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Tue, 01 Nov 2011
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Posted 05:37


1. Merit based promotion via limited departmental competitive exam to AO level posts since this is one of the main reason for new appointees at DEO/Auditor/AAO(P) level leaving the organisation midway due to very remote possibility for promotions to Higher posts compared to other departments like Income Tax dept, Central Secretariat. 2. After completion of 4 years service empanelment for promotion to AO based on vacancy at all India basis for those willing to go outside their home cadre for faster promotion and to avoid stagnation which is going to happen in many offices due to relatively young persons now being promoted to AO posts. Since this option was given to Accounts people who had passed SAS but were not being promoted due to no vacancy at AAO level in their offices, the same type of option is now required in audit offices at AO level promotion if there is to be any meaningful chance for AAOs to get promotion in their entire carrier. For this some AO level vacancy (50%) may be earmarked for filling up based on all India seniority lists of willing AAOs.
Posted by Pramod

Grant of Rs.5400/- Grade Pay
Grant of Rs 5400/ grade pay to AAOs after 4years of service since the AAOs are presently doing the main/basic work of raising audit queries, typing paras, and filling up forms doing all sorts of work in headquarters, on which the CAG’s report is based and the department is getting the credit for the same based on this groundwork. However the CAG is giving less priority to this cadre in all matters. The other revenue Departments have given this benefit to the equivalent rank officers of their cadre.
Posted by Pramod

Regarding pay fixation of MTS under ACP/MACP-Consequent upon implementation of sixth pay commission the four pre-revised scales (S-1 to S-4) of Gr.Ds(matriculate and non matriculate,after proper training) were upgraded and placed in P.B.-1 with grade pay of Rs.1800/- w.e.f.01-01-06 and as per OM No.35034/3/2008-Estt(D) dated 16-11-09 promotions/upgradations granted under ACP scheme all the gr.D employees(Now M.T.S)who had completed 12 to 24 years of regular service on 01-01-2006 or up to 31-08-08, became eligible for either first or second financial upgradation under ACP scheme 1999 in the hierarchical grades as mentioned in para 7 of Annexure-1 of ACP scheme-99. In this connection kindly confirm following presumptions:-- (i) non martriculate MTS who have been placed in G.P. 1800 /-may be treated as matriculate for the purpose of granting 1st or 2nd financial upgradation under ACP scheme 99,after completion of 12 or 24 years of regular service on 01-01-2006 or during 01-01-2006 to 31-08-08. (ii) whether MTS,who have completed 12 or 24 years of regular service on 01-01-060or up to 31-08-2008 can be granted grade pay of Rs.1900/-and 2800/- under ACP-99 in the hierarchical grade i.e. clerk and auditor and further Rs.4200/- in MACP after completion of 30 years. The H.Qrs. office vide no.812-staff Entt.1/pay/114-2011 Dt.28 Sept.2011 has confirmed the presumption .Accordingly some MTS were granted grade pay of Rs.4200/- all the unite leaders may see whether MACP with grade pay of Rs.4200/- has been granted in their office. If not they must inform NAF and take up the matter with local authority. ARUN VIDWANS

Reorganisation of cadres
It may be please be explained why we are welcoming the Cadre restructuring or reorganisation of office when a blue print is not given by the Administration
Posted by sekar

Response to Mr.Sekar's comment
No Mr.Sekar,we do not welcome the audit re- organisation.We have not initiated the move.It is the Deppt which is going ahead with this move in fast pace.Nodoubt we want the blue print of each audit office where the reorganisation will take place.But it will not wise and pragmatic to sit silently till such blue print is given to us.Threfore,we are giving our realistic suggestions keeping in mind the interest of emplyees and the Deppt as well.If these are not accepted and they go ahead with strucuring we will have stregnth to oppose it.

Baseless comment:- I am surprised to read the comment of Mr. shekar saying that naf has welcomed reorganisation of audit offices, when and where naf has welcomed it?rather naf is the only organisation which has initiated the discussion and called for comments of affiliated units.The Secy.Gen. of naf has written a letter and has given suggestions and raised doubts.we should not post such misleading shekar should go through circular no.2 and 7,and draw any conclusion after going through the full facts. Such casual remarks are very unfortunate. Arun vidwans

Pay fixation of AAOs promoted as SO prior to 1/2006
I feel there is confusion on the part of CAG admn as they mis- understood the demand and issued two circulars in this regard. It is baseless to fix the pay of SOs (Now AAOs) promoted between 1/1/2006 to 29/08/2008 at Rs.13950. In fact instead of considering the case of promotion from SO to AAO in old pay sclase cases. This is injustice to all SOs who promoted before 1/1/2006 and after 1/9/2008. I think staff side also totally failed to explain the matter. In the meantime I had noticed in AG Orissa, the pay of all SOs promoted prior to 1/1/2006 drawing less than Rs.7500 were fixed at minimum of Rs.13950.
Posted by sanil

explanatory notes to the charter of demand number 1(a)
As per explanatory notes to the charter of demand number 1(a) it was explained that the pay scales of SO/ AAO promoted between 01.01.2006 and 28th Aug. 2008 have been fixed with reference to the fitment table in the pre-revised upgraded pay scales of 7500-12500 at the stage of 7500 and given the benefit in the revised scale at 13950/- in PB-2 with grade pay of 4800. But such benefit was not extended to Assistant Audit Officers promoted after 29.08.2008. But this contention is quite a misnomer since all the AAO/SO between 01.01.2006 and 29.08.2008 were not given this benefit. Because AAO/SO with prerevised basic pay Rs.7500/- or more as on 01.01.2006 in the scale of pay 7450-11500/6500- 10500 were not given this up-gradation benefit. Rather their pay was fixed in the revised scale taking the existing pre-revised pay without giving any up gradation. As per rule pre-revised pay of those senior AAO/SO should have to be up- graded and fixed at a stage in pre-revised up- graded scale Rs.7500-12000 as per fixation rule FR 22(a) and then fixed in revised scale.This practice was also followed in 2003 when our pay was up-graded to that of central secretariate staff after receipt of clarification from CAG Admn. I think this matter needs tobe correctly put forth by the staff side before CAG adminstration so that seniors would get some benefit.
Posted by bksahoo

Pay fixation of upgraded scales
Please see Demand No 20 of our charter demands which was discussed with theDy CAG on 12th January.Please see the minutes of discussion.The issue is not closed.It is still open.The solution of this problem does not rest only in CAG's domain.Ministry is involved.We are hopeful of a pro employees favourable breakthrough in it.

Re-Organisation of AUDIT
Dear friends, we have provided you maximum information on the proposed re-organisation of Audit. We have also requested you to forward your valuable suggestions. I am sorry to mention here that none of our members had given any suggestions through our member forum. I once again request you to give your suggestions that are to be considered on further discussions with the authorities. Please not that the CAG office has already decided to implement reorganization by 1st April 2012. Hence we have to debate on this issue before it is implemented. I think this is the best forum for such a debate. Here we will consider all your suggestions, creative criticism and try to bring before the authorities. So please write on this forum.

Sujithkumar sir, Don't say that non of the members have given any suggestions/comment on the issue here. I had posted it within two days of the meeting and I am a member of the group as well. hai na??
Posted by Deepak YK

suggestions on re-structuring
Dear sujit i can understand your concern for the audit staff but as usual most of our members are still worried about the discrepancies/anamolys in their pay but are least bothered about the important and historic event that is going to take place from 1st April, they are not bothered about the way each audit office is going to perform and how much it is going to effect their career prospects etc. it is high time that our friends/colleagues should address this issue through this forum and also give valuable suggestions which is always welcomed by this federation and that is why such a website has been created by our NAF people. I therefore again appeal to all our friends/critics to opine on this issue.
Posted by s prabhakar

My earlier comment
Dear Deepak & Prabhakar, I am very much aware that you both have responded to the issue. But in my previous comment, I have deliberately used the words “None of our members”. I knew that this will bounce back to me. But you know NAF is having more than 7000 members throughout the country. Out of which only Pareedaji, Inglegi, Vidwansji, Prabhakar, Deepak…. are worried and responded to the issue. You can see from our site that all others are very much worried about the re-structuring of Cadres and about their pay scales, as pointed out by Prabhakar. I am not saying that they should not. This is the forum where you can point out and discus your problems including the anomalies in your pay scales. 3 to 5 out of 7000 members is almost equal to none to us. We do respect every suggestions and comments but still expecting others also to participate. I can proudly tell you that as on date ours is the only federation which has given creative suggestions to the CAG’s Administration on re-organisation of Audit. We always like to strike at the right time rather than complaining after the things went wrong.

Letter dated 21-02-2012
Very pleased to read the letter dated 21-02-2012 (uploaded in circular tab) written to Dy CAG on Reorganisation of audit offices in Maharashtra. Sujithkumar sir, you are very much right in saying that NAf is the only federation to raise the important and vital points on this proposed Reorganisation of audit offices (and quite obviously other Association has ignored this because it is Reorganisation of audit offices only) and the same has been again emphasized by timely issue of this letter by our Secretary General.
Posted by Deepak YK

CAT-judgement at Jabalpur-Wanting.
Dear vidwans ji and other members of the NAF, kindly furnish the petition basing on which the case was refered to the Jabalpur CAT. keeping in view that justice delayed will be denied , kindly post in the NAF website the factual stance about the petition referred by you.----Thanking u.

About withdrawal of promotion to the post of AAO
The pre-revised pay scale of SO was 6500-10500 and AAO's scale was 7450-11500. I was promoted as AAO w.e.f.02-01-2007(01-012007 was sunday) as on 01-01-2006 I wasSO and fixation was done accordingly. From 02-01-2007 their was no change since the CAG office clarified that the promotion to the post of AAO after 01-012006 shall be treated as null and void.My case is the benefit which I have already availed can not be taken away by notification on 28-08-2008. similarly if both the posts were upgraded and merged than pay fixation should have been done in 7500-12000 and thereafter fixation may be done in revised pay scale in the respective table of 7500-12000. but they have fixed the pay in 6500-10500 and 7400-11500 was totaly ignored.Thus it is downgradation of AAO's post with retrospective effect. My self and two others have represented the case and filed an application in CAT ,which directed the authorities to examine the representation and pass and speaking order.Again the representations have been rejected,and fresh application has been filed which has been admitted,notice has been issued,reply has been filed by the respondents.Tomorrow I shall be drafting rejoinder to their reply.A copy of original application along with other papers shall be handed over to naf during our meeting at Mumbai on 25th march. Arun Vidwans

Whats happening in AG Allahabad days-paper/tp- national/article2936954.ece
Posted by Deepak YK

11 employees of AG office suspended for indiscipline in AG, UP
An explosive situation has arisen at the office of the Accountant General of Uttar Pradesh here following the suspension of 11 employees on grounds of indiscipline and lodging of FIRs against 100 unnamed persons who had taken part in an agitation inside the office premises two days ago. Trouble had begun on Friday morning when Deputy Accountant General (Administration) Sachin Kapoor, in a bid to rein in the late-comers, got the gates of the premises locked and asked those who had reported for duty in time to sign the attendance register, the police said. The measure led to an outcry from members of the employees' union who termed the move as “arbitrary” and alleged that while they were being asked to report for duty on time, they were often asked to work beyond office hours without being given any compensation. The ruckus had continued well beyond the office hours with some of the agitators holding an Accountant General P. K. Tiwari hostage inside his chamber and vandalizing the furniture in the premises, police added. The agitators were dispersed upon to identify those involved in vandalism and holding of one of the AGs hostage with the help of video footage obtained from CCTV cameras installed in the office and further action was likely to follow. Meanwhile, the employees' union has planned to intensify its agitation when the office reopens after the weekend on Monday even as heavy police deployment remains in place to avert any trouble. (The article published in "The Hindu” on 27-02-2012) heavy deployment of police around the premises late Friday night. On Saturday, taking a strong note of the incident, Deputy AG Sachin Kapoor ordered the suspension of 11 agitating employees and ordered an inquiry against them. A police complaint was also lodged following which an FIR was registered against 100 unnamed persons. Police were trying

trouble in AG, UP
Dear friends, after going through the article by surajit roy it seems that the real trouble lies elsewhere and it was merely an eyewash otherwise the action of DAG(Admn.) to close the gates without any provocation or giving warning seems to be unwarranted and uncalled for and if the act of a senior officer is as harsh like this then it brings a bad image to the entire department, staff and officers of IA&AD, i am not in support of such act to hold AG as hostage also but if the things goes like this than there will always be a conflict between staff and official side which is neither healthier nor advisable so both the parties need to resolve this crisis at the earliest before inflicting further damage to this department, hope prudence prevails and ego shed away.
Posted by s prabhakar

Allahabad incident
the incident in A&E office allahabad is unfotunate,we should remember that our office timing is 9.30am to 6pm with lunch interval for half hour.If the officer wish to implement why should we agitate for it?the crowd has beaten the Dy.A.Gand gherowed AG the association leaders were leading the mob.since we do not have our affiliate unit at Allahabad we need not comment ,let mr.S.C.Pande who is Vice(Wise) president of all India auditand accounts association and leader staff side in Dept.Council tackle the situation,Mr. Raja is also there.our member in Dept.Council Rajwedi has not participated in agitation,he has also not participated in strike on 28.2.2012 . Arun Vidwans

unit leaders should study the reorganisation scheme and prepare brief note
The national executive meeting is being held on 25th and 26th march 2012 at Mumbai, the office bearers must prepare a brief note not proposed scheme.They may go through the Circular no.2. The object of reorganisation is to establish Audit offices on the basis of ministry/Department rather than on the nature of auditee entity.The headqurter of every central ministry is located at New delhi,but the following audit offices shall be located elsewhere as under:-(1) DG/PD petroleum-MABII mumbai branch at barodaand deharadoon(2)DG/PD Steel-MAB Ranchi branch at bhilai and vizag(3)-DG/PD Coal-MABII Kolkata branch at Ranchi(4)DG/PD mines chemicals and Fertiliser-MAB Hyderabad(5) DG/PDheavy Industries and MSMF-MABI Kolkata MAB I,II,III,IV at new delhi shall be completely restructued. New Audit Offices without supporting staff:-1-DG/PD-Commerce,Corporate affaires,Textiles and Tourism-2-DG/PD -Power,Hydropower and Transmission 3-Health and Family welfare,Women and child development,rural development 4-Environment 5-Home affairs,UT,External affairs,Law,Parliament affairs 6-I&B,Culture,Youth affairs,Planning,Statistics,Programe Implementation 7-DG/PD Finance 8- DG/PD Finance &Insurance,PSUs If the staff shall not be transffed from existing audit offices, will these New offices be without supporting staff like Clerks,Auditors,Assist.Audit officers,Audit officers ? The Impect on state audit offices may also be examined by leaders of NAF. ARUN VIDWANS

Impact of reorganisation of state civil audit office
Example :-- In Gwalior office about 20 posts of Audit Officer/Sr.Audit officers .40 posts of AAOs and 20 posts of Auditors/Sr.auditors were sanctioned,now the work shall be transferred to some another office conducting audit of Central Revenue, In AAO and Auditor/Sr.Auditor cadre huge vacancies are there,but The posts of 16 Sr.Audit Officers and 4 Audit Officers shall be reduced,Will it not adversely effect the promotional avenues? There may be some Central units in every State civil office,Our leaders should examine the impact. ARUN VIDWANS

Seniority of DRAAOs from date of joining
Thanks to Secretary General and the Executive Body to raise the issue with Dy. CAG (letter dated 01.03.2012). Its so good that NAF is concerned about unfair treatment being given to Directly Recruited AAOs in this department. It is high time that necessary changes should be made in MSO's seniority provisions so that this deprival of deserved benefit should be alleviated from now afterwards. I know there is conflict of interests if it is demanded to be implemented retrospectively, thats NAF should pursue the matter to get the provisions of MSO (Rule 5.6.6) modified as per DOPT's OM and Decisions of AG conference. If this is demanded (included in charter of demands) prospectively, I don't think anybody have conflict of interests. As Secretary General has rightly stated in his letter that only DRAAOs are being meted out such differential treatment and which has been the main reason for high attrition rate of DRAAOs from the department. Thanks once again for raising an important issue which again proves that NAF is only organisation in the department which actually cares for the audit staffs.
Posted by Deepak YK

List of affiliated units joined after 2007
About our strength:-- Few units which have joined naf after 2007 have not been taken in to account by CAG office.they are 1 P&T cat-3 Kapurthala2CAACat-3 Deharadoon3-AAO association mumbai 4-AAO association DGACR mumbai 5SC Railway cat-3 Bilaspur 6-SC Railway Cat.3 Bhubaneswar 7-WC Railway Cat2&3 Jabalpur. Besides CAA Cat2&3 Agartala and SER cat2&3 Kolkata were already affiliated but their strength was also not included in our favor. The Secy.Gen.Should write to CAG for inclusion of these units and calculate our membership strength for allocation of one more berth in DC. respective units may intimate their membership as on 31-7-2011 to Secy.Gen immediately ARUN VIDWANS.

seniority of AAOs from Date of joining
Sir I am very pleased to see the correspondence made to Dy CAG on the subject. I feel that this was a genuine issue that should have been addressed earlier. However I congratulate NAF to take up the matter with the higher authorities. Though this will be of prospective effect least the new comers of the department will not be deprived from their we suffered. I again thank NAF for this cause.
Posted by ajeet

letter addressed to CAG actually
As have been modified now and Secretary General has intimated me, letter on Seniority of DRAAOs has been addressed to CAG and not Dy. CAG as uploaded earlier.
Posted by Deepak YK

restructuring details requested
Sir, I want to know the details of restructuring of Audit offices. Yours G.Suriyanarayanan,SA O/AG(C&RA),Tamilnadu

Restructuring details
Please see Circular Tab

TAke this for promotion of multitasking personnel
Promotion of Group C Staff (Multi Tasking Staff) as LDC on seniority basis — 5% quota March 6, 2012 A. 60015/1/CS/2012-13/MF.CGA(A)/NG/ 623 Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure controller General of Accounts Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market, New Delhi. Dated: 22nd February, 2012 Office Memorandum Sub:- Promotion of Group C Staff (Multi Tasking Staff) as LDC on seniority basis — 5% quota —Reg. Attention is invited to Rule 5 (2) of Central Civil Accounts Service (Lower Division Clerk Group ‘C’ Post) Recruitment Rules, 2010, as per the aforesaid provisions 5 % of the vacancies shall be filled on seniority-cum-fitness basis from Group C staff (Multi Tasking Staff) who have three years regular service in post with the Grade Pay of Rs. 1800. 2. In order to prepare the panel for the year 2012-2013 CCA/CAs are to hold DPC in respect of those Group C Staff (Multi Tasking Staff) with Grade Pay of Rs. 1800 who have three years regular service as on 1.1.2012 (including those who have been found ‘unfit’ in the Range as on 1.1.2011. those who could not be promoted for want of vacancy in their choice station and those who refused to accept promotion offered to them and undergoing debarment). The persons who have been offered promotion in the year 2011-12 but have not accepted the same are to be debarred in terms DoPT OM No. 22011/8/87-Esstt (D) dated 09-04-96 and then considered afresh for 2011-2012. The information relating to those found fit by DPC may be furnished in Proforma-I enclosed. The information should be arranged in the order of seniority as appearing in the Gradation List. 3. As per Central Civil Accounts Service (Lower Division Clerk Group ‘C’ Post) Recruitment Rules 2010 — 5 % of vacancies are to be filled up through promotion on the basis of seniority. The vacancy position under 5 % quota may be furnished in Proforma-II. Break up of vacancies that have accrued upto 31.03.2012, and likely to accrue during April, 2012 — March, 2013 may be given in the respective columns. 4. Vacancies in the grade of LDC (station wise) may be furnished in Proforma-III (excluding those kept in operational abeyance). 5. The information complete in all respects in Proforma-I, II and III must reach this office by 15th March, 2012. End: As above
Posted by sekar

increase the Basic Pay of DEO
Sir, before CPC pay of DEO and AUDITOR were same but now GP OF DEO = 2400 and GP OF AUDITOR= 2800 so increase the GP of DEO.

Stopping of Pay & Allowances
Dear friends, It was directed by the CAG office (6-03-2012) to stop all payments to the offices under the IA&AD till further orders. Most of the offices were stopped all payments including GPF and Pension. On enquiry it was stated that the instructions was given for a short period to update the fund positions in the AMS. Our Secretary General had taken up the matter with the Dy. CAG on 7-03- 2012 and requested not to stop GPF and Pension payments to staff on any ground as it is not from the consolidated fund. I am happy to inform that that written directions were given by the CAG office not to stop GPF/Pension payments. If any office is not following the orders and stopped GPF/Pension payments, please contact the President/Secy. General.

upgradation in prerevised pay scales or only for the purpose of grade pay:-
The naf has raised very important issue in demand no.1(b) and 20.this was discussed on 12-01-2012 with Dy.CAG and minutes are also available on web site.Few friends have complaints that the issue has not been properly explained by naf.if it is so than we should give feed back.For Example the notification issued on 29-08-2008 say that certain pre-revised scales have been upgraded.The upgraded Scales are 5500-9000;6500-10500,7450-11500,8000-12000.but as per revised pay rules the up gradation is only for the purpose of granting grade pay.The question therefore is whether the per-revised pay scale is to be up graded and fixation by 1.86 times rounded to multiple of Rs.10/- in related table of up graded pre revised pay scale should be done?Thus the examples given under rule 7 of RPR2008 are confusing. Our friends while complaining that naf could not explain the issue should give proper feed back.During our meeting at mumbai The office bearers should bring 6CPC report,Notification dated 29-08-2008,resolution,Revised pay rules-2008 so that we can examine the anomalies or wrong implementation by offices

Don't we need a formal approval from the head of the Department to apply for a UT/Mutual transfer? Kindlly confirm.

Mutual Transfer
Yes you need to forward mutual consent through proper channel only. But the first thing is to get a party from the other side. That is what we are trying to do for you people. As of now 46 applications received, but we could not trace even a single mutual partner. Please see the details on the Transfer tab.

What is your strategy on this-Please interevene-peaceful means -negotiate it- you can do it Sujit- I know you- please go immediately- seek the help of A.B.Sen and others
To Unit Secretaries, Members & Spl. Invitees – NE & Members of Women's Committee Dear Comrades, THIS MAGNIFICENT UNITY, SPIRIT OF STRUGGLE NEEDS TO BE CARRIED FORWARD The working class has stated in one voice – reverse the economic policies that are for one percent of the population that deprives the 99% of the people of the country even the bare minimum needs achieved through sustained struggles over the years. The Central Government employees, joining the strike on 28th February 2012, have unequivocally declared their intention to intensify the struggle for wage revision after 5 years. The Central Head Quarters of the Association salute the more than 10 crores of working people – including government employees – who made the strike on 28th Feb 2012 a memorable and epoch-making one. It needs to be stated quite plainly that the participation of audit & accounts employees was quite unsatisfactory, though compared to 7th Sept 2010 one could say that there is marginal improvement. The best part is the resurgence of the Kerala Unit which has recorded more than sixty percent participation in the strike, despite a hostile administration. In Chennai and Kolkata both audit & Accounts joined the strike enmasse. In Assam and Tripura also the strike was 100% in A&E offices. Some units did not take much pain in mobilising, with the result that the participation was marginal. In Andhra Pradesh where the administration is hell bent on disturbing the employees' unity and the right to express the executive committee along with some activists participated in the strike. There is a need for serious introspection on organisational matters in the CWC meeting which will be convened shortly. The Press Statement issued by Confederation is given along with this Circular. BLATANT ATTACK ON TRADE UNION RIGHTS The circular issued by the CAG administration under the signature of Pr Director, Staff refuses permission to hold demonstrations with in the office premises? Does it mean that when we hold demonstration against the maladministration and misuse of authority (including rampant corruption amongst IA&AS officers) we should take it to public domain, instead of the closed walls of the Department? This directive that no demonstration shall be permitted within office premises shall have to be fought back with all might at our command. The administration has been on the duty to defeat the strike on 28th February 2011 at stations like Mumbai and Kolkata. In Mumbai police force were requisitioned with a special instruction targeting the General Secretary, Accounts Category III Association. Even the Pr Accountants General – who otherwise are inactive on staff welfare – were very active standing at the gates of the office. IT IS CLEAR NOW, WHAT IS BEING COOKED The moves by the administration by trying to strangulate the dissenting voices and denying the bare minimum space to the staff side is indicative of the ulterior designs – to carry on with 'strategic plan' which is against the mandate given under the constitution and against the interest of the people at large. Temporary setbacks are to be overcome and each unit has to mobilise the entirety of the membership to resist the onslaught on the democratic rights of the employees. With regards
Posted by Sekaran

Intervene to get more candidates passed in the ensuing SAS Exam.
Dear Sujith, This exam is the last exam with all segregations- Audit, Defence audit, Railway audit, Commercial audit etc., the next exam with new syllabus and will be common to all. So intervene with your good self so that most of persons writing the exam are passed. Please avoid results so that a most of the persons are failed in the exam for number of years by 1 o 2 o3 marks. These persons are better than the open market Direct recruits who can mug up the syllabus, but cannot work because of the inexperience. In this cases the minimum benefit will only an increment but they can work with pride as an AAO. The CAG's administration is not going to loose anything. Instead it is wasting the services of the persons Sr.Auditors who is drawing grade pay of Rs. 4800 and Rs. 5400 who are also writing the exam just for the sake of pride. Many a seniors are not passing the exam because of the strict valuation procedures which is not beeing metted out to the IAAS persons. Have you heard any IAAS direct recruits failing in the exam. We can see their knowledge when they open theri mounth in front of the Audit institution officers. This is the end of 150 the year, let the CAG administration pass senior persons atleast so that they can cherish the department ideals. Please write an immediate letter to C&AG and Director (Exam) and PD staff and take the matter with DAI admn.
Posted by Sekaran

SAS Exam
Dear Mr.Sekharan, Our federation has already taken up the matter of liberalised valuation long back. We are always on your side to pass and promote as many senior members of our institution who are already drawing 4800, 5400 grade pays to the post of AAOs and utilise their service . We have already demanded to increase the quota of Supervisors which will not create any further financial burden to the CAG Administration. I assure you that we will take up the matter again with the CAG of India and try to get a solution in this regard.

Reply to Mr. Sekaran
Respected Sekaran Sir, Please do not generalize any group by saying that they can only mug up the syllabus and can't work. We should refrain from any such comment which is not expected from a responsible official, particularly from a person who advocating for better Supervising Officers. Regards.

Assurances given in Agenda Meeting
Its very appreciable to see the letter written to Dy. CAG (posted today i.e. 15-03-2012) asking about assurances given in the Agenda meeting on various issues. Its good that we are following up on the matters. Well Done.

Gone with the wind?
friends there was an emergent call from the hqrs regarding re- structuring in Audit Offices and this was supposed to take off w.e.f April, 2012, and all the AsG will be given different Sectors so that each AG will handle the Audit Report for that particular Sector and for this much a hue and cry was made but as we are nearing the end of March, 2012, there is no sign of progress in this matter. It seems that the hqrs has dumped the idea of sectoral re- structuring whether this will benefit us is a million dollar question. Can anyone throw light in this regard.
Posted by s prabhakar

about mr.sekarn's appeal
Mr.sekaran has suggested something and appealed L.S.Sujit to clarify our stand.The concept of economic reforms,liberalization, privatization,disinvestment came in 1990(Dr.manmohansingh finance minister of P.V.Narsinghrao)The eaders of working class have taken about 22 years to protest.The masters of working class were busy to counter communal forces and supported the governments which reversed the concept of welfare state or socialism.The social security which was given by the british rulars in the shape of Pension to Government servants was stopped from 1-1-2004 when the communal vajpeyee government was in power,even than The secular s have done nothing .The number of employees in government offfices has been drastically redused.In the name of disinvestment,Publice sector undertakins are being sold to TATA,Birala, Ambani,even they are inviting hundreds of East India Companies to rule over india. But what were we doing for the last 22 years?Keral or West Bengal is not Bharat or India,Study the position at all india level and try to understand the ground reality. Thousands of pages can be typed on this subject,rather one can rewrite ,revise or enlarge edition of DAS CAPITAL or communist menufesto,but this can not be done by sujit kumar who is president of NAF having 7000 members of Audit Offices. Affter reading the comment of mr.sekar,I tried to search this name in the list of executive committes of affiliated units of naf,but could not trace it.If mr.sekar is an audit employee,he should come farward and extend helping hand to sujit kumar for uniting the audit employees of the country.One thing is very clear,NAF is not capable of uniting the workers of the world.Charity begens at home,dear sekarn,will you please disclose your identity,give your address,phone number ,NAF is in need of leaders like you.we welcome you to our fold,come farward.Join us.

My reply to Mr.Sekharan,
You might have gone through Mr.Vidwans reply. He is absolutely right. If you really want to fight for Audit Cause, come out of the shell and join National Audit Federation. We welcome you. As far as your earlier comment regarding the strike on 28th February 2012, you have referred about Kerala unit that “The best part is the resurgence of the Kerala Unit which has recorded more than sixty percent participation in the strike, despite a hostile administration”. Mr. Sekharan, you know that only 12 members of the so called Audit & Accounts Association were participated in strike by either boldly stated as participated in strike of not applying for any type of leave. Yes there were so many absentees on that day and all are applied for either EL on domestic grounds or Spl. Casual Leave due to traffic dislocation. It will not be fair if I am not highlighting the response of the Secretary General, All India Audit & Accounts Association’s call to hold demonstration on 15th March 2012 on the “DASTARDLY ACT UNDER DRACANIAN RULE – 4 COMRADES DISMISSED UNDER ART. 311 (2) (b) IN O/o AG (A&E), UP ALLAHABAD - PROTEST AGAINST THE ATTACK BY CAG ON RIGHT TO PROTEST - Hold demonstration on 15th March 2012”. There were neither demonstration in any of the offices under the Accountants General, Kerala nor issued any pamphlets in support of the call. So things which are messaged by the so called leaders will only mislead you. Try to understand the facts behind every message you receive.

staff strength and government expenditure
dear friends as we all know that with the ever increasing government expenditure we need adequate staff strength to scrutinize each and every rupee shelled out from the government coffer and to have an over all check and to discharge the duty as per the constitutional provisions. However, in the past 4 decades there has been a huge gap between the government expenditure as with each passing year the govt. expenditure has increased manifold where as the staff strength has shrink-ed to such an alarming situation resulting it widening the gap between the staff strength on the one hand and govt. expenditure on the other. Due to which we are not in a position to deliver the goods and to do justice to our work. In this connection i will request through this form that we may prepare a comparative statement showing the total government expenditure and the staff strength available for the following years i.e 1980, 1990, 2000 & 2010 by doing this exercise we may be able to persuade CAG as well as government the need of better and sufficient staff, their salary package etc. for Indian Audit And Accounts Department. Hope that this issue will be duly addressed in the ensuing National Executive Meeting to be held at Mumbai on 25th and 26th March.
Posted by s prabhakar

Restructuring has started
Restructuring order in respect of Punjab, Chandigarh issued today i.e. 19th March which is effective from 2nd April 2012. New office of PD (Central) Chandigarh has also been created and posting of PD also done. So now we know that Restructuring is indeed happening from April 2012. Also without replying to queries of NAF, HQ has started the process.

Restructuring has started
Restructuring order also issued for Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

Restructuring of Offices
Restructuring of the Offices orders issued for PAG (Commercial and Receipt Audit), Tamil Nadu, PAG (Civil Audit), Tamil Nadu, AG (Local Bodies Audit and Accounts), Tamil Nadu, PAG (Civil and Commercial Audit), Kerala, AG (Works, Forest and Receipt Audit), Kerala, AG (Local Bodies Audit and Accounts), Kerala, PAG (Civil and Commercial Audit), Karnataka, PAG (Works, Forest and Receipt Audit), Karnataka and AG (Local Bodies Audit and Accounts), Karnataka Creation of Office of Principal Director of Audit (Central), Chennai and Bengaluru

Proud to be a member of National Audit Federation
Its really a very helpful and informative site , hope that the good work being done shall continue , am proud to be a member of such a federation.

Congratulation for creating a Website by NAF Which will be immensely helpful to the members of Audit Staff.
Sir, I am very much glad to know that a Website is designed by National Audit Federation. Those who has taken a lot of pain for creating this Website I wish them my special thanks and my best wishes. Like me so many members of AG's Office will be benefitted by this throught out our life. once for convey my warm regards to President , Secretary and all the NAF Members who has extended their hands for providing such a Site by which everyone can express their problems and suggestions.

Restructuring of Offices - Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Creation PD (Central) Hyderabad
Order issued for Restructuring of the Offices of the Accountant General (Civil Audit), Odisha, Accountant General (Commercial, Works and Receipt Audit), Odisha, Sr DAG (Local bodies Audit and Accounts), Odisha, Offices of the Accountant General (Civil Audit), Andhra Pradesh, Accountant General (Commercial and Receipt Audit), Andhra Pradesh and Accountant General (Local Bodies Audit and Accounts), Andhra Pradesh. Creation of Office of Principal Director of Audit (Central), Hyderabad

Restructuring of Offices
Restructuring of the Offices - orders issued for the following offices (1) Principal Accountant General (Audit), Assam (2) Sr. Dy. Accountant General (Local Bodies Audit and Accounts), Assam (3) Principal Accountant General (Audit), Meghalaya (4) Accountant General (Audit), Manipur (5) Sr. Dy. Accountant General (Local Bodies Audit and Accounts), Manipur (6) Accountant General (Audit), Tripura and (7) Sr. Dy. Accountant General (Local Bodies Audit and Accounts), Tripura

Deletion of comments
It appears that that comments related to the Seniority matter of DRAAOs have been deleted. In a forum like this members should be free to comment on any issue of their concern as far as the language used is not objectionable. If you delete the comments then what is the use of this member's forum? In a democratic association all the members should be allowed to post their views on any issue. Please, give this a thought.

deletion of comments
its very unfortunate to see that the post on seniority of DRAAOs have been deleted within 12 hrs of post. nothing posted was objectionable as every member knows what he is posting. Federation cannot take side for the office bearers only. very sad

deletion of comment on seniority
it is very sad that the comment of one member on seniority is deleted now. I find the demand for "delinking of seniority from confirmation" is absolutely logical. As our department only has this type of exception without any valid reason.
Posted by ajeet

deletion of comment on seniority
it is very sad that the comment of one member on seniority is deleted now. I find the demand for "delinking of seniority from confirmation" is absolutely logical. As our department only has this type of exception without any valid reason.
Posted by ajeet

We as a federation take responsibility to include any issue in our agenda. Before putting it in the agenda we discuss issues in the national executive. There will be positive and negative comments. We analyse all those comments and after considering all the aspects federation finalises the points to include in Agenda. The issue of seniority of AAO(P) is still in debate stage. We don’t want to create any type of division in the minds of the members. Hence we have deleted certain comments of our members from member forum. I request all the members to keep in mind the Audit fraternity before airing their comments. Otherwise we will be forced to remove their comments in the interest of the federation and audit fraternity. Thank you.

Are the DRAAOs not part of Audit fraternity
Respected President Sir, By deleting the comments opposing the view expressed by some of the participants at the NECM at Mumbai you are already on verge of creating some sort of division in the minds of the members. Moreover, I completely failed to understand how a comment supporting the justified demand of the DRAAOs goes against the audit fraternity. Don't you think that DRAAOs are also part of so called audit fraternity and they should have right to express the views in such forums.

Are the DRAAOs not part of Audit fraternity
Respected President Sir, Whether the Comment of Mr. Sekaran above when he was freely airing his views on DRAAOs goes with the Audit fraternity ?

deletion of comment on seniority
Dear president sir, U have been very prompt in deleting the comment relating to senioraity of DRAAO, but at the same time you have decided to wishfully ignore the comments of Mr. sekaran stating that DRAAO are book muggers. A partisan approach from the president paves the way for creation of rift among the audit fraternity. This approach is most unacceptable and must be condemned in absolute terms.It will be better if the association continues to cater all genuine demands, rather than playing partisan games. regards dinesh
Posted by Dinesh

Seniority of DRAAOs
Respected President! I would not like to go into the details of what happened on 25th and 26th March. What I want to convey is being a crusador you just have to see that what you are standing for is a just cause or not? We DRAAOs supported granting of same pay to departmental promoted AAOs even after the cut- off date of 2008 - just because we find it logical and just. So I feel agahst when you have already written a letter to the C&AG on the issue and still says that the matter is under contemplation. What is this? Be bold to support an issue based on merit and not to appease a particular section. Hope the message is well taken. Regards.
Posted by Subhash

Transfer of willing staffs
Respected President, I want to draw your attention through this forum towards an opportunity of transfer arising from the restructuring of IA&AD offices. I want to submit that willing candidate should be allowed to go on unilateral transfer at their place of choice. This would definately be in terest of Department and the concerned staffs. Hope you bring this matter to the notice of concerned authorities. Thank you and regards

Pay fixation of AAOs promoted as SO prior to 1/2006
AG office Orissa had issued office orders by fixing the pay of all SOs promoted prior to 1/1/2006 drawing less than Rs.7500 were fixed at minimum of Rs.13950 w.e.f 1.1.2006. Other office are not following this. How get the currect practice of fixation for SOs promoted before 1.1.2006 and drawing less than Rs.7500 as on 31.12.2006.
Posted by sanil

Dear President ji, By deleting some of the comments for expressing a just cause, you have forced us to think whether there is any need to be member of this association? Why not make a different association because of the interest of DRAAOs is in conflict with that of Association and most of the officer bearers of the constituent association and people they represent. This ground is sufficient to float a new association. That would be successful because DRAAOS are going to be mainstay of the department in coming days.

IA&AD restructure
Due to restructuring and mainstreaming LBA there is possibility of reduction of strength at all levels. Presently separate report sections exist for LBA and Social & General Audit. Due to merging only one report section is required. Similarly, when autonomous bodies merged with the parent department for the purpose of audit, a single party can audit main department and its ABs which also reduce the number of party days causing reduction of staff strength. Further there will definitely impending possibility of transfer of Hqrs sections from one station to another station due to creation of PD Central Audit. Therefore, staff are to be shifted from one place to another place with or without their consent. In case sufficient staff are not availblae in one Station due to unwillingness from the existing staff, the posts may be filled up through deputation or direct recruit. This may affect the promotion also. Thus restructuring only benefit the department and not to the employees. Restructuring will give undue harship to the employees especially women staff. Association may take care of the interest of the employees in the matter of transfer and promotion and existing benefit should not be deprived of on account of restructuring. All departments are concentrating on de- centralisation of work whereas IA&AD concentrate on centralisation. Due to merging, it is doubtful whether there will be seperate audit reports for commcercial and LB and there will little chance to highlight the irregularities of these two wings if they are brought out in a single report. As long as these two sections have their own relevance /individuality in the present senario in the State, separate reports should be brought out as is done presently.
Posted by K Anilkumar

Transfer on restructuring
There are six PDAs going to be created. For the fear of opposition from Association, the department has presently decided to not displace staff from their present position. However, in future it will be required, as no PD will want to work with only hired staff (on deputaion). Hence, a chance should be given to the willing staff who want to go to the place of their choice without thrusting on unwilling. I hope the Association will take a call on this issue.

Delinking seniority from confirmation- Clear NAF stand soon
After taking a decision collectively to raise the issue and after writing the letter to CAG asking for the implementation of AG's conference decision at an earlier date, if NAF is now reconsidering the is nothing but going back not only on words but also going back on action. This will force all the members (not only the DRAAOs) who believe that NAF is a transparent organisation and different than other Associations in rethinking about their continuing affiliation towards NAF. Hence it is very important that NAF clears its stand soon.

The SAS Candidates who had failed in Statistics Paper in 2008 Exam had been declared passed and they have been promoted with effect from June 2010. Sri KS Venkateswaran of AG, Tamil Nadu had gone to Court and won the case. The National Audit Federation had pursued the matter with C&AG Administration and finally C&AG Administration accepting the merit of the case and demand of National Audit Federation declared the candidates passed and promoted. Thanks to National Audit Federation and Secretary General, NAF & Co.

Response to the Comments of Deepak Ji
As per my knowledge goes there is no question of going back on words or by action by NAF on the issued of Delinking seniority from confirmation in respect of DRAAOs. The issue was already taken up NAF. Please wait and watch for the result. It was clear that NAF was a transparent and different Federation for that reason only we all are free here to express our views. If our views goes against the Unity of NAF definitely that will create problem in future. Then there will be no way for NAF to close the Forum. Will you want that? While putting any comments please re-think twice and always uphold the NAF Unity. Only the Unity can fulfills all of our demands through NAF. Keep trust on NAF.

Response to Ravi Prakash ji
Dear Ravi ji, It is not about waiting for the result. When its said that the issue is still in debate stage in NAF after writing letter asking CAG to accept the demand, there is bound to be question of transparency and different organisation. (By the way being different is the matter you will tell better because your unit is affiliated to the combined association, I know you are from DGA CR Kolkata). Tell me which of my comment is detrimental for unity of federation. I just asked the leadership to clarify the stand on the issue.

Delinking seniority from confirmation- Clear NAF stand soon
Dear president sir, I fully agree with the remarks of Deepak YK. NAF needs to clarify its stand on the issue,as the ambivalance displayed by NAF has raised serious doubts about its its being a true representative of audit staff in general.
Posted by Dinesh

Clarification @Deepak YK
Dear Deepak ji, the comments made above is not mine but someone else's. i fail to understand on what basis u v concluded that (i know that u r from DGA CR). plz ascertain the facts before blaming someone.

Ravi Prakash ji
I have just mentioned Ravi Prakash, DRAAO is from DGA CR Kolkata. If I am not correct please correct me. And more importantly my comment was to the person who posted above. If thats not you and some one else using your name why you are perplexed on my comment.
Posted by Deepak YK

NAF, Plz clarify
regarding the 'Delinking seniority from confirmation' issue, the actions of NAF has raised serious concerns about their credibility and responsibility. They need to make their stand clear before we stop believing them.

Deepak YK Ji
there can be several Ravi Prakashs in any office/deptt. But it becomes a matter of grave concern when u r d only 1 by that name in a office and some1 attributes ambiguous comments made on a serious issue by someone else to u. That will perplex every normal person.

Great Parida Ji : Thousand more times grateful and long live, for effort and promotion : K.S.VENKATESWARAN

Restructuring in Maharashtra
Dear friends, we all know that a historical event in the history of Audit Offices in the IA&AD is taking place and will be effective from 2nd of April, 2012. As per the re-structuring scheme all the Audit Offices in a particular State will be vertically bifurcated into two different Sectors viz. Social & General Sector including PRI’s and the other being Economic & Revenue Sector. The orders for most of the offices have been issued on these lines except with an exception for the State of Maharashtra. As per the re-structuring scheme, the sectors in Maharashtra have been bifurcated geographically with an exception or should we say a privilege to AG(Audit)-II, Nagpur to handle the Report of Economic Sector alone and the audit of commercial units under this sector will be conducted by the staff of AG-III, Mumbai, (i.e previous AG- Commercial for State PSU’s) and all the remaining departments under Social, General and Revenue Sector will be looked after by Pr.AG (Mumbai) and the staff of Nagpur office has to be contended with conducting audit of the various departments falling under the social, general, LBs, PRIs, Revenue and Economic Sector under the geographical area i.e limited to Vidarbha and Marathwada only where as the staff of Mumbai will enjoy auditing the units of various departments under the State of Maharashtra, i.e. Mumbai, Pune, Western Maharashtra, Khandesh and Konkan area. However, this bifurcation done on geographical basis will not hold good for the office and staff of Nagpur office, which was always meted out with a STEP MOTHERLY treatment as this was not the first instance wherein such treatment was meted out to Nagpur office, way back in 1998 when the local staff of Nagpur demanded for bifurcation of units/work based on the functions being carried out in the respective A&E Office at Nagpur, the then CAG agreed to that scheme and in fact instructed both the Principal AG(Audit)-I, Mumbai and AG(Audit)-II, Nagpur, to resolve the issue between them amicably and these instructions were recorded in the minutes of the meeting but the Principal AG(Audit)-I, Mumbai never agreed nor implemented those orders. Even now when the vertical bifurcation on Sect -oral basis is taking place in all over India, the office of the Principal Accountant General (Audit)-I, Mumbai, and its staff has again been treated in a PRIVILEGED manner thereby depriving, discriminating and snatching all the rights and privileges of Nagpur office and its staff. Moreover, by doing so, the number of auditee units under the jurisdiction of Nagpur office will come down drastically which will have an direct impact on the SANCTIONED Strength, MEN-IN- Position, in each and every cadre thereby resulting in displacement of staff on promotion and even the PROMOTIONAL avenues will be almost NIL in Nagpur office which is against the promised/assured lines under re-structuring scheme, and by doing all this injustice, the CAG’s administration is going to invoke resentment, displeasure amongst the staff which will act as a negative factor to the department It is pertinent to say here that a work paper on restructuring scheme on the State of Maharashtra as instructed by the Dy.CAG during the meeting held on 25th January, 2012, was forwarded to Dy.CAG by all the local staff Associations which was based on logic and real- time Audit measures, the same was ignored and over-looked by the highest authorities and by doing so they have deprived and had done injustice to Nagpur office. This was specifically done to please Mumbai Staff. This restricting is no giving justice to Nagpur Staff.
Posted by s prabhakar

New Recruitment through SSC CGL 2011 for Auditor post in CAG offices.
Please take it seriously. There are approx 4800 candidates selected for the post of Auditors in CAG offices all over the country through SSC CGL 2011. Half of them is unhappy with the State/Place of posting. I know it is a big responsibility to satisfy all but if NAF looks into it, this is not impossible thing to do. There is a lot of uncertainty among them. Some candidates already thinking about quitting the job. There have to be some process or system by which needy one can get the desired state. Please come with some new idea (Except Mutual Transfer) in order to solve this problem.
Posted by amit sinha

Re-structuring in Audit Offices of Maharashtra State
Dear friends, it is very painful to note that the original writing of mine in this forum on the maharashtra issue has been diluted and the significance of this issue has been lost by the Nagpur office where as the Mumbai office which was enjoying all sorts of privileges prior to re- structuring of audit offices across India is allowed to enjoy much more than needed, justified and deserved privilege by the CAG administration. How can there be two sets of rules one for the state of maharashtra and the other for entire audit offices across the country. The Nagpur staff and all the service Association of Nagpur office submitted a work paper relating to re- structuring taking into considerations that there were 4 AsG in maharashtra state and we were knowing that one AsG post will be abolished in the re- structuring scheme and therefore demanded the Economic Sector alone keeping in view the staff strength etc. and furhter keeping in view that the Revenue Sector will be allotted to AG(State Commercial) thereby leaving the entire Social , General and PRI Sector to the Pr.AG, Mumbai. But we were quiet astonished to note that instead of allotting the Revenue Sector to the AG (State Commercial), the CAGs administration had allotted this Sector also to Pr.AGs office and the staff of AG(State Commercial) has to do the audit of all PSU Units falling under Economic Sector which means that even the PSU units have not been allotted to Nagpur office and in fact the Nagpur office staff has to be contended with the audit of all the sectors except PSU units of Economic Sector that too limited to Vidarbha and Marathwada Region. Thus, the Nagpur office as well the staff are being treated worst than the beggars and it seems that the proverb "Beggars dont have choice" holds good as far as the Nagpur audit office is concerned. Here i would like to draw the attention of all and one that when we the IA&AD including our CAG feel proud when we point out the lacunae/fault or any sort of mis-management in any of the Government Department/Ministry than why the same principle/yard stick is not applied when it comes to our own department and one office is left at the mercy of the other office. ONE SHOULD KEEP IN MIND THAT CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME & A MUTE SPECTATOR TO THE CRIME IS MORE THAN A CRIMINAL HIMSELF. LETS AGAIN HOPE THAT SOON JUSTICE WILL BE DONE TO NAGPUR OFFICE AND NAGPUR OFFICE IS ALLOTTED ECONOMIC AND REVENUE SECTOR AT THE EARLIEST OR ELSE TOTALLY WITHDRAW THE SCHEME OF RE- STRUCTURING AS IT IS NOTHING BUT A FLOP SHOW.
Posted by s prabhakar

Revised pay Scale for Welfare Assistants
Sir I was promoted as WA in June 2007 from the Post of Sr. Auditore in the old pay scale of Rs.6500. equal to Section officers pay. I discharged duties equal to and more than SO. But in this Sixth pay commission i was given 4800 grade pay for WA but the upgraded pay of SO to AAo was not given. Hence I request the NAF to fight for equal pay of WA with AAO when the post of So does not exist. Many Welfare Assistants all over India will be benefitted

unilateral transfer
respected president, please allow the employees to apply for unilateral transfer to home town or whereever he wants to be posted so that he/they can work without any family constrains and give his/their full potential to the department.

what for this page
this page is for each and every audit employee of the country,but if some body wants to use this page for warning,notice, or threatening The organisation,for example- - If this is not done by the Secy.Gen.or President of naf,They shall withdraw affiliation or they shall stop paying H.Qr.Quota or similar,NAF should at once delete such comments.units may communicate their grievances if any by sending E mail to NAF.Those who use the word like do this otherwise we will withdraw affiliation,NAF should not tolerate such things,you are free to withdraw affiliation at any time,We have worked without recognition from 08/05/1994 to 16/06/2004,If somebody threatens like this we should withdraw affiliation from our side we do not need such units. ARUN VIDWANS Ex.Secy Gen.NAF Gwalior 09981136250

Demecratic functioning and decipline in Organisation
There are different forums in NAF to give suggestions.(1) National Executive Meetings(2) Working committee Meetings and(3) Conference The person taking part in the National Executive meeting should give his opinion for consideration ,there may be different views of the participants,after due deliberations final decision may be taken but we are duty bound not to disclose the deliberations.This is the reason for taking othe of secrecy by the someone shall say that the organisation is not transparent.working committee meeting is a bigger forum where every participant can express his view,but the final decision is binding on every member,if somebody wants to dictate terms and says that if his views are not accepted he will leave the body can be allowed to do so.Conference of federation is the biggest Forum,NAF is the only organisation where the 1st session is for criticism The agenda item is -"I am not satisfied with the working of organisation and leadership" what more you want? here in members forum people try to hide there identity Why? Can not you disclose your office and give phone number? remember a good organization will take decision on merit and not on the basis of number every time.NAF demanded that PRI&LB audit should be with audit office only and separate office and payment of deputation allowance is not correct.Thus we demanded stopping of deputation allowance,Why?We demanded 20% posts for Supervisors,This will reduce the posts of AAOs.The AAOs associations should warn us withdraw demand of 20%Supervisors or they will leave NAF. ARUN VIDWANS Gwalior 09981136250

In the interest of NAF
As a founder member of National Audit Federation in 1994 and staunch supporter of audit movement since 1967, I fully endorse the views expressed by our Chief Patron & Ex- Secretary General, Shri Arun Vidwans. In the name of trsnsperancy and democratic functioning of NAF, we cannot allow some disgruntled and timid members who are afraid of expressing their dissent in NEC/WC/Conference of NAF, to express their dissent in a veiled manner on this page. They are free to address their views through their letters or e-mails to the Secretary General or President of NAF or even through their respective units, provided their are affiliated to NAF. I also wish to express my views about some views expressed by the National Executive/D.C. Members on this page about Shimla Unit, Allahabad Unit or recentReorgbanisa tion. These individuals have their place in the National Executive and are free to air their views in NEC only and not openly creating confusion in the minds of general membership. Let us work for the good of entire audit fraternity and NAF unity.

Observe Protest Day on 9th April 2012
To The Secretary/President of All Affiliated Units. The affiliated Associations are requested by NAF to observe Protest Day on 9th April 2012 on the issue of Re- organisation. I am to request you all to send the photographs of Protest Day Celebration to National Audit Federation to release the same in the NAF website. Please send the photographs to NAF Email :

Reorganisation - a blow to promotions
Congrats to our secy.general on envisaging the problems with reorganistation and addressing them to the CAGs admn.However, the problems would be innumerable. One among those is that, LBAA has been merged with the audit offices duly considering the sanctioned posts to LBAA against the regular sanctioned posts of the audit office concerned. With this, audit personnel on deputation with LBAA will be brought back to the main stream and adjust against the present sanctioned strength. This would affect the promotional chances of long awaiting AAOs of the Audit cadre.The problem further steepened as the orders provide scope for continuance of A&E deputationists(AOs) despite they being occupied the posts against the regular sanctioned strength of audit offices and huge accumulation of entitled personnel(AAOs of audit)longing for their promotion.This is unjustified and hence I request NAF to deal this matter with CAG admn for favourable solution soon.

are we serious about the call
The Secy.General of naf vide circular no.9 had given a call to observe protest day on 9th april 2012 on the issue of implementation of reorganisation issue. as per my experiance of 17 years no unit shall sent report on observance of call.the secy general has repeatedly requested to study the impact of this scheme in every field office,but for the nagpur civil unit,no body has sent such report.If the affiliated units are not taking the call seriously,it can be said that there is no problem in implementation of the scheme, Why naf should pursue the issue further?We should not create false problems just for launching agitation. Will the affiliated units inform the actual membership as on 30/04/2012? We are asking for names of Secys and presidents of all the units,The zonal secys can do this within a weeks period,but who will take pains for this? arun vidwans ex.Secy.Gen.naf 09981136250

Civil Audit Association,U.P.Election Results
It is understood that Election of CAA Allahabad were held and out of 24 Executive members 16 persons elected wish to join NAF.only General Secy and 5 Executive members want affiliation with all india audit and accounts association.Total membership of unit is about 900.P.R.Ranwedi has however lost election.Our secy.Gen and president should take necessary steps. N.K.Jain

Thank you Mr.Jain
Thank you Mr. Jain for the information. We will certainly contact them.

Reorganisation - a blow to promotion
Partly I do not agree with the comment of Shri kbvs sivakumar because when the LBAA is merged with the Social and General Audit, the posts of LBAA are also merged with the cadre posts of Audit. Hence there is no blow as doubted by Shri Sivakumar. Actually what happened when LBAA is merged is that some of our colleagues from Commercial Audit Wing and A&E Wing who are on deputation with LBAA are now continuing in Social and General Audit Wing when there is long waiting of AAOs (in AG Audit Kerala only 11/1990 batch is getting promotion as AO ) for promotion as AOs. Due to continuation of deputation, waiting AAOs are deprived of the merging benefits unless the deputationists from Commercial and A&E Wings are repatriated on expiry of their present term of deputation and in their places civil elgiible AAOs are promoted. NAF may kindly ensure that in those offices eligible AAOs are available for promotion, further extension of deputation of Commercial/A&E Office candidates should not be allowed by Authorities. This matter may be taken up with CAG Admn immediately. K Anilkumar
Posted by K Anilkumar

All friends may please see comments from Shri.KBVS Shivakumar and Shri. K Anil kumar. We have to take up this matter very seriously. I request all our friends to kindly provide us details of AOs on deputation to your office LBAA wing from commercial and A&E offices. We have to take immediate step to stop such deputations which are blocking the promotions of Civil AAOs.

I request all our friends to post the after effects/defects/problems faced on re-organisation in your office. Is there any type of dislocation? How many units were closed down? How many unwilling persons were transferred? Please view this process of Reorganisation very seriously otherwise will regret later. There is some hidden agenda behind reorganisation. CAG office is now reluctant to discuss reorganisation with federations.

Office of the Accountant General (Audit)-II, Maharashtra, Nagpur has no AO on deputation from any other office to LBAA wing. The re- organization problems of this office are already communicated to NAF for taking up the matter with CAG immediately. Please think over creating pressure on authorities for discussion on re- organization issue. I think all is well in all other units except Nagpur unit, as Maharashtra is treated as a special case different from other states all over India without giving any specific reason/justification. We must at least know that reason from authorities. The geographical distribution in Maharashtra has already started creating problems and conflicts between two audit offices which may adversely affect the quality of Audit Reports. These need to be resolved immediately in the interest of SAI of India. Our AG is helpless and already told us to take up the matter at federation level. Further, I request the administrator of NAF site to correct my name in the list of names of Executive Body as MANGESH TONGOO.

Reorganisation of Audit Offices in Maharashtra
During last reorganisation of audit offices 10 years back on subject basis viz. SRA/Forest/Civil/ Comml. etc.etc., the same formula was not applied in Maharashtra and a big chunk of PWD/Irrigation audit was taken away from Nagpur Office to Mumbai Office without any justification. My experience in this case is that Nagpur A.G. is being treated as a subordinate officer of Pr.A.G. Mumbai and A.G. Nagpur is being deliberately divested of his right to sign any audit report when such a privilege is available to all other Accountants General all over the country. Our misfortune at Nagpur is that our Accountant General whoever may be never bothered to taken up the issue with the HQrs. Office or Mumnbai Office. Perhaps he is shying away from taking up the responsibility of signing the Audit Reports. There was a specific order by the then CAG, Shri V.K.Shunglu during 1998 that the distribution of work between Mumbai and Nagpur Audit offices should be based on the work being done in respective A&E Offices. However, this order was never implemented. Now it appears, the organisation viz. CAA & NAF will have to take up this issue with the CAG on warfooting.

Founder General Secretary of Civil Audit Association, Nagpur and founder member of National Audit Federation, Shri Madhukar R. Wakodikar expired today (24.04.2012) at the age of 70 after prolonged illness. We have lost a good friend and a stubborn supporter of audit movement all these years.

Condolence Messages
I am very sad to hear about the death news of Shri Madhukar R. Wakodikar, founder member of our National Audit Federation of Nagpur. Really it is very distressing. May God rest his soul in peace! Thank you for this information Ingle Ji. I am to request you that anyone having photographs of Madhukar Ji please mail it to NAF email ( for publishing in NAF web site.

Condolence Message
I would like to express my sincere condolences on the passing of Shri Madhukar R. Wakodikar. My deepest sympathies are with his family at this time of grieving.

NAF Executive, DC Members and Chief Patron/Patrons are requested to send their Photographs to NAF
I am to request all the Executive Body Members, Departmental Council Members and Chief Patron/Patrons of National Audit Federation to send their photographs to NAF ( for publishing in the NAF web site.

North-East LTC extended for another two years
F.No.31011/4/2007-Estt. (A) Government of India Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions Department of Personnel & Training New Delhi, dated 30th April, 2012 OFFICE MEMORANDUM Subject:- CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988 — Relaxation for travel by air to visit NER. The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department O.Ms of even No. dated 02.05.2008 and 20.4.2010 on the subject mentioned above and to say that the relaxation for LTC travel to visit North Eastern Region under CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988 contained in the O.M. dated 02.5.2008 is extended further for two more years beyond 1st May, 2012. 2. Hindi version follows. sd/- (B. Bandyopadhdyay) Under Secretary to the Government of India

Need of Agenda meetting and National Executive meeting
Our Secy. Gen. has written a letter on 15-03- 2012, addressed by name to shri Anupam Kulshresta (now retired),new Dy.CAG.Shri A.K. Awasthi has joined now, so we should send and letter congratulating him and asking for curtsey meeting as early as possible,and ask for an agenda meeting with ref to our letter date 15-03- 2012. Before we go for meeting likely to be granted in 2nd or 3rd week of June2012,we should hold N.Ex.Meeting at our Delhi H.Qrs.K/42 B.K.Dutt caloney,near Jorbagh Metro Station New Delhi 110003.A meeting of Confederation of Audit and Accounts Employees and Officers has been fixed on 18th June 2012 in our H.Qrs. Office to finalise agenda on comman front issues like Group Insurance,Stepping up of pay of senior employees due to granf of ACP to Juniors,Implementation of arbitration award thereby grant of 1640- 2900 to Sr,Auditors/Accountants notionally from 1-1-1986 etc.Our Secy.General and President are requested to reach new delhi on15-06-2012 and stay at our h.qrs.if possible we may have our N,Ex.meeting on 16th and 17th June. The issue of Upgradation of pay scale of Sr.Auditors as 6500-10500 and AAOS as 7500-12000/- from 1/1/2006 in pre revised scale and thereafter in revised pay band may be taken up separately Our reverification is due in August 2012 which may also be discussed in the meeting. Arun Vidwans 09981136250

Displacement due to restructuring
I had sought information from our affiliated units as to whether there was any displacement of staff due to audit restructring.It is a happy news that almost all units have responded through SMS and E mail.Reports indicate that there is no displacement of staff in rea sense anywhere sofar although some works have been transferred from one office to another.In few offices the dislocated staff have been adjusted in same building.

H.Qrs.Office of NAF at New Delhi
after a long waiting we have established our H.Qrs office at New Delhi the address is K/42 B.K.Dutt coloney,Jorbagh Road,Near Jorbagh metro Rly.Station New Delhi-3.Shri Amal Das Addl.Secy.Gen.Shall be on foreign service with NAF,but the rent of Building,salary including Leave salary contribution,shall not be payable by Organisation.(total cost is approximRs.80000/-) Shri Das has requested me to help him in running the H.Qrs. office and I have decided to remain at New Delhi on 1st and 3rd week( 1st and3rd Monday to Friday) Is oranisation ready to pay my Rail fare to and fro Gwalior to Delhi by Shatabdi Exprss? The cost shall be approximately Rs.2000/- per month).The n.Ex. members may give their comment.Arun vidwans chief petron 09981136250

NAF Hqrs. at Delhi
Congratulations to the new leadership of NAF who have succeeded in establishing our headquarters office at B.K.Dutt Colony. Now it is for all the affiliated units to see that NAF is supported financially to keep this office going. Now that the time for holding annual general meetings and reverification of membership is racing in June this year; all affiliated units' leaderhip should amend their constitution's "s ubscription clause" doubling the same to meet the growing needs of the apex orgnisation. All the affiliated units should ensure that their headquarters quota is remitted to NAF regularly and properly to meet their day to day needs of running headquarters at New Delhi smoothly in the interest of our organisation.

Paper less Correspondence
Postal expenses should not be Zero to any All India Federation.

Paperless correspondence
Sanjay ji , I appreciateyour comment..It is not a fact that we prefer paperless correspondene.We like postal communications because letters by post have their own special charms to addressees.We like e- communications too for,they are faster.I am sorry, in some cases due to wrong postal address letters are being returned back.We are equally sorry that the field units also do not communicate with us through posts.However, I have requested our jonal secretaries to collect the full postal address and the tel. numbers of the unit secretaries/presidents under their jones.I could have been happy if you have given your address

Demand for Mobile Phone Allowance
Dear Sir, I would like to draw your kind attention towards our touring jobs and we have to always maintain a liaison between ourselves and administration through Mobile/phone during touring. As such we should put a demand before the HQ for grant of mobile phone allowance on the basis of our touring job on the pattern of the Income Tax Department Etc. In which mobile allowance has already given to their staff in view of their field duties.

Mobile Phone Allowance
Dear Darbera Singh, you have raised a genuine demand. Mobile phones and laptops are unavoidable items in auditors pack. We have already demanded for at least one laptop to one party and the issue has now been settled by CAG. We will certainly include mobile phone allowance in our charter of demands. Please wait for some time.

Provide the laptop to LAP
CAG office has alredy started providing the laptop for LAP. In our office we had received four laptop for LAP.

Demand for Mobile Phone Allowance Comment:
Thanx for appreciating my issue regarding mobile phone allowance. I am very much sure that HQ office will certainly adhere to our demand.

Air India Domestic Fare list updated with LTC Scheme – LTC Fare List 2012
Air India Domestic Fare list updated with LTC Scheme – LTC Fare List 2012 Air India Domestic Fare list updated with LTC Scheme – LTC Fare List 2012 Journey by Air Travel while availing LTC, stipulating that the orders insisting to travel by Air India only. Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ officers (Gazetted and Non- Gazetted) are entitled to travel by Air to NER on LTC. Other employees are entitled to travel by Air to NER from Guwahati or Kolkata airport only. One more restriction of travel by Air India only need not apply to non- entitled employees who travel by air and claim LTC reimbursement by entitled class of rail. An employee can avail LTC to visit NER by conversion of one block of home-town LTC. Reimbursement of the actual expenses on air travel while availing LTC, will be restricted to cost of travel by the economy class only. To visit J&K by any Airlines subject to their entitlement being limited to LTC-80 Fares of Air India. Employees who are entitled to travel by rail by 2nd AC class for availing LTC to Andaman & Nicobar Islands can travel by air. Air India has now updated once again the fare list for LTC Scheme. The table for LTC Scheme has been classified in three columns such as, HLTC, DLTC and Airline Fuel Charge. Please click the link to view the fare list... MS/Downloads/WebFares. pdf

reg mob no of ex body
pl upload the mob no. of each executive body member, so that one can easily connect with them.

Since, it was came to know that Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure gave affirmative nod for allowing Grade pay 5400 NFS to AAOs and total extra expenditure figures are being sought from both CAG & CGA side, can anyone let me know about the progress of the matter.
Posted by NAVEEN

Non- providing of Desktop to AAOs
Dear Shri Paridaji, . In our W C Railway, Jabalpur, some AAOs are still deprived off even giving them to Desktop by the administration for their day to day official working, why we are expecting the Laptops or Mobile allowance by from the administration.In my views every AAOs may also issue Laptop like AOs. It is also appreciable if Mobile Phone allowance are sanctioned like other departments.Kindly include the same into your charter of demand so that no AAO may be ignored for having a Desktop/Laptop, as the all important work like TBA, reviews etc. are carrying by AAOs himself. You may take up the issue to C& AG administration that why our W. C. Railway administration are not issuing the Desktop/Laptop to some AAOs as facilitating to other AAOs of this Zone.

Verification Of Membership
I have already given SMS message to all the Secretaries and presidents of all our affiliated units.Hope, they must have received.The message is:verification of membership starts very shortly.If we want to make National Audit Federation (NAF)the No 1 fedration in IA&AD then each one of us needs to lead by example.This can only be possibe only when all the audit staff join NAF because this NAF stands excusively for audit causes and audit causes are different from others

Membership Reverification--What is to be done by affiliated units
Shri Paridaji has informed us that the H.Qrs.offie has instructed the field offices for conducting membership reverification of associations.I feel that most of our units do not understood the significance of this apportunity.As per condition of recognition,recognition is granted for five years and before expiry of that term,authorities initiate re verification of membership.All the associations are required to collect the authorisation letters from members(in duplicate),They have to prepare a list of members which has to be furnished along with authorisation letters by the stipulated date.The units are also required to inform about the affiliation at apex level, The letter should normally be signed by president and Secretary of association.If the membership is less than 35% you will loose the recognition,Similarly if the membership strength is less than 7000, (15% of combined strength of Audit and Accounts) NAF will loose recognition,Thoygh we have achieved this in 2004 and again in 2008but this time we should achieve the target of Ten Thousand,If we want to become the 1st organisation in audit side.The units having 15% should achieve 35% those like Chennai should achieve atleast 15%.this has to be done by 15-07-2012,Will you accept the challenge and take it very seriously?

Reverification of Membership of Associations in Field Offices
The CAG has ordered reverification of membership of all the existing associations in field offices. Accordingly, all affiliated units are requested to refer to the detailed instructions contained in the Swamy's Complete Manual on Establishment & Administration. A full chapter is dedicated to this subject in this book. All the office bearers in each unit should fully dedicate themselves in collecting "Autho risation Letter" from each and every staff member belonging to each category, in duplicate. All the authorisation letters should be filled in completely viz. name of member, designation, signature of member and a certificate has to be recorded on each authorisation letter by the President/Secreta ry of the Unit. All such authorisation letters, duly filled in and signed, should be arranged cadrewise, in each category, and lists prepared before the due date fixed by the CAG and should be submitted to the Administration Section through a forwarding letter from the Secretary. Only single copy of individual authorisation with list should be submitted and the second copy be retained by the unit as office copy. Acknowledgement should be obtained on the office copy of the forwarding letter when these authorisation letters are submitted to admn. Please ensure that this work has to be done on warfooting and submission of forms done well before due date. Not only unit's recognition but also NAF's recog nition is dependent upon such a reverification which is carried out every five years. Last time it was done in May/June 2007. Please read the instructions on the subject carefully and comply with all the conditions enumerated therein.

SAS Exam mark pattern
Just like SAS, Income tax also they are writing exam with their subjects.The marks are the same. They are given 7 grace mark for each subject as bonus. They can utilise it in case their marks awarded is below 50. It is awarded for their experience in the department. It can be used for any subject they want. Please enquire about it and please do the needful for implementing this type of marks in our department as the marks awarded are in vindictive manner. SC Candidates are awarde 44 marks so that they cannot utilise the 5 grace marks for their pass as they will get only 49 and still they fail. Te open category members are given 49 marks and like this.
Posted by Sekaran

7th pay commision.
We have already crossed 65% of DA. The other allowances has not been taken for revision by merger of DA with pay for all purposes. Let us start our campaign for the next pay commision. Atleast at that time please ask for Rs. 4600 grade for Auditors( Not Seniro Auditors) (old pay scale Rs. 5400/- as the other cadres who write the Combine Graduate level exam are getting them as their pay- because the persona appointed in IAAD they are put up in meager pay scale of Rs. 2800/-) Please do the needful
Posted by Sekaran

Let,the railway audit associations join naf
During our meeting at mumbai some friend from railway audit raised the issue of metal journey pass to AAOs ,I have told that the issue had been decided by the principal bench of CAT.Railway board had been made a party in that case,and it is very difficult to achieve this through Railway board or CAG.But at the same time we may approach honorable Railway minister and get the matter resolved in our favor but the question before us is how many Railway Audit Associations are with NAF?? if out of 17 Zone only 8 zones are with naf and 9 zones are with anti audit leadership than why should naf take leading role in the matter?? Shri Basumatary Branch Secretary Railway Audit should write to all the Railway Audit associations ,if majority of units join NAF, I will take personal obligation of honorable minister,otherwise why should we take this issue??

DOPT order F.NO.28034/9/2009-Estt.(A) dated 30.9.2009 - Posting of husband and wife at the same station
Sir, I am working as a Senior Auditor in the O/o Pr.AG (G&SSA), WB, Kolkata my wife working as a teacher in tamilnadu state government. Can i get transfer to tamilnadu in spouse quota??? May i give Representation ??? Are you know any case history of this spouse quota??? with regards, S.Arjunan
Posted by S.Arjunan

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