National Executive Meeting of National Audit Federation held at Chennai on the 29th and 30th of May 2014 unanimously resolved to nominate the following members to represent National Audit Federation on the Staff Side of the Departmental Council in IA&AD:

Sl. No.


Date of retirement

Office and appointment held



Shri. H.S. Chauhan


Sr. Auditor, Office of the PAG (Audit), Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

52, Gayatri Vihar Coloney,

Near Chambal Guest House,

Tati pur, Gwalior,

Madya Pradesh – 474011


Shri. P.R.Rajvedi


Sr. Auditor, Office of the PAG(Audit), Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

44, Dilkusha New Katra,

Behind Triveni Gas Service,

Allahabad - 211002


Shri. Mayank Gilani


Sr. Auditor, Office of the DGACR, New Delhi

B-40, First Floor,

Moti Nagar,

New Delhi - 110015

            Sd/-                                                                                         Sd/-

(Taizuddin Ahmed)                                                                (L.S. Sujith Kumar)

      President                                                                           Secretary General

No. NAF/2014-16/35                                                          Dated :05-12-2014


The Dy. Comptroller and Auditor General,

O/o the Comptroller and Auditor General of India,

9 Deen Dayal Upadyay Marg,

New Delhi. 110124.

Sub:     Agenda meeting held on 13-11-2014 – follow up action - reg.


Kind attention is invited on the subject cited. During deliberations assurances were given on certain points which are not seen included in the official minutes. I therefore, request you to look into the matter and take remedial steps. Some of the important omissions noticed are shown below:

Demand No. 4 – Supervisor Promotion

During discussions, we have placed our sincere gratitude for increasing promotion scope to Senior Auditor cadre temporarily by operating additional 6 percent posts of AAO cadre as Supervisor in deficit offices. We have also requested you to enhance supervisor promotion to 20 percent of the sanctioned strength of AAO, but it was not acceded. Finally, it was assured that regularizing of the additional 6 per cent posts will be considered. Hence it is requested to enhance the Supervisor promotion quota to 10 per cent of the sanctioned strength of AAOs by regularizing the temporary 6 per cent. It may please be noted that there won’t be any additional financial liability in regularization of these posts.

Demand No. 5 – Grant Grade Pay 5400/- to Hindi Officers.

While discussing this demand, DAI has directed the DG(Staff) to put up the demand with statistics showing Sanctioned Strength, Men in Position and to quantify extra Financial liability, but in official meeting it was stated that ‘the Federation was advised to submit a comprehensive note on the demand that would be examined’.

Detailed note on the above issue was submitted by this federation several times, but the headquarters office has turned deaf ears towards the genuine issue of one of the key cadres, ‘Rajbhasha Cadre’, though a minority cadre in this department. The issue was discussed at length, and the federation has requested DAI to allow Grade Pay of Rs 5400 to Hindi Officers without altering the nomenclature. In this connection, your kind attention is also invited to Para Number 4.3.(2)(e) of the memorandum submitted to the Seventh Central Pay Commission by the CAG wherein Sanctioned Strength and Person in Position in respect of Hindi Officers as on 1-01-2014 was mentioned. It was stated that only 30 Hindi Officers out of a sanctioned strength of 118 were in position as on that date. Only 19 out of a sanctioned strength of 60 in Senior Hindi Translator cadre and 131 out of 301 in the cadre of Junior Hindi Translators are in position. This clearly states that only a few officers are eligible for the benefit of higher Grade Pay of Rs 5400. A calculation of extra financial liability to the department is as carried out by us is shown below:

Maximum increase in Pay plus emoluments per month to the beneficiaries

Number of beneficiaries

Extra financial liability to the department
per month

Total extra financial liability to the department
per annum

Less than Rs 5000


Rs 5000 x 30
Rs 1,50,000

Rs 1,50,000 x 12
Rs 18,00,000

The extra financial liability to the department on allowing higher scale to Hindi Officers will be less than Rs 18 lakh per annum, which is meager compared to a huge figure of Rs 2325 Crore per annum expenditure incurred on payment of salaries in IA&AD.

Copies of relevant orders were also furnished by us vide letter No.NAF/49 dated 21-08-2012. A copy of the same is also enclosed for ready reference. Hence, it is requested to grant Grade Pay of Rs 5400 to Hindi Officers as recommended by the Government of India equalising the Grade Pay recommended by the Central Secretariat Official Language Services.

Federation’s Demand No. 6. – Posting of Auditors in field parties.

It was assured during the meeting that necessary directions will be issued to field offices to post at least one Auditor to all field parties as far as possible. Hence it is requested to issue necessary directions regarding to field offices.

Federation’s Demand No. 8 – Revival of SAS/RA/CPD Examinations:

When this federation requested the DAI to provide sample questions on SAS/RAE/CPD examinations, it was assured that the matter will be discussed with examination wing and necessary action will be taken.

Similarly on pointing out the inconsistency in number of questions asked from each section according to the syllabus, it was also assured to look into the matter.

While denying the demand on allowing Multi Tasking Staff in appearing for SAS examinations, DAI has assured to increase the promotion quota for Multi Tasking Staff in other departmental examinations conducted for promotion to the post of Clerk and Auditor. This was also not seen included in the official minutes.

Hence, it is requested the Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General to look into the matter and to take necessary steps to bring out redressal to this genuine grievances. Thanking you in anticipation.

                                                                           Yours faithfully,

Encl: As above

No. NAF/2014-16/34                                            Dated :05-12-2014


            The Director General (Staff)

            O/o the Comptroller and Auditor General,

            9 Deen Dayal Upadyay Marg,

            New Delhi.  110124.


Sub:     Re-organisation of Audit Offices – granting of meeting – request thereof.

Ref:     1. Our letter No.NAF/2014-16/09 dated 08-04-2014

            2. Letter No.622-Staff (JCM) / 1-2014 of Sr. AO (JCM) dated 23-06-2014



Kind attention is invited to our letter first cited, wherein it was requested to grant a meeting to this federation on the issue of restructuring of State Civil Audit offices and the same was denied by the Headquarters office vide letter second cited. Your attention is also invited to the agenda meeting held with the Dy. CAG on 13-11-2014, wherein this federation has raised the issue of non-granting of meeting on the subject cited as first point. In the meeting it was assured by DAI that a meeting will be granted at your level to discuss the issues on re-organisation of audit offices. I would be glad, if you could arrange a meeting at an earliest convenient date.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

No. NAF/2014-16/Zonal 6                                                            Dated :18-11-2014


All Members of National Executive/Zonal secretaries/ Branch Secretaries/Dept. Council Members, Special Invitees, Shri. Arun Vidwans - Chief Patron, Shri. Arun Ingle - Patron (West zone) & Shri. B.P. Mahji – Ex-Treasurer.


Sub: National Executive at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

Audit Welfare Association Category III and SAS Audit Association Category II, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh have kindly consented to hold an Executive meeting of National Audit Federation at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh on 14th and 15th of December 2014. It was informed earlier vide circular No.NAF/2014-16/Zonal 5 dated 08-11-2014 that a meeting of the Central Zone will also be convened. But due to certain reason only National Executive will be held at Gwalior. Venue and other details are as follows:

Venue of the Meeting - HOTEL SANMAT
Near Kherapati Temple, Gandhi Nagar, Gwalior.

1 km. away from Platform No.4 and 1 ½ kms. from Platform No.1 of Gwalior railway station. Rooms will be available from 14-12-2014 (6 am) to 16-12-2014 (10 am). Temperature at Gwalior during December is generally very mild with daily temperatures averaging to 14–16 °C. Warm clothing is necessary. Please intimate tour itinerary to Shri. Amrender Kumar, Additional Secretary General on his Mobile No. 09425770671 or Shri. H.S. Chauhan, Department Council Member on his Mobile No. 09425756600. 

You are also requested to provide a copy of the latest Gradation List of your office.

                                                                                                  Fraternally Yours,

Circular No.08/2014-16                                                              Dated :18-11-2014


            All Affiliated Units Secretaries / Central Office Bearers / Zonal / Branch Secretaries / Departmental Council Members / Chief Patron & Patrons.


Minutes of Agenda meeting with the Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General – held on 13th November 2014

            An agenda meeting with the Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General Smt Ajanta Dayalan was held on 13th November 2014 at 3.00 pm in which Director General (Staff) Smt Meera Swarup, Director (P) Shri Jadon V.S., Assistant CAG (N) Shri. Renjit Singh, were also present. Shri A.K. Das, President, Shri S. Prabhakar, Vice President, Shri L.S. Sujith Kumar, Secretary General and Shri Amrendra Kumar, Additional Secretary General of National Audit Federation attended the meeting.

            It was the first meeting of the Federation with the Dy. CAG Administration after her taking over charge. President Shri A.K. Das, introduced the new team members to the DG(Staff). After a briefing about the functioning of the Federation, the Secretary General started discussing the points one by one. The outcome of the meeting is shown below:

Sl. No.




Re-organisation of Audit offices –

Issues in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkand, Kerala & Maharashtra.


DAI informed that during Sectoral Reorganisation of Audit Offices, Major & Minor heads of accounts were not taken as the sole criterion but many other parameters were also considered. Main thrust was given for minimum staff dislocation. On pointing out denial of meeting for discussing issues related to  reorganization of Audit offices, which was assured by the then DAI during an agenda meeting held on 12-07-2012, the Deputy CAG has directed DG(Staff) to convene an exclusive meeting at the earliest for discussing such issues.


Issues relating to AAO cadre

Treat promotions after passing SAS examinations as fresh appointment and grant Entry Cadre minimum pay to all AAOs

Exercise of option for fixation of pay in revised pay structure in case of promotions in quick succession between 01.01.2006 and 28.08.2008.

After giving a patient hearing to the issues, DAI expressed her concern for these cadres and directed the Federation to take up all those issues before the 7th CPC to have a logical and positive result.


Pay parity with Central Secretariat Service

Implement Arbitration award 2004


Supervisor promotion

Increase supervisor quota to 20 per cent of the sanctioned strength of AAOs.

Supervisors shall not be reverted even if the office looses deficit status subsequently.

Nomenclature of “Supervisor” may be changed as Assistant Audit Officer with Gazetted status.

It was assured that the promotion quota to the post of Supervisor will be increased to 10 per cent of AAO cadre in consultation with the CAG. That is to regularize the additional 6 per cent quota increased temporarily in deficit offices.


Grant Grade Pay Rs 5400 to Hindi Officers


DAI after giving a patient hearing of the arguments of the Federation on the merit of the issue and the status of similarly placed officials in other departments, directed the DG(Staff) to assess the Sanctioned Strength, Men in Position and financial liability. It was assured that a decision will be taken in consultation with CAG.


Issues relating to Auditor cadre

Grant grade pay of Rs 4600/- to Sr. Auditors with effect from 01.01.2006.

Grant GP of Rs 4200 to Auditors

Posting of Auditors in field parties


Advised the Federation to take up these issues with 7CPC.  Regarding posting of Auditors in field parties, directed the DG (Staff) to issue circular to all field offices.


Promotion to Data Entry Operator as Console Operator/Auditor

Federation pointed out the likely stagnation in the DEO cadre due to the uncertainty in promotion channel. It was replied that framing of Recruitment Rules are in the final stage and will be issued before the first lot of DEOs qualify for next promotion. Federation’s request to allow DEOs to write for Departmental Examination for Auditor was accepted and it was assured that the same would be included in the Recruitment Rules.


Revival of SAS/RA/CPD Examinations

Withdraw negative marking scheme from SAS/RA examinations.

Reduce pass mark to 40 per cent.

Provide unlimited chances for SAS Examination

Marks obtained in SAS/RA/CPD Examinations shall be declared immediately after completing the examinations like other internationally accepted online examinations.

Allow SAS passed candidates from audit offices to excise option for posting in office of their choice after passing of SAS exam as per Recruitment Rule

Permit Multi Tasking Staff also to appear for SAS examinations.


Even though the Federation highlighted low pass percentage in SAS examinations and demanded reduction of the pass mark to 40, to provide unlimited chances and to remove the negative marking system, the DAI categorically rejected the demand and told that the computer based exam system was introduced to have qualitative result and to make the candidates more competitive to clear the exam instead of having a lethargic approach. 

Further, when the Federation demanded for supplying past question papers/model papers, it was stated that a set of model question paper will be made available from next SAS main examinations.

Federation has also pointed out the inconsistency in number of questions being asked from each section. DAI assured that from next main examinations number of questions asked will be uniformly from all sections.

Issue of permitting Multi Tasking Staff to appear for SAS examinations, the demand was out rightly rejected. However, on pointing out the stagnation in MTS cadre and the need for increasing the percentage of examination quota for promotion to CT/Auditor cadre through departmental examinations, it was assured that the percentage of examination quota would be increased shortly to avoid stagnation in MTS cadre.


Revival of Departmental Examinations

Grant one incentive increment after passing DCT & SAS

Introduce MCQ pattern for Departmental Examinations and SAS selection test also

Not discussed



Transfer issues

Restore Unilateral Transfer.

Withdraw unjustifiable conditions from mutual transfer.

Totally denied. However, in exceptional cases the guidelines of DOPT will be followed.


Issues related to sports persons

Endorsement of consolidated instructions on incentives for sportspersons in government of India orders issued by DOPT.

Revise allowance for sports persons.

In Sports quota recruitment Include disciplines of the choice of local Recreation Clubs


It was told that consolidated instructions on incentives for sports persons had already been implemented.


Federation appraised DAI about the low rates of DA being paid to the sports persons participating in the events and also the factual position prevailing. DAI has assured that participation in sports will be treated as duty and sports persons may claim TA/DA and other incidentals as per entitlement, orders to this effect will be issued soon.

Regarding allowing local recreation clubs to choose sports disciplines of their choice for sports quota recruitment, after a long deliberation, it was agreed that the field offices will be allowed to choose at least one stream/discipline of their choice.


Code of ethics - Withdraw directions to issue Certificate/Undertaking to be given to Head of Auditee Units before commencement of audit.

Demand outrightly rejected as it is mandatory as per INTOSAI standards and the commitment given by CAG being the Chair Person. However, DAI informed that there is no need to get it signed from auditee institutions.


Other important demands

Expedite settling of TA claims and granting of Tour Advances

Grant Tribal area Allowance to Jharkhand office staff.


Stop assigning survey works to audit employees during performance audits

Provide open pass to visit Ministerial offices in New Delhi and State Capitals to those officials who are doing liaison works regularly with those offices.

Provide quality uniforms to MTS.

Bring all audit parties at Headquarters for atleast 3 days in a month.

Provide adequate infrastructure, proper sitting arrangements etc. in all audit offices.


It was assured that there won’t be any delay in settling TA bills.

Regarding Tribal area allowance to Jharkhand office staff, it was stated that the same was done as per existing rules.

Stopping of survey works was not accepted stating that the survey work is as important as audit, and also a requirement to substantiate the audit findings.

It is agreed to issue permanent passes to 2-3 officials of each offices situated in Delhi to visit Ministries in connection with official duties.

It was assured that this will be taken care off.

Directions have already been issued. This may be taken up with respective field offices.

Required funds will be provided to procure adequate infrastructure in field offices as per their request. As regard issue of Patna office, it was told that the required fund has already been provided.

Secretary General thanked Deputy CAG for giving a patient hearing and accepting most of our demands. The meeting concluded at 6.10 pm


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