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No.NAF/2014-16/50                                                      Dated : 8-05-2015



The Dy. Comptroller and Auditor General,

Office of the C&AG,

9 Deendayal Upadyay Marg,

New Delhi – 110124.


Sub:     Revision of option for fixation of pay in the revised pay structure for persons promoted to the grade of Assistant Accounts/Audit Officer (AAO) after 01-01-2006 – recovery of excess drawn in easy installments – request thereof.

Ref:     Circular No.1 – Staff Wing/2015,  No.1-Staff(Entt-I)/100-2014 dated 6-01- 2015.


Kind attention is invited to the circular cited. One time relaxation for revision of the earlier exercised option for fixation of pay in the revised pay structure to the persons who have been promoted to AAO cadre after 1-01-2006 from the date of their promotion was allowed by Hqrs. Office. Re-fixation of pay in the promoted cadre after forgoing the benefits already received as per the instructions, has resulted in refund of huge amounts. The refund amount calculated per person is around Rupees Three lakh approximately in some cases and the AAOs of various offices have requested local administration to allow them to refund the amount in easy monthly installments. A copy of the representation received in this regard is enclosed herewith for reference.

I therefore request the Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General to consider the requests of those AAOs sympathetically and issue directions to field offices to allow such AAOs to refund the excess amount drawn in easy monthly installments (atleast 24).

            Thanking you.


                                                                                                  Yours faithfully,


Encl: As above                                                                        (L.S. Sujith Kumar)

                                                                                                  Secretary General

No. NAF/2014-16/49                                                             Dated :14-04-2015

Dear M.S. Raja ji,


            It is understood that your nomination as a staff side member of the Standing Committee of National Council JCM has been approved by the Secretary (Personnel), DoPT. I Congratulate you on your entry to the JCM (National Council). I believe you may use your present position to highlight some of the longstanding demands of the employees of the Indian Audit & Accounts Department at the appropriate forum. As you are aware, the genuine demands from the employees of our department viz. Cadre Restructuring, Entry Cadre Minimum Pay, Pay parity of IA&AD staff with that of CSS Staff, 5400 to AAOs, Approval of Recruitment Rules for EDP cadre etc. requires much intervention at the DoPT and the Ministry of Finance. I hope your membership in the JCM(NC) level will help us in achieving our longstanding demands. I assure you to extend all possible support from the National Audit Federation to your earnest efforts for the upliftment of the Salary & Service Conditions of the employees of IA&AD.

Once again, I congratulate for your achievement.


                                                                                                 Fraternally yours,

Circular No.13 /2014-16                                                     Dated :30-03-2015


Working Committee Meeting of National Audi Federation Chandigarh- 20 & 21 March 2015

Working Committee meeting of the National Audit Federation - was held at the Kisan Bhavan, Chandigarh on 20th and 21st March 2015 under the aegis of Civil Audit Associations Category II & III of the offices of the Principal Accountants General (Audit), Punjab & Haryana. The Working Committee meeting was inaugurated by Shri. Jagbans Singh IA&AS, Principal Accountant General (Audit), Punjab in the presence of Shri. P.K. Chopra and Shri. Padmakar, Dy. Accountants General, Haryana. Shri. A.K. Das, President, National Audit Federation presided over the meeting and was attended by 50 delegates representing 22 affiliated units. Shri. L.S. Sujith Kumar, Secretary General in his introductory speech pointed out that, though initially CAG was challenged and badly criticized for unearthing serious irregularities in Spectrum and Coal Block allotments which resulted in huge loss to the government, the recent auctions in these areas shows that more than 15 lakh crore rupees is being flown to the government exchequer. Secretary General pointed out that the government is getting back a revenue of more than 20 rupees for each rupee spent for audit and requested the Chief Guest to take up with higher up our demand “considering of IA&AD as a revenue earning department”. The Chief Guest also motivated the delegates in his inaugural address and appreciated the timely conduct of association meetings to discuss various demands and sharing the views of members from all around the country. He also assured the federation that he will take up the request of the Secretary General at the appropriate level.

The deliberations started with the welcome address of Shri. Ravinder Bhardwaj, President, Cat II assn, Haryana. The meeting discussed various departmental issues as well as measurers which strengthen the esteemed institution of the CAG in fulfilling its constitutional obligation towards the people of India. The following issues were presented by various delegates:

1. Settling of anomalous situations due to Audit Reorganisation in various states viz. Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Kerala.

2. Abolition of DG Central offices.

3. Relaxation in recruitment rule from Higher Secondary to 10th Standard for promotion of MTS to Clerk/Typist.

4. Fixation benefit shall be given to all re-employed ex-servicemen on their appointment as per government circular.

5. Withdrawal of Headquarters office circular insisting Quorum for General Body to pass Resolutions by associations since, most of the members are on Out Audit Duty.

6. Introduce Sports quota recruitment for Volleyball.

7. In order to avoid multiplicity of cases and extra expenditure, all Court cases of similar nature in various CAT/High Courts shall be clubbed with.

8. SAS/RAE/CPD/Incentive examinations – those who withdraw/absent from examinations shall not be reckoned for maximum number of attempts.

9. Transit time shall be given to those out station employees availing leave from difficult (North East/Hilly) areas.

10. Time bound promotion for AAO to AO on completion of 6 years service.

11. Auditors shall not be posted to audit parties before passing conformation test.

12.  Merging of Local Fund Audit with Civil Audit cadres in the state of Jharkand.

Working committee also entrusted the Zonal Secretaries with the responsibility of collecting headquarters quota of Rs 20/- (Rupees Twenty only) per member per year from all affiliated units of their respective zone and to send it to the Treasurer.

After discussion of the above points, the Working Committee adopted charter of demands by including the residual points from the agenda meeting with DAI on 13-11-2014. The Working Committee was guided by Shri. Arun Vidwans, Chief Patron, Shri. Arun S Ingle & Shri. M.K. Bhattacharya, patrons. The meeting coopted Shri. Taizuddin Ahmed, Ex-President as Co-patron (North-East Zone) and Shri. A.N. Katuria, Ex-Branch Secy. (Comml) as Co-patron (North Zone) replacing Shri.Narain Gupta. The following Resolutions were passed and adopted by the Working Committee.

1. Strengthen the esteemed institution of CAG by classifying IA&AD as “Revenue earning Department”

2. Issues relating to Reorganisation of Audit offices–Abolish DG(Central) offices.

3. Expedite issuance of orders on already discussed and decided issues.

4. Thanks giving to host units for excellent arrangements.

Shri. Sandeep Lal, Principal Director (Central) was the Chief Guest in the concluding session. The proceedings of the meeting were conducted by Shri. Kuldeep Sharma, Cat III, Punjab and Shri. Rakesh Kumar, Assistant Secretary General (NAF), (Cat-III, Haryana), proposed vote of thanks. The working committee concluded at 5.00 pm on 21-03-2015.

II.        “Dhilli Chalo” – Day long Dharna at Jantar Mantar on 23 March 2015

A Day long Dharna was organized by the Confederation of Audit & Accounts Employees and Officers Organisations on the 23rd March 2015 demanding Merger of DA, granting of Interim Relief, implementation of court judgments to all similarly situated employees, restoration of parity with Central Secretariat staff and creation of Non-IAAS group A cadre/Audit Manager cadre. Delegates after attending the working committee meeting of NAF at Chandigarh reached Delhi on 22nd March and participated in Dharna. The turnout of members in Dharna was not satisfactory. Though we expected around 200 members, around 100 volunteers participated in Dharna at Jantar Mantar. The unexpected postponement of SAS/RAE/CPD examinations and non-interest of members towards agitation has caused low turnout of participants.

During lunch hours, Shri. K.N. Jayaraj, General Secy. DPCC, addressed the members. By 2.00 pm leaders were taken to the North Block of Central Secretariat by the Delhi Police to handover the memorandum to the Finance Minister.

In the evening we handed over a copy of the memorandum to Shri. Ajay Maken, President, DCC and requested to take up the matter with the Union Finance Minister. Shri. Maken assured all possible help to fulfill our genuine demands.

III.             7th Central Pay Commission – interaction with associations

We have already submitted our proposals for revision of cadres in IA&AD and in regular touch with the 7CPC. It is understood that the CPC may be submitting its reports by October 2015 and the government may implement the same w.e.f. 1-1-2016. They have almost completed their regional visits and started inviting associations for interaction. It was assured that our federation will be invited for presenting oral evidence and witness by last week of April. Confederation of Audit & Accounts Employees and Officers Organisations represented by Shri.Arun Vidwans and Shri. A.B. Sen are also regularly interacting with CPC members and furnishing copies of requisite documents for granting better pay scales in IA&AD.

IV.       Strengthen the Association activities

            The low turnout of participants in working committee meeting and Delhi dharna is a serious matter of concern. It is true that the unexpected postponement of SAS/RAE/CPD examinations has coincided with the working committee/dharna dates. But the unit leaders also have to analyse their association activities and to find out how much they are successful in alerting the seriousness of issues/demands to the general members. Only a committed leadership can assure the participation of their members in similar activities.

            30th April every year is a crucial date for all associations. Authorisations collected from new members shall be filed at the respective administration section before the stipulated date for inclusion in the existing membership. I request all the affiliated units to collect as many authorization forms from non-members and to submit to their respective administration section before due date without fail to increase their tally.

Un-recognised units are also requested to file their application for recognition before 30th April along with a list of memberships and authorization forms collected from the members for getting recognition. Membership position may also be intimated to the Secretary General by email.

I wish all success to the unit leaders.

Fraternally yours,


Resolution No.1

Sub:    Strengthen the esteemed institution of CAG by classifying IA&AD as “Revenue earning Department”


This working committee of National Audit Federation held on 20, 21 March 2015 at Chandigarh, Punjab/Haryana unanimously resolved to Congratulate the Comptroller and Auditor General of India in strengthening his position as a constitutional entity by exposing the financial loses suffered by exchequer by way of irregular allotments by Government of India in regard to Coal mines, 2G spectrum and other allied matters. Consequently his objections have been vindicated by bringing huge revenue to the exchequer. Moreover, every year the Government is receiving additional benefit of more than Twenty times the amount spent on Audit by way of recoveries at the instance of audit and also through invaluable recommendations on various schemes.

In view of the above, we urge upon the Comptroller and Auditor of India to take up the matter with the Government of India to classify the Indian Audit & Accounts Department as a “Revenue earning Department”.


Sd/-         Sd/-

  President                                                                Secretary General 

Resolution No. 2

Sub:    Issues relating to Reorganisation of Audit offices – Abolish DG (Central) offices

            The Working Committee of National Audit Federation held on 20, 21 March 2015 at Chandigarh, Punjab/Haryana unanimously decided to communicate to the Comptroller and Auditor General of India that the employees of Audit department under IA&AD are not satisfied with the re-organisation of Audit offices implemented w.e.f. 1-04-2012. We observed that the idea behind the re-organisation of Audit offices itself is defeated and most of the PAG/AG in field offices are instead of realizing the spirit envisaged in re-organsiation scheme, show their displeasure on the employees by transferring them from one office to another.

            We therefore urge upon the CAG to abolish the Director General (Central) offices and also to settle the issue of anomalous position created in the re-organisation of Audit Offices in Maharashtra.


        Sd/-         Sd/-

  President                                                                Secretary General        


Resolution No. 3

Sub:    Expedite issuance of orders on already discussed and decided issues

            The Working Committee of National Audit Federation held on 20, 21 March 2015 at Chandigarh, Punjab/Haryana takes a serious view of the dilly dallying approaches of the Hqrs. Office in settling our various demands as agreed to by the Dy. Comptroller and Auditor General in various agenda meetings.

We therefore, urge upon the Authorities in Hqrs. Office to expedite the issuance of orders on the issues already discussed and decided, lest we may resort to agitational mode.


     Sd/-         Sd/-

  President                                                                Secretary General  

  Resolution No. 4


Sub:    Thanks giving to host units for excellent arrangements


            The Working Committee of National Audit Federation held on 20, 21 March 2015 at Chandigarh, extend its sincere thanks for the excellent arrangements made by both Category II & Category III associations of Punjab and Haryana making the stay of its delegates comfortable to have successful deliberations on various issues.

      Sd/-         Sd/-

  President                                                                Secretary General   

 Circular No. 12/2014-16/                                        Dated :12-03-2015


All Affiliated Units Secretaries / Central Office Bearers / Zonal / BranchSecretaries / Departmental Council Members / Special Invitees, Chief Patron & Patrons.


Sub: Working Committee Meeting on 20 & 21 March 2015 at Chandigarh

The Working Committee meeting of the federation is scheduled to be held on the 20th and 21st of March 2015. Category II and III units from the offices of the Principal Accountant General (Audit), Punjab and Haryana are jointly conducting the Working Committee meeting. It is requested that all affiliated units should send atleast two representatives (President & Secretary) to attend the meeting. 

Working Committee meeting :

Dates : 20th & 21st March 2015

Venue : Kissan Bhavan, Sector 35, Chandigarh.

(Less than 10 kms from Chandigarh railway station)

Delegate fee : ` 750/- per member

Accommodation : At the above venue from 19th March to 22nd March

Climate : Pleasant – temperature around 30 0c

Accommodation will be available from 19th morning to 22nd evening. Special Casual leave may be applied in advance by producing a copy of this circular.

With regards,

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