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Sat, 23 Mar 2013
Blog Archive (6) - Please don't Post Your Comments Here.

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Posted 10:32


Demand No. 10
Respected GC Parida sir kya real m koi poisitive order aayga...... If yes how many time it take. Thanks to you.

Demand No 10
Respected sir, L.S Sujiith Kumar do we really aspect some good news regarding UT very soon and when the official meeting will uploaded.

Unilateral Transfers
Respcted sir L.S Sujjit Kumar it is my earnest request to you please send a similar letter to honorable CAG about restoration of Unilateral Transfer as u have sent regarding negative marking in SAS i hope it will have better compact.

Auditors' GP
Dear Sir, There were great rumour some months back that GP of Auditor is being increased to 4200 with retrospective effect from 2012. Was there any substance in this rumour.

Unilateral Transfers
Respcted sir, L.S Sujit Kumar i am please to reminding you that kindly send a letter to DAI on behalf of NAF regarding UT.

Reply to above
Dear friends, We have discussed our agenda points with DG(Staff) on 29-04-2013 and the details of the discussions are furnished in our site for your information. After discussion it will take some time to materialise the issues. Please wait for some more time. Dont be so panic. From a very big no to a phased manner they agreed in UT. So please wait. We will pursue this matter also. Regarding GP of Auditors, as on date there is no such orders.

ventilation of grievances on members forum is not enough.
I have many comments from members on various issues like 1 Entry pay to all 2. Grade pay of Rs.5400/- to AAOs after 4 years service.3 minimum pay of Rs.13950/- (7500*1.86)to all those promotted as AAOs.4.unilateral and mutual transfers.5.Merger of 20% segment in Auditor cadre as Senior Auditors with grade pay of Rs.4600/-uniformity in implementation of Re- organisation I feel after having agenda meeting on 29th April the national audit should give call for agitation.bearing of black badges holding GB and passing resolution,post card Champagne but unfortunately The N.E.meeting at kolkota could not take any decision and we have to wait for next meeting in hyderabad in August or September.If such is our approach than the Finance minister of India is not reading your website and visiting members forum .

unilateral transfer
Firstly i would like to thanks the members who raised the demand before DG staffs. I have urgent need of it. Please help us to turn our dream into reallity. Then i will be grateful to this federation forever.

Delhi High Court Judgment for pre2006 Pensoners
It is understood that delhi high court has given judgment in favor of pensioners who retired before 1/1/2006, on 29/04/ WP(C)1535/2012.This judgment is for applicants who were in S-24 to S-29. as per this judgment 50% of revised pay plus G.P should be the pension of those who retired before 1-1-2006,but the benefit is not for below S/24 pay Scales.Thus it shall be case of disparity.Our federation or Confederation should go through this judgment and take up the matter with GOI for extension of benefit.our patrons s/shri Ingleji,Bhattacharyaji,C.B.P.Singh may consult each others and do the needful.

Delhi HC judgement of 29.4.13.
This has reference to Shri Arun Vidwans' comment regarding Delhi HC judgement dated 29.04.13 relating to pre-2006 pensioners. Unless a copy of the said judgement is made available to us, it will be difficult to offer our comments on the same. Please procure a copy of the judgement and circulate it to us at the earliest.

L.S.Sujith Kumar Sir....what they mean by a Phased Manner .....plz elaborate the process ..!!!
Posted by Suman Kar

Delhi HC judgement on pre -2006 pensioners
The Govt of India has already released an order on pre -2006 pensioners.The copy of this order with pension chart has also apeared in our website ,confederation menu.The minimum pension for all those who have retired before 1. 1. 2006 has been determined as 50% of band pay plus grade pay of the respective cadre they belong to.Is Delhi HC judgement on 29 4 13 a different? S- 24 refers to joint secretaries and above in Govt of India

Om dt.28 January is discriminatory
one sr.auditor drawing pay of Rs.8000/- was getting panson of Rs.8160/-(pay 8000+4000D.P.and 36%D.A.Rs.2160 total Rs.8160.the person who retired on 31-01-2006 will get Rs.9540/-(50% of pay band plus 4200/-G.P) as per para 2 of om dt.28th january his penson will be 50% of minimum of pay band and grade pay i.e. 9300/- plus 4200/- =6750

Zoomshare became Chargeable
The website of National Audit Federation was hoisted with free of charges under Zoomshare for last two years which was a free website hoisting service provider. The Zoomshare authorities found that our website was very much popular and now they have stop providing free website hoisting. A notice in this regard issued by Zoomshare to upgrade our free website to paid website by paying 6.95$ per month. The issue was discussed with Secretary General today and he agreed to Pay 6.95$ per month to zoomshare.

Reg Chargeable website
dear friends, this is in reference to Surajit roy's comment that zoomshare after finding our website a popular one have stopped providing free hoisting and are going to charge us 6.95$ per month and our secretary general has been very kind enough to pay the said amount to the service providers. My only concern is now we must enter in to an agreement with the service providers that they should not increase the rate frequently and put us in inconvenience. At the same time all the units shoud now re-think and understand the financial constraint and should pay their contributions in time. I hope all of us will agree to this. with regards n wishes
Posted by s.prabhakar

confused about the term phased manner. Can any one explain it? Can we expect any order soon.

Unilateral Transfer/Mutual Transfer
Could anyone tell me please that if a person is on probation, would he be UT/MT transferred and according to the meeting held on 29th April 2013 what is the criteria for that, Is the application of the already applied candidates on probation be considered and if so, in what manner because the Hqr in which someone is posted rejects the application/file of 'request of deputation/ transfer on urgent basis' even on humanitarian grounds giving the reasons that the employee is on probation of 2 years, what should the person could do in that case, Should he send his application to the Principal Director (Staff) directly as an advance copy or meet him personally in the Delhi CAG Hqrs........
Posted by Paras Kumar

Non-fixation of pay in the upgraded scale.
sir, in reference to our demand no 9 of the charter of demands framed at Thiruvananthapuram working committee meeting , i would like to know the reasons as to why the same was not tabled in the meeting with CAG admn. In fact this is a genuine case to be represented in proper way at various forums. AAOs,who got their promotion to the cadre before Jan,2006 and whose pay scale was upgraded to 7500-- scale from 7450-- scale were deprived of the benefit of upgradation as the pay fixation was directly done with reference to existing pay in the pay scale of 7450- - without fixing it first in the upgraded scale of 7500. Thereby, benefit of upgradation of scale is denied and the same is amply deserved for justification. In this regard i request NAF to consider this case also seriously along with other important issues .
Posted by kbvssk

non-fixation of pay in upgraded pay
It is a fact that demand no. 9 of our 55 points charter od demanda i.e fixation of pay first in upgraded pay is a genuine demand.This emand is still unsettled.We had taken up this issue in our last agenda meetings with DAI. During discussion ,the adminisration generally comes with arguments that the revised pay rules 2008 do not support this fixation.and the Deptt, will be guided by the pay fixation rule.However, NAF has kept the issue alive.We are exploring the possibilities to refer the issue to the Ministry.We are sorry that theNational AnnomallyComittee has not taken up the matter so far although it is a common front issue..I therefore now request our members to give us feedbak as to if there is any clue in pay fixation rules to settle this problem departmentally.

Unilateral Transfer
Respected sir, it already 3 weeks have been passed but we do not get any official minute meetings .. do we hope some positive or not. kindly reply sir because many people are waiting eagerly ....

Departmental Council Meeting
HQ office in its letter ( Available in corresponden menu) has intimated that the agenda for discussion in Departmental Council is still awaited from All India Audit & Accounts Assn despite repeated reminders.This is unfortunate.In this connection it is to inform that a representative from All India Audit & Accounts Assn by virtue its majority in DC has become the Secy. staff side.It is learnt, the AIA&AAssn does not give names of its representatives and agenda in time.and apparently does not desire that DC to function.Hence virtually the DC has become dysfuntional since Aprill 2007.The NAF cmplying commitments to its members has been co operating with Admn submiting agenda and names.the DC of IA&AD is an important mechanism of redressal of staff grievances.wherein all recognised federations take part.Let us think, who infact makes the all important DC non functonal.Is not time now to strenghten our demand for separate DC for Audit and Accounts separetly.If not how the emplyees problems to be solved ? Is the Admn becoming soft ?

Unilateral Transfer
Respected Sir, I hope many of us have not clearly understand what has been said about UT in circular no.4. What is the meaning of "phased manner"? Will the ban on UT be lifted? How long do we have to wait? If the other Central Govt. offices permit for UT, what is the problem with AG offices? Persons like me who are 2000 km away from home and who are unable to leave the job having certain burdens for family, are waiting anxiously for UT.

Unilateral Transfer
We have requested to lift the ban on UT atleast in a phased manner. That means the CAG office may maintain a list of applicants for unilateral transfer and release names on the basis of service seniority to each and every office as per vacancy arises on that particular office. This was accepted by the DG in principal. Let us wait for the official minutes.

Unilateral Transfer
Respected Sir, Shri L.S. Sujith Kumar It already 4 weeks have been passed but we don't see any official meeting on CAG site can u please tell us normally how many days it takes to come Official meeting minutes.

Entry Grade Pay to promoted AAOs - Regarding
Sir/Madam, this has a reference to the recent development at the HQrs meeting where it was decided at least one AAO will be appointed in each office and the promoted AAOs will be compensated with entry grade pay by stepping up with the new DRs. In this regard I feel it is the right time to express my views before you for your valuable suggestions. 1. I came across HQrs assurance to appoint at least one Directly Recruited AAO in each office to solve the crisis of compensating the promoted AAOs. Here I do not understand in what way such a decision would help a AAO like me, who is crossing the Rs.18,750 mark this July, after getting five increments since joining as AAO and even after qualifying the Revenue Audit Exam. In my case I qualified the SOGE in the year 2008 but the office did not allow me to join till 1.1.2009. 2. On going through the notes (collected through RTI) of the officials in the Finance Department, I do not understand in what way promotion to AAO is being treated as a normal promotion. As per extant rules no employee can enter the Gazetted supervisory cadre in his entire career unless he qualifies the SOG exam. Even the Directly Recruited AAOs are bound to qualify this exam to retain their status, they cannot get their due increments unless they qualify this. Years before it was in practice that, they had to lose their job on not- qualifying the exam within the prescribed period/chances, even instances were there where DRs were demoted to auditors on being failed to qualify the exam. 3. Why stepping up cannot be done in comparison with the DRs joining in the Commercial side as we belong to the same department, same establishment, even performing the same nature of work. If they are being treated as a different cadre how people coming from A & E offices or from other cadres such as stenographers can be treated as normal entry on promotion. Are they not entering a different cadre. Why they cannot get entry grade pay ? 4. At one point I feel sorry to express that the matter has not been properly presented before the appropriate authority. Isínt it a clear case of anomaly. Being the sole statutory audit organization of so large a country, allowing such a petty anomalous issue without being properly addressed, I think it raises a clear question on our competency. 5. Canít we go to the court of justice in this regard ? I highly expect you would come forward in extending your valuable suggestions in this regard.

Enty Grade Pay
Entry grade pay issue is almost closed as the union Finance Minister has rejected it .However at present we have successfully made the Admn agree to appease the employees discontentment to a small extent by posting one DRAAO in each office.Merger of commercial cadre in general cadre is not an easy issue because commercial audit cadre is an all india cadre.and the members should know it also that the leades who are negotiating with the Admn are amply qualified and having ryears' of experience on collective bairgaining. Fact is that ministry is.not in favour of IA&AD.Even if Deppt gives any emplyees favourable recommendations to the ministry , these are not being accepted.To get a relief is very tough bargaining now.Pl. do not dought the compentency of your leaders.To go to the court of law or not is an individual choice.Moreover entry grade pay issue is a common front issue which affects all cadres where there is elment of direct recruitment. not AAO alone.We are planning an agitation on this issue Hope our members to observe with full strength

Mr. Satyajit I wrot few month ago that the entry grade pay anamolies for our dept. only because almost in every department every ear there are new recruitee in each cadre and they are getting benefit of stepping up. As the matter is concern to IA&AD govt. will not accept it. In my opinion only court of justice can sort out the problem. Therefore kindly come together through mail blog and raise the issue infront of court.

Mr. Satyajit I wrot few month ago that the entry grade pay anamolies for our dept. only because almost in every department every ear there are new recruitee in each cadre and they are getting benefit of stepping up. As the matter is concern to IA&AD govt. will not accept it. In my opinion only court of justice can sort out the problem. Therefore kindly come together through mail blog and raise the issue infront of court.

Reply to above
Shri. Rituraj Mohan Singh, Please watch the CAG website for official minutes. Normally they publish official minutes within a month. Since we dont know astrology, we cannot predict the date. We have reported what ever things we discussed with the DG(staff) and their verbal response. we are also awaiting the minutes. please keep patience. Mr. Satyajit Behra, regarding Entry Pay to AAOs. You may please note that the issue has been turned down by the FM. Even then we are trying to solve the issue departmentally. If you are not satisfied with the efforts of NAF office bearers, you have (any one) all the right to go to the court of Law. For your kind information, civil AAO cadre is a local cadre to each and every state AGs but Comml AAO cadre is an All India Cadre. Please do not judge others competency without even knowing the basic facts.

Entry Grade Pay - regarding
Dear President, Sir, that, I must rebut your comment that, I should not judge otherís competency without even knowing the basic facts. First, I must say that I had never commented on anybodyís competency. It might be your wrong interpretation of my point. Secondly, I had raised two valid points which were not addressed at all. Please donít take as if I had made some bogus points without going deep into it. Again Iím raising the same two points before you with a request, please go through it. 1. I am not at all saying about any other cadre. I just want to express that AAO cadre is a feeder but qualifying cadre where people can only join directly or through SOGE exam, Thereís no other way. Some defined recruitment rules are stipulated for this cadre. The extant rule is that no employee can enter the Gazetted supervisory cadre in his entire career unless he qualifies the SOG exam. Even the Directly Recruited AAOs are bound to qualify this to retain their status. They cannot get their due increments unless they qualify this within the prescribed period/chances. Years before it was that, they had to lose their job on not-qualifying this exam, even instances were there where DRs were demoted to auditors on being failed to qualify the exam. 2 Why stepping up cannot be done in comparison with the DRs joining in the Commercial side. If they are being treated as a different (Central) cadre how people qualifying SAS (Civil Audit) from A & E offices or from other cadres such as stenographers are being treated as normal entry to the AAO (Civil Audit) cadre. Are they not from different cadres. Why their absorption is not being treated as direct entry. Why canít they get entry grade pay ? Here I want to further say that a person from a different cadre can only enter or be absorbed in the cadre of AAO (Civil Audit) only on the concurrence from the highest recruiting authority of the country, the UPSC. We cannot equate the promotion to AAO with that of promotion to Ars./others. Itís a qualifying cadre. Nowhere in the entire notes of the Finance Department the points were addressed. Perhaps the facts were not presented properly before them or they have intentionally avoided it. Sir, unless you, or our NAF, nobody is going to understand the plights of these unfortunates who are being treated as registered donkeys with the pay of a Clerk not even getting the corresponding pay of Rs. 6500 (pre-revised pay of a SO (non- gazetted). Our establishment simply lured these poor fellows to swallow a bitter pill (SOGE Exam) sugar quoted with a Gazetted status, nothing else. Sir, Iím raising my hands with utter helplessness, please show a possible way to proceed. We should not desert the field so easily. Canít you think they have no alternative in this Department. Their immense loss will only be multiplied day by day. Just unimaginable.

Issues raised before Dy.CAG/CAG
Dear friends, the letters dated 23rd May, 2013 addressed to the CAG/DY.CAG by our Secretary General through which certain issues have been raised are genuine and are to be resolved at the earliest possible time as there is a lack of motivation in our department due to non resolving of the issues raised therein. Moreover, the letter addressed by Shri Tamarkar, AO, JCN, to Shri M.S.Raja, SECRETARY, Staff Side, Departmental Council is an eye opener because of the negative attitude of Raja & Co., and they are least bothered about the functioning of the Departmental Council, which reflects their approach to resolve the issues affecting the employees of I.A & A.D, under proper forum under the JCM Scheme. I, therefore, endorse the opinion of our Secretary General, that hence forth we must put pressure on the Administration to either be firm towards Mr. Raja, to come forward to have the council meeting functioning or else, the Administration should strictly, firmly amend the constitution of Departmental Council and have a separate Departmental Council for the AUDIT DEPARTMENT so that the issues relating to Audit Offices and its Staff can be addressed and resolved under the said scheme. I am sure that under the new CAG all these issues will be sorted out and the council starts functioning.
Posted by s.prabhakar

question of entry grade pay
while making comment in this forum,many persons say that the leadership is not competent. mr, behara has clearerly said" it raises a clear question on our competency'" one senior AAO is insisting that the civil AAO should claim anomaly with commercial AAO the pay anomaly is covered under FR-31.therefore before offering comment about the competency of leaders you need to read the rules,you may also see the note prepared in ministry for rejecting the agreement in NAC,the issue of entry grade pay was raised and discussed by the JCM leaders not by NAF.the issue is not of pay anomaly,this problem has arise due to clubbing of lower and higher posts while determining the Pay bands.previously there were 33 pay scales now only 4 pay bands are there.higher and lower post can not be given same minimum band pay. now if some body wants to go to court he can do so,NAF has not asked any body not to do so.

Shame on you
Dear friends, the General Secretary of All India Audit & Accounts Association has not submitted agenda points for the discussions in the Departmental Council even after several reminders sent by Sr. AO (JCM). This shows how “sincere” they are in dealing with the employees issues. There are several burning issues of the employees of this department which needs to be discussed in the departmental council. You can see from the official minutes of the meeting of DAI with the All India Audit & Accounts Association on 2nd April 2013 published in the CAG’s website, out of 17 agenda items presented for discussions they have deliberately not discussed 7 items. Most of the items discussed were relating to the disciplinary proceedings initiated against their members for participating in some anti employee activities. We feel shame on you Mr. Raja. You have been paid by your members for taking up their issues with the authorities and not to fool them. Thanks to NAF for taking up genuine demands of the employees of IA&AD with appropriate level for redress.
Posted by Rajesh

Interesting change in principles
I am following the development regarding National Accounts & Entitlement Federation and also the Confederation. As I recall the speech of Our Secretary General last year in Mumbai where he described at great length (tortoise story) about impossibilty of audit and accounts people being together, this change of heart is indeed very interesting. Indeed !!!!
Posted by Deepak YK

Entry Pay - Regarding
I find it very disturbing that my comments were taken so negatively. The issues were not addressed but a very unwanted part got the limelight. My wordings might be inappropriate but I must say that it was not at all my intention. I unconditionally withdraw all my comments. My appeal was universal, not specific. I know my leaders very well, canít question their leadership. If someway it has hurt anybody I feel sorry for that and at the same time request the website manager for deletion of all my comments.
Posted by Satyajit

confederation of govt. employees and workers of the world
The naf leaders are requested to go through the news regarding 24th conference of confederation lead by Vyas&Kutty held at kolkata from 4th to 6th may.12 resolutions from presidium and 48 from resolution committee have been may see resolution 1to 10 of presidium and find out how many issues are related to central govt employees? I therefore call them confederation for workers of the world.the other question is when the problems of govt.employees shall be taken up and with whom?The information is available on web site of all India audit and accounts association.

Central Govt. Employees of North Eastern Region getting SDA @12.5%. SDA is deducted if anyone is absent from duty (leave/ training) beyond 15 days at a time and beyond 30 days in a year. Women employees having minor children can availl child care leave which can be granted minimum 15 days or more, resulted SDA is deducted from her salary i.e. womens are not getting benefit of SDA during CCL. Hence, it is requested if NAF raise this issue that SDA would be admissible during CCL for NER employees for removing inequality to get benefit of CCL like other regions.
Posted by M Bhowmik

extension of MACP to the departmental candidates
Extension of MACP scheme to departmental candidates passing SAS The MACP scheme has also been implemented in IA&AD benefiting the cadresí up to Sr. Auditor/Accountant. On implementation of the MACP Scheme frustration amongst the AOs/Sr.AOs has further aggravated since placing the supervisors and the supervised in the same Grade Pay denying the justified higher pay scales/grade pay for the AOs/Sr.AOs. Further, Sr. Auditor/Accountant without appearing any examination, and without bearing any higher responsibility eventually become eligible to grade pay Rs. 5400/-; whereas even after passing the toughest & arduous SOG/SAS examination, getting 3 to 4 promotions from the initial appointment to the post of Clerk/Auditor, and bearing higher responsibility AOs/Sr.AOs are placed in the same grade pay of Rs. 5400/-. In this connection, it would not be out of place to mention that on implementation the MACP in the IA&AD, all the direct recruited AAOs with GP of Rs. 4800 would eventually become eligible within thirty years of service for Grade Pay of Rs.7600 even when no functional promotion is allowed to them in their entire service career, while the departmental candidates would remain in Grade pay of Rs. 5400/=. Since, the departmental candidates as well as direct recruit candidate had to pass the same SOGE/SAS examination, why the departmental candidates on promotion to the post of AAO on passing SAS/SOG examination should not be treated as fresh appointment and why MACP benefits should not be extended to the departmental candidates as per the direct recruit candidates?. May I request you to kindly extend your view on this aspect and let me know the action taken thereon and the case filed in the Enrakumal CAT on this aspect.? Further, what is the present status of creating a new post "Audit Manager or Principal Audit Officer" with higher grade pay for promotion to those Sr,. AO who are not likely to be inducted In the IA&AS cadre. With thanks
Posted by JK Dutta

meeting minutes
is bar meeting minutes abhi tak nahi aya. Kuch problem he kya?

Reply to Chayan Mukherjee
Jab kuch badiya hone jata h tab us m time lagta h. Be positive.

After a long pursuance in this case by the National Audit Federation, the CAG office has issued comprehensive guidelines for mutual transfer. Some of the conditions in the guidelines are (i) Mutual transfer may be permitted in respect of all the regular Gr.íBí & ĎCí posts excluding the post of Sr. AO/AO. (ii) MT is Not in public interest (iii) In case of AAO cadre MT shall be permitted only in the same stream and shall be forwarded to Hqrs office for prior approval (iv) in all other cadres can be decided by the respective offices (v) for those recruited through sports quata, MT during first 10 years would be allowed between the same discipline of sports (vi) MT may be permitted only once in the entire service career and shall not be more than 56 years of age (vii) Undertaking shall be given stating that have not passed any other competitive examinations conducted by SSC/UPSC/SPSC/BSRB /RRB or any other recruitment agency and will not resign from service within one year from date of joining and if so MT given would be treated as Null and Void (viii) MT will also be considered during probation period (ix) Action shall be initiated by the concerned HODs within 10 days from the date of receipt of application and dispose of the case within 60 days.

Reply to President, NAF We/NAF demanded for lift the ban of unilateral transfer but dept. considered for mutual transfer. that means indirectly department knows very well, these guidelines are not useful especially those already excess staff especially in Gr.B cadre. There should nobody interest to leave from their home state. these guidelines will be useful especially in new recruits which were came from north side only. Why CAG not considered for lift of unilateral transfer ban?
Posted by Satya

Can you please provide or share a copy of circular related to this latest developments regarding mutual transfer (Latest guideline)?
Posted by V C JOSHI

what about working committee meeting
for running the organization effectively we need to hold N.E.meetings and working committee meetings in accordance with our constitution.I have also suggested for holding seminar/workshop on subjects like 7th CPC and Entry grade pay issue,I suggest that seminar may be held at Nagpur in last week of July in which office bearers of NAF may be present,working committee may be held in last week of August at Patna or Gwalior in which agitation call in support of charter of demands may be finalised.I hope the top 4 leaders of NAF shall consult each others and take some decision.

mutual transfer
Respected sujit sir whether there is any same category boundation in mutual transfer between direct recruit auditors. As administration of delhi ag office is saying that mutual transfer is only permitted between same category ie. (UR TO UR, SC TO SC, OBC TO OBC, ST TO ST ONLY) whether a direct recruit OBC category Auditor can eligible for mutual transfer with direct recruit auditor of any other category ie UR , SC, ST please reply sir its urgent. Also pls provide a copy of new guideline for MT

Respected Lssujeeth sir, and G.C. Parida sir menutes of meeting has come from CAG office and they stated that " It was assured that Federation's paper on unilateral transfer would be examined." Sir ye word "would be examined" ......"Would be examined" ko copy paste kar k M of M main print karte rhenge. Please sir kuch btay ye Cag admin . UT k regarding kuch karenge bhi ya nhi , ya hamesha would be examined copy paste karte rhenge. Ye would be examined ka kya matlab hota h sir.

I am very disappointed to read minutes of meeting of cag rega. UT
Posted by Yash singh

Plz say something positive sir ji.

Respected LSsujeet sir you have stated that from a very big no to a phased manner they agreed in UT. but they said Federation's paper regarding UT would be examined. what is the mean of it. plz do smthing regarding that...

it is a heart breaking situation for hundreds of auditors.Totally disappointed.

Es bar cag ki minutes of meeting s bahut umeed thi magar unhone hamesha ki tarah would be examined likh diya h. G C Parida sir and sujith sir aisa kab tak chalega hum log kya ek majak bankar rah gay h. kyaa DG (staff) koi decision le payga.

hindi officer grade pay
august2008 mein pay commission aaya aur abhi 2013 mein likh rahe hai ki issue ko examine karenge. pichale 5 varsho mein unhone iss sambandh mein kya kiya koi uttar nahi hai. jabki .expenditure,dopt, rajbhahsa,anamoly commt,sabhi ne pb3- 5400 dene ki baat kahi hai.cag office itne orders ke baad bhi official language cadre ki koi baat nahi kar rahe hai .pichale 2 meeting ke baad bhi expenditure se sampark kyo nahi kiya ,na hi rajbhahsa se sampark kar matter ko clear kiya.

mutual transfer from asam to w.b
helllo..i am working as deo in cag assam . if anyone want mutual transfer from w.b to assam plz reply
Posted by rupa

Respected Lssujith sir, we are very disappointed to read the minutes of meeting of cag. what is the mean by that. kya hum log hemesha intjar he karte rhenge. Sir kuch kariy do something positive and write a letter to DG (Staff) regarding this.
Posted by arjun yadav

meeting of National Executive to discuss minutes
The NAF has made available the copy of minutes held with DG(Staff).urgent action regarding demand no.3,7,13and 14 is required for wich the Secy.Gen must call an emergent meeting of NE.Gwalior Unit is ready to host such a meeting if asked by Leadership.such meeting may be held in last week of June2013

Unilateral Transfers
Sir, Arun Vidwans aap shyad bhool gaye Demand No. 10 ke baare mein.............

Sir Arun Vidwans
Sir, Plz You will also discuss about demand no.10 in june meeting.

Demand no.13 and reply from official side
As per minutes made available by NAF,the official side has stated--"The Federaation has failed to submit it's queries during meeting held on this issue" What is the meaning of this remark?? what about the basis of identification of sectors??The Secretary Gen or President have not incorporated the issue suggested by Gwalior Unit that Sectors may be identified based on the list of major-minor heads of Accout(copy already supplied)Failure of federation is a very serious issue which must be clarified by the leadership.We look farward for reply to our suggestion from NAF.

reply to shri Ghanshyam Singh
If the NAF leadership agrees to hold N.E.Meeting all the issues raised by naf in 14 point charter of demands and reply received from official side must be discussed and further course of action has to be decided,but the question is whether they are interested to hold such a meeting??

To Arun sir
Thanks for reply sir

role of all india audit and accounts ass
NAF followers are requested to see circular no.12 dated 6th june2013 issued by mr.Raja (available on web site of all india audit and accounts association) since our president belong to kerala cat-2 unit he is requested to go through the circular and tell us why mr.Raja has made such remarks? It appears some serious damage has done by us.

Reply to Mr.Chauhan
Item no 13 of our a genda consists of 3 p arts;(1) displacement i ssue (2)Nagpur r estructuring (3) D eputation problem. In t he discussion table i tself, we withdrew the t hird part, the deputation i ssue because it is not a p rblem now. Nagpur i ssue was asked to be a waited till the A DAI/AGs meeting on t his matter is over. But u nfortunately we have no s ufficient feedbacks on d isplacement due to r estructuring except O disha.We had earlier d iscussed such Odisha p roblem .Instead of d ropping this item f orever,we retreated that w e would be coming with m ore data on r estructuring and its o verall impact. T herefore, the m anagement in its m inutes has mentioned t hat the Federation will b e coming out with a c omprehensive r epresentation for d iscussion with higher m anagement. In this c onnection I am to state m ore that I have r epeatedly sought f eedbacks on r estructuring issue from o ur field units,I am sorry, a s if restructuring is not a p roblem now, although w hat we still p erceive,audit r estructuring is the g reatest threat to the o verall inerest of the a udit employees and the d epartment aswell.we h ave kept the issue alive l est some day our local u nits should rise to the o cassion. Moreover no f ederation excepting N ational Audit F ederation takes up the a udit restructuring issue a ny more in their agenda t alks.Even AO f ederations do not find it i mportant.Is restructuring a real problem?If yes , p roblem in this context a re to identified such as ( 1) unexpected d isplacement (2)impact o n promotional p rospects (3) quality of a udit report (4) prospect o f man power e ngagement in field p arties (5) defining s ector concept w himscally and without a ny principle and many m ore.Nagpur won b ecause they were clear i n their vision and a pproach.Restructuring i ssue is not dead yet.?

Is restructuring a serious p robem ?pl, speak on d isplacement, p romotional prospects , q uality of audit r eport,manpower e ngagement in field p arties,irational a pplication of sector s cheme. we have a ssured the m anagement that we will b e coming with a c omprehensive r epresentation on these m atters for d iscussion.We have kept t he issue alive.

Is restructuring a serious probem ?pl, speak on displacement, promotional prospects , quality of audit report,manpower engagement in field parties,irational application of sector scheme. we have assured the management that we will be coming with a comprehensive representation on these matters for discussion.We have kept the issue alive.

mutual transfer
Pls tell me whether mutual transfer is permitted only within same category person. What is roster system and if according to roster if SC/ST points are full in my office then can we eligible to get mutual with SC/ST Person if I belongs from UR/OBC COMMUNITY PLEASW REPLY

To Gc parida sir
we are also wait for your comment on my post.

parida sir and sujit sir pls throw some light on why our department needs so much examination every time on UT issue.we are eagar to get your comment.
Posted by amar singh

parida sir and sujit sir pls throw some light on why our department needs so much examination every time on UT issue.we are eagar to get your comment. Agar ye UT 2012 k batch k aane s pahale ho jata h to accha h nhi to hum logo k liy UT Milna bhi Mushkil ho Jayga.

Reply to Mr Amarendra Kumar
Mr Amarendra of Gwalior has posted a comment in this members forum' about a circular issued by all india audit and accounts assn and has requested me to give my comment. Generally I do not read the circrular of our rival assn because their praise and hate are imaterial to us.Moreover, a circular is supposed to tell one's own achievements.If all india audit and accounts assn in its circular uses filthy languages against National Audit Federation,I can simply say that AIA&AA is yet to be free from a hangover which gripped them almost two decades ago when NAF was formed.Their irritation is genuine because AIA&AA,mainly a federation of accounts is going to be fragmented,has already been fragmented. About Keral election which AIAAssn has mentioned in its circular ,so far my information goes,it was election for recreation club.It was not a straisnght fight between members of NAF and AIAAssn.As we see in all offices the audit employees have very little interest in recreation club activities and its election.If their panel has won, it is good, con tgrat.It is not defeat of NAF or of our President. He could have taken part in that election as a member of the club like PAG.If AIAAAssn feels proud by winning a club election and issues circular to celebrate, it is to feel pity for them.National Audit Federation stands for audit and we will celebrate when all audit employees will be its members.We will definitely use good language then,not like our rival assn

To Gc parida sir
Respected sir, My post on UT and we wait for your comment on our UT post not on restrectring.

To G C Parida Sir, My comments is on CCL and SDA and waiting for your hopeful comments.

On unilateral Transfer
Having read the official minutes of our agenda meeting, many members have expressed their anxiety over the prospect of unilateral transfer.The fact is that there has been ban on u/t for over 15 years.Happily this time the CAG management has appreciated our demand to lift such ban and therefore, agreed to examine our well compiled documents and data submitted in this connection.Hence, we should wait for sometime.We (NAF) will remind the Admn. in right time.

It is request to Mr. Bhowmik to prepare a comprehensive note on this issue of CCL&SDA in NE regions and submit to NAF headquarters at Delhi or in official address of the Secretary General Puri immediately.It may be submitted to the Secretary ,Civil Audit Assn Cat 2 Sikkim or to Mr. Gurrung of Cat 3 Assn. for forwarding it to NAF. North Eastern issues are priority issues for NAF

Demand no.13--Reorganisation Issue
In reply to this demand the official side has stated that--The federation has failed to submit it's queries during the meeting held on this issue.Such a remark is not expected from official side.Our question was about that remark. Moreover Gwalior unit has informed about the problem which we are facing. this reorganisation has handed over economic and revenue sector to A.G.(Audit)2 who sits at bhopal,now the work of economic sector which was at gwalior for the last so many years is being transferred to bhopal along with the required staff,and office has invited applications from persons who are willing for transfer at bhopal.we are apposed to transfer of work to bhopal,instead was tranfer of work they may keep one or two Dy,A.G.s at Gwalior for report purpose administrave controll may be with A.G.-2Bhopal.Secondly The works audit was at bhopal from the very begining but if the work of economic sector is being transferred to bhopal the work of PWD audit M.H.2059 which is under general sector may be transfered to gwalior but they have catagoried it under Economic sector. Gwalior Unit has informed about these development but our problem do not find place in charter of demands.

To Gc parida sir
Thanks for your reply sir.

Unilateral Transfers
Kaash wo din bhi aaye jab hum guidelines for UT download karein ... Aamin

Pay parity
Dear Paridaji/sujitji , i would like to know if any junior who is on probation period and drawing higher pay than his senior is there any chance to step up the pay of senior during jr.s probation period
Posted by abhay

Mutual transfer
Respected Sujith Kumar sir, Thank you for all the efforts in helping us with mutual transfers. Can you please clarify if mutual transfer is possible between accounts & audit staff (Group C) or for that matter with account with other audits like railway audit,civil audits etc? Thanks & regards
Posted by R Rajan

I hope in the interest of staff, CAG Admin will be agree for UT and the purposal of Unilateral Transfer will be implemented before the next batch(2012) of recruitment.
Posted by Yash singh

reply to R.Rajan
I am surprised that without going through the circular dated 06-06-2013 many members are asking so many questions. regarding mutual transfer between audit and accounts para 1 of the circular is very clear our friends are requested to read the circular carefully and incase answer is not available than only we should ask questions

Unilateral Transfers
Sir, what we expect regarding UT in future are u getting any news regarding with this.

A moment of prayer for those who have lost everything in this calamity (Uttrakhand).
Time for the government and all of us to reflect how nature lashes back if we continue to destroy it. Commendable work done by the Army to rescue the people Ė Salute to Them. We as a true citizen of India need to get together and support those who have lost everything in this calamity. We have to help them to rebuild their lives. It is not only the government's responsibility. Please come together and join hands to help them who lost everything in this calamity.

Request for Mutual Transfer
Anybody interested for the MT-mutual transfer on the post of Junior Hindi Translator in IAAD from Hyderabad to Delhi and around Delhi kindly contact me urgently....
Posted by Paras Kumar

Regarding Pay parity
Dear Abhay the stepping up of pay with reference to the direct recurited junir is applicable only when he confirmed as per cag clarification given under RTI act. If you required kindly send mail on my Email address

L.S. Sujith Kumar, President, NAF and G C P arida,Secretary General NAF Sir, Any news r egarding Unilateral Transfer matter.Any Progress??

Obstacle in Mutaul transfer
Respected Sujit Sir after a long efforts made by our federation CAG has issued comprehension guidelins over Mutual Transfer for the welfare of the group B and C staff in non-gazzetted cader and made this process a time bound process of 10 days to 60 days which appreciable but CAG has done some error in point no. 3 of latest guideline over mutual transfer by saying that " if the official willing for mutual transfer belong to diffrent catagory (UR, SC,ST, OBC), it will the responsiblity of the concerned Head of Department to ensure that the vacant point of the requisite category is available in the reservation roster for the said post maintained be their officer to accomodate the official of different catagories. This mistake done by CAG to leave the fate of such staff in hand of administration of field offices which always take mutual transfer as burden and they always in want of how they misguide the staff who wants mutual transfer. This time such stupid administration wing of Delhi AGCR is saying to staff that mutual transfer will be possible only with same category person. Whether CAG does not know that getting mutual with same category person is how much impossible. whether is it not possible that an OBC category person can make mutual transfer with a ST/SC person if a person belong to reserve catagory is willing to give undertaking that he will not claim for promotion till his point in requisite catagory will be vacant and prepare to come in bottom seniority in new office since in mutual transfer no loss of man power to either of offices. then what is need to roster cheking. it is requested you please point out this technical point in light of CAG since unilateral transfer in ban in our deptt. and finding mutual in same catagory in also a herculian task for staff IT IS request you to look into this matter and resolve our problem as early as possible. please reply we will wait

Mutual transfer and unilateral transfer
res sujit sir the points raise by Shri Deepak Lamba is quite appropriate all of us know that unilateral transfer is ban in our deptt. and mutual transfer will also consider one time in whole life then why Field offices like Delhi AGCR Admin is doing that and saying only same catagory mutual transfer will be considered whether they does not know same category is almost impossible then what is the importance to mutual transfer please clarify us on this matter as soon as possible sir we are waiting for their reply please do something for that employee who have mutual option available but in other category. thanks we will wait for your advice............

Mutual transfer
such officers who are creating hurdles in mutual and unilateral transfers should also be transfered to the place far away from their home then they will have realize how much difficult to live in outstation sujit sir please mentor us on the point raised by shri deepak lamba as we have mutual option available but not in same category please reply

sought reply from Respectd Sujit sir
Res Sujit sir if you have read our problem regarding obstacle of roster and same category problem created by Admin of Delhi AGCR please guide us what we do when we have mutual available but in different category and there is no any chance to fine same category willing person for mutual transfer sir immediately reply its urgent

Mutual transfer and unilateral transfer
perheps Sujit Sir have not read query raised by shri Deepak if any officials from our federation have read our problem then please reply us we are waiting for your reply

sought reply from Respectd Sujit sir or Arun vidwan sir
respected sujit sir and arun vidwan ji please help us and try to convicned the Admin of AGCR Delhi why they are not allowing mutual transfer between deffrent category staffs please reply us what we do

To Respected Sujith sir and Paridha sir
Sir, Please write a letter to DG (Staff) also regarding progress of demand no. 10 for unilateral transfer.If you have any news regarding that than pls share with us.

Willing for Mutual transfer
Respected all, I am willing for a Mutual transfer within my post Junior Hindi Translator, anybody interested to be mutually transfered in Hyderabad from any northern Indian state's office of Principal Accountant General or Principal Director of Audit (Central) kindly and urgently contact me on 07382356146 or and, thanking you,

Mutual Transfer between different categories
For the last several days members look woried about the mutual transfer between different categories of employees.It is observed ,in some offices administration takes shelter under a clause of the CAG guidelines that applicants for mutual transfer should be of same categories.Infact this is not the spirit of the guidelines.CAG management favours the mutual tranfers and therefore, the guidelines and time bound settlement.Moreover there must be vacant point in every category because there is huge vacancy in Auditors cadre in every office.If a mutual transfer is effected in two differnt categories,the staff position cannot be so imbalanced which will be unmanageble.My suggestion is- where administration plays such anti empolyees role,the affected members may move to their respective staff Associations and request the Assn to intimate accordingly to National Audit Federation.We will take up the with CAG Admn then in a letter form mentioning how the the field offices are playing havoc in mutual transfer issue. or we will discuss it with the CAG management seeking clarifications when opportunity comes.Mutual transfer guidelines have been obtained by discussion and persuations by NAF with the CAG Admn.Hopefully this should not be derailed on the way by misinterpretation or wrong application.

reply to dipak lamba
dear lamba you have sought help from us regarding mutual is learnt that you are working in DGCR new delhi we as an appex level federation can not help a parson where there we do not have our affiliated unit. your unit is affiliated to all india audit and accounts association having 3 times members than naf.kindly approach your Gen secy if he is anable you may contact shri Mayank Gilani of your office,his contact number is 9212463786

reply to dipak lamba
dear lamba ,in my earlior reply i have mentioned that you are working in make a correction as you are working in AGAudit U.P. allahabad.The position is same in your office Mr.Subhash chand pande is the union leader.He is Vice president of all india audit and accounts association and leader staff side in departmental case he do not help you you may contact our leader Mr. P.R.Rajwedi 9415365489

correspondence with CAG & Dy CAG Unilateral Transfer- reg
Respected G C Parida Sir, On behalf of all auditors who are willing to go on UT, I request u to write letter to C&AG and Dy C&AG regarding the lifting of the ban on UT. As DG(staff) had assured to examine on the working papers produced by U in the meeting, but unfortunately no development has seen in this regards till date.We all poor auditors are eagerly waiting and looking for any positive development in this regards.Of course we do believe from the core of our heart that one fine morning will come when we can see "THE BAN IS LIFTED"

unilateral transfer
dear sir, i want to know except mutual transfer is any way to transfer to my home state. Actually i am posted in chennai as an Auditor but my native place is Bihar i am totally 2600km away from my home town. so please raise the issue regarding unilateral transfer. and i will be thankful your persistence effort.

Urgent Question/ Request regarding appointment rules of Junior Translators
Respected G C Parida Sir, On behalf of all Jr Hindi Translators, I want to ask that could it be possible for under probation employees to be transferred unilaterally or mutually..or the transfer would happen compulsorily..because in case of Junior Translators/senior translators working in IAAD, it is not specifically mentioned anywhere regarding appointment and transfers, kindly explain...

Mutual Transfer of Jr. Hindi Translators
Pl. see the guidelines of CAG on this matter available in our website ,correspondence page

The following issues raised were discussed with JS (Estt) and JS(Per) on 30-07- 2012. The Staff side was represented by Coms. S.K.Vyas, KKN Kutty, M.S.Raja and T. Satyanarayana. 1. Grant of PB-2 Rs.9300-34000 with Grade Pay of Rs.4200 to Auditors/Accountants: VI Central Pay Commission has recommended revised Pay Bands/Grade Pay for posts of Sr. Accountants /Senior Auditors; Section Officers/Assistant Accounts/Audit Officers; Audit/Accounts Officers; Senior Accounts/Audit Officers in Chapter 7.56 IA&AD Para 8 & 9. In Chapter 7.56 Para 10 the Commission has stated that they have separately recommended parity between Secretariat and non Secretariat Organizations in Chapter 3.1 of the Report. These recommendations will also extend to the posts in IA&AD (Organised Accounts as well). The Staff Side therefore demanded that Auditors/Accountants who are in the pre- revised pay scale of Rs.4500-7500 may be granted Pay Scale of Rs.6500-10500 (i.e. PB-2 with Grade Pay of Rs.4200) as per table below Para 14 of Chapter 3.1. The Official Side stated that they have been allotted PB-1 with Grade Pay of Rs.2800 which is the corresponding Pay Band/Grade Pay for pre- revised Pay Scale of Rs.4500-7000. The recommendations in Chapter 3.1 Para 14 being applicable only to Ministerial Office employees and not to others like Auditors/Accountants. The Staff Side has stated that it may be noted that the Auditors/Accountants were U.D.Cs up to 3rd Central Pay Commission. On functional consideration they were re-designated as Auditors. The V CPC had upgraded Pay Scale of Clerk Grade-I of Ministerial Offices in Railways(UDCs) from Rs. 4000 Ė 6000 to Rs.4500-7000 on the consideration that 33% of these Clerk Grade- I/UDCs were direct recruit graduates. As UDCs/Auditors/Accoun t ants of IA&AD and Organized Accountants were direct recruits to the extent of 50% to 80% of their posts, they too had been granted upgraded Pay Scales of Rs.4500- 7000 and therefore they continue to be office (Ministerial) Staff and the recommendation in Para 14 of Chapter 3.1 is applicable to them and they should be placed in PB-2 with Grade Pay of Rs. 4200. The Joint Secretary(Per)stated that IA&AD authorities had not placed this demand before the Implementation Cell at the time these recommendations were being discussed for implementation. 2. Grant of PB-2 Grade Pay of Rs.4600 to Senior Auditors/Accountants: The Staff Side explained the background of this demand. The then Comptroller & Auditor General in his memorandum to 3rd CPC had intimated that he had decided to upgrade the Pay Scales of 1/3rd of Auditors at par with that of the Assistants of Central Secretariat after the Report of the 3rd CPC was out (in 1972). is it still pending
Posted by prasad

Mutual/unilateral transfer
Sir, please raise the issues relating to mutual/unilateral transfer in their respective home state because it has been noticed that there are many vacancies in different cadre in their home state, but due to ban in unilateral transfer staffs who need transfer could not enjoy transfer like other department's staffs.

Mutual Transfer From MUMBAI to DELHI
Sir, I am an AUDITOR. And i want mutual transfer from MUMBAI to DELHI as far as possible.Please help me.
Posted by Geetanjali

Respected Sujit sir and Parida sir , what we expect regarding UT in future are u getting any news regarding with this.
Posted by YASH SINGH

mutual or unilateral transfer
Respected Sir, what we expect regarding UT in future are u getting any news regarding with this.
Posted by Geetanjali

Entry Grade Pay to departmental promotee AAOs
If required please proceed for court case. Don't say it is matter of individual and it can be proceeded individually, as it is matter of mass. If needed the federation may collect special one time subscription for this noble cause from the effected persons. Thanking you. Looking forward for your positive support.

Entry Grade Pay to departmental promotee AAOs
Please do the needful regarding this matter as it is against the rule of social justice to provide same wage for same work.

In an OM issued by DOPT , it is clearly mentioned that if one spouse is a Central Govt employee and other is a State Govt employee ,the Central Govt employee can seek for transfer to that state station for taking care of their children and to lead a normal family life.It is a request to all NAF members that whether any body is aware of the fact any Auditor/Sr.Auditor or any Group C employee has been transfer on this SPOUSE GROUND from one CAG office to another CAG office and if any body is aware of it please contact on my following contact no. The Auditor/Sr.Auditor or any Group C employee who are willing to go in transer on SPOUSE ground are also requested to contact me to exchange our ideas and views. Any auditor / sr Auditor presently posted in West Bengal is willing to come on Mutual Transfer to CHENNAI , pl contact me on my following mobile no 09933554418 08015231046

Respected G.C. Parida sir , You have told me that you will write a letter to DG(staff) regarding Progress of Agenda demand specially regarding UT, so Please write a reminder to DG(Staff).We will be very thankful to you for this.

Mutual Transfer in same state
Sir, is roster is to be maintained and considered even for mutual transfer within the same state? i.e. for transfer from G&SSA to E&RSA office(in different cities in same state) also? pls clarify.
Posted by V C JOSHI

comment of shri shambhu kumar jha
the govt of india has decided to reject each and every demand of employees. even after agreement in national anomaly committee the entry grade pay to promote employee has been has turned down by finance ministry if such is the stand than what is the use of formation of national anomaly committee? in fact the idea of 6th pay commission to reduce the number of pay scales from 34 to four is ridiculous.If you have reduced the number of pay scales as PBI to PBIV it means the lower and higher posts have been merged,therefore the minimum pay of post should be 1.86 times of pre revised pay scale. for example the minimum pay of section officer should not be less than 12090(6500*1.86) sr.auditor should not get less than 10230(5500*1.86)the Auditor, sr.Auditor, and assistant audit officers all will ger rs.9300/- what a joke! I realy feel sorry for the officers sitting in ministry of finance and old aged leaders of Central Govt.Employees. this issue must be discussed in working committee meeting of NAF and court case may also be filed if necessary. I fully argee with the suggestion given by shri Jha.

Ingnore our Rival
Many of our mem bers ask me over phone and through SMS to react to a circular issued by our old socalled big and joint Association.It has abused us as disruptors.How long it will use this word against us? NAF is absolutely grown up.We donot care our rival's abuse and discard it as intolerance.Our rival Association says that they donot rely in judiciary.Hence any body who goes to court seeking justice is a disruptor They say so in connection with SC judgement on arear payment from 1,1 1996 to 18.2 2003.Indian judiciary is one of the pillars of indian democracy.It is also one medium to get relief we are not guided by orthdox,obsolet marxist theory presently dominated by Chinese thought as our rival assn does.UnLike our rival, we also donot fight against 123 agreement.From whose behest they ( our rival association) do it?Infact they are weakening now.Therefore ,th ey claim any victory as theirs right from recreation club election in Keral to SC judgement on arear paymement issue.It is time to ignore them.Do all our audit people who are with them read that circular of our rival association and digest?

Entry Grade Pay to departmental promotee AAOs
Please do the needful regarding this matter as it is against the rule of social justice to provide same wage for same work.

Venue of extv meeting at patna
The venue for naf meeting to be held on 1&2 sept 2013 is as follows: MLA Club Birchand patel path Near hotel patliputra ashok Patna 800001

Correction in my old post
Pl read the working committee meeting in place of extv meeting. The venu has alrdy been messeged by the secty gnrl. Sorry for inconvinience

Mutual or Unilateral Transfer
I am an AAO (Civil) and i want mutual/unilateral transfer from GUWAHATI AG(Audit) to WEST BENGAL PAG(Audit) because i m in Ghy and Shg office last 15 years. If possible please do something that i can go my home town. Thanks

SIR, I want to draw your attention regarding the responsibility of unusual and unjustifiable postings of employees in all over India. As you can see there are so many thousands application/requests of getting a postings at least within their region but we all know that every request could not be fulfilled and it is all based on the vacancies, but there is one important point that at the time of postings & early transfers the DG level officers must consider and look into the employee details and preference of stations given by him at least once.... this is a request for all the Officers and President, NAF to ask about postings & transfers because due to the abnormalities and uneven postings, the person posted at a far away station could not work or live happily in other state or region like a fish out of water.... THIS IS A VERY CRITICAL MATTER ABOVE ALL OTHER MATTERS AND BE RESOLVED URGENTLY AND WITH A FAST PACE... I am very sure that everyone working in their home state or away state would support this without late, we should all raise our voice against the postings and transfer policy of CAG Admn who are responsible for all the abnormalities....

Posted by yash singh

mutual transfer
can any auditor of civil can mutual with railway or P and T auditor.pls reply.
Posted by mithu dev

Download circular and agenda items
circulars 5 & 6 on Patna Working Committee Meeting have appeared in circular menu.Agenda items submiiteed to the CAG management for discussion with Dy.CAG have also been posted in correspondence menu.

no confirmation and seniority to DRAAO C
I have passed SAS exam in august 11 but no confirmation till date I.e. 2 years after SAS, not included in gradation list 2013 , this affects seniority of DRAAOs badly because 2010 batch is huge (650) . gradation list already went up to 680 thus inclusion of draao in gradation climb it up to at most 1200+ which is after 4 years of service thus it takes 20 years for promotion to this batch aao. Thus only avenue left is to leave this department with some exp and join others because no hope of promotion and only 5400 go financial acps .
Posted by deepak

Reply to Deepak
Please furnish full details viz. cadre, stream, name of office etc.

GradePayRs.6600/- for SR.AuditOfficer/ SR. Acoounts Officer

Sir, this is about our whole batch i.e. DRAAO commercial batch 2010. around 650 aaos were recruited and around 1/3 passed the SAS exam in first attempt in august 2011, after which we have cleared our probation as well in 2012 but no confirmation till date and now my fourth year of service is running but not yet included in seniority list. Now if we were included in gradation after 4 years of service then why the department made such rules that after 5 years of service as AAO iseligible for promotion. Sir from the day 1 we were working as AAOs then why we have to lose our 4 years of service and become regular AAO only after that. The seniority of direct recruits should be given from the day 1. If this remains, then the possibility of DRAAOs recruitment through upsc is very minimal .
Posted by dedeepak

Postings far away from home town
This is with reference to the questions raised by Mr. Paras Kumar of Hyderabad regarding postings of new recruits at far away places outside their regions. In this connection, it may please be noted that no one asked any body offered appointment was forced to join at the place of posting. The posting offered is in Indian territory only and if the same was inconvenient to the individual, he/she should not have accepted it. Here we are fighting for getting channels for recruitment opened and when the same is opened we grudge of our postings outside the regions ?k NAF is already aware of the issue of displacement and hence an agenda meeting with the Dy.CAG is sought. The mutual transfer channel has already been opened at our behest only. Please have a patience.

hindi officer grade pay
It is very unfortunate that demand of hindi officer is not mentioned in agenda of next meeting with dai. till now NAF persistently made all efforts to discuss this issue in all its meeting with higher authority .so we all rajbhahsa people request you to include this issue in next meeting .so this issue c omes to end with logical conclusion.
Posted by pravinkumar

Dear Sir, I totally agree with Mr. Praveen Kumar. The grade pay and payband issue of Hindi Officers must have been included in agenda. As we all know that the genuiness of demand has already been accepted by P. D. (staff) in previous meeting of N.A.F. and P.D. staff had admiited that it wiil be implemented after examining it thoroughly. Now it is the high time for N.A.F. to create a pressure to get it implemented but it is very unfortunate that This issue has been deleted from agenda.

payment from 1-1-1996
The govt of india revised the pay scale of senior auditors and senior accountants from 5000-8000 to 5500-9000 vide order dated 28-02-2003. accordingly the benefit had been given notionally from 1-1-96 and actual payment was made w.e.f.19-02- 2003 . Some employees of Railway Accounts challenged this order in CAT patna and ernakulam.the Railway Board went up to supreme court but the staff side won the case. the railway board vide letter no PC- V/2003/cc/25/SR dated 16-08-2013 addressed to G.M.southern Railway chennai has informed that the order of honorable sCAT may be implemented for applicants only.therefore we have to see that the order is imlemented for all the similarly placed employees of audit and accounts.

Agenda Items
NAF has some serious constraints in preparing agenda for discussion with the CAG managements.Agend a meetings are limitted,two or three a year.Our experience shows, a small agenda is more effective in discussion with DAI than a large one.Moreover a 55 ponts charter of demands has been finalised in the last Thiruvanathpuram Working committe meeting and there are some points which are of larger interest.There are also urgent issues like arrear payments from 1.1.196 to 18. 2 2003 which need attention of CAG Admn and to know their mindset.Threfore, this time we have kept some ongoing items out of agenda and have given space for other demands for discussion.Hindi officers demand has not been totally deleted.when it has been assured by the DG (STAFF) to be examined,it will be pursued by NAF through correspondece (Letters) Other issues too which have not fond place in Agenda are very keen to us and will be fought till their logical conclusion.Pl bear with us

Thanx Mr. Secretary General for not deleting the issue of Hindi Officers totally! But this is also a reality that u have never made even a correspondance in this regard.

It is Member's forum alright ????
"The Patrons/Members of NAF once again requested to indicate their full Name, Designation (if any), Address and Email ID while posting their views or else they shall deleted from the Members Forum." Whether this warning at the outset is mere flash notice or what? I mean as we can observe that no one (except the main office bearers) is following the rule and yet no enforcement of the rule. Moreover, we are engaging ourselves in pointless discussion on the matter posted by persons who are either not disclosing their identity or are non- members of NAF (from units which are not affiliated to NAF) e.g. commercial offices, A&E offices.

Respected G C Parida Sir, I give thanks to u for keeping "UNILATERAL TRANSFER" as an agenda in the forthcoming meeting with DG(staff) in Delhi.If we see the statistic of recruitment of 2012 in various STATE CAG offices, we can see that less than 50% candidate have joined in various posts those who have got appointment order other than their home state.This is because of the fact that those candidate knew that they will never get transfer to their native state.Thus this is a great lass to CAG and it is because of their ban on UT. Thus I am fully agree with Parida Sir that if the CAG authority lift the ban more and more candidate will join to the organization and they can solve the problem of scarcity of employee in the coming years.

Reminder to Mr.Prasad
one mr.prasad without disclosing his identity has posted comment in member,s forum and told us about the agenda item 28 of national anomaly committee held on 30- 7-2012.he has informed us about the pains taken by s/shri vyas,Raja,Kutty as per Mr.Prasad the meeting was held in july 2012,more than one year has passed but the issues informed by mr.prasad have not been solved there was some agreement about Entry Grade Pay but that has also not been honored by finance ministry.Now if some body will approach court of law our militant organization indirectly affiliated to CITU shall call them "disruptor" my request to sympathizers like Prasad of AIAAA is kindly tell us how long we should wait?? deepak has made very correct comment.there are persons who hide their identity and make comment in fake name.

Enforcement of rule for posting the comments in the FORUM
Thanks for responding to my remarks about comments by non- identified persons in the forum. But what I was trying to highlight is just not about fake name and hiding their identity. I think the rule that "The Patrons/Members of NAF once again requested to indicate their full Name, Designation (if any), Address and Email ID while posting their views or else they shall deleted from the Members Forum." must be enforced strictly. And it should also be ensured that members of affiliated units only are posting in this group. For that settings of the blog be changed so that all the comments of members (except office bearers) should appear in forum after approval by administrator only. Regards.

entry grade pay to promotee
I doubt whether our comments are read by member of NAF. The issue is very serious we need to approach to the court of law/CAT. I am sure if NAF is ready to take this issue, all the affected AAOs will surely contribute to fight against this discrimination.

Entry Grade Pay
One should not dought that our members' comments appearing in this forum are not read by the NAF's office beares.Members read and update the comments and executive committee members if think necessary , clarify.I as Secretary General , have already cleared our view poaints earlier on this entry grade issue.The fact of the matter is that the union Finance Minister himself has rejected the entry grade pay proposed by the National Anomally Committee (NAC).The irony is that some of our AAOs think as if this entry grade issue concerns them (AAO) only. This is , instead, for the cadres where there is element of direct recruitment.By this, the cadres like clerks, auditors in IA&AD are also affected along with our AAOs.Hence , it is not AAO issue alone.But NAF's central committee does not prevent any body to approach the court.On every issue, NAF as an organisation, does not prefer to go to court of law.More over, when NAF went to the cour on Pay Parity issue for audit and lost in the Appex Court, All India Audit & Acconts Association branded us as ' disruptors'in its recent cicular and regretbly, many of our audit friends supported them.Infact all the federations of central Govt. Employees are woried now for union Govt.'s apathy on entry grade matter as this is an all india phenomenon..If one feels impatient, he /she or as a group may go to court of law. However, this matter will be further discussed in our ensuing Working Committee Meeting to be held in Patna on 1st and 2 nd Sept 2013.

Entry Grade Pay
Sir, earlier I suggested to file court case regarding entry grade pay to departmental promotee AAOs. Till date no development noticed. Please, furnish present status of the development regarding this matter.

Unilateral Transfer
Restore unilateral transfer policy. Not agreed to Ė for the reasons that vacancy position is yet to be at satisfactory level and majority of the recruits are from outstation. DAI stated that the relaxation can be considered only for physically handicapped personnel-after a cooling period. This is the recent declaration by the CAG of india what we hope sir, kindly share.........

Unilateral Transfer
Since from the inception of the demand of Unilateral Transfer it is seen that always the CAG administration said we have a shortfall of employees and it has been 16 year have been passed after imposing ban i don't know when the vaccancy will be filled by the CAG but i only know 4 CAG has gone during filling of these vaccancies.

Unilateral Transfer
In the meeting with All India Audit And Account Association on 23 Aug 13, DAI agreed that the nature of job performed by IA&AD needs the sound knowledge of regional language and this is the base of the logic for justification of UNILATERAL TRANSFER in the agenda of the forth coming meeting of NAF with DAI. "Majority of the recruits are from out station " this positive point of the justification for UT given by NAF, has been taken as the POSITIVE POINT FOR REJECTION OF THE DEMAND OF UT by the DAI. So NAF has to be very careful while discussing UT agenda with DAI. We all out station personal in CAG are eagerly waiting for any positive outcome in this matter.


Conditions for Unilateral Transfer from one office to another office.
Sir, We are saying that the CAG should open the Unilateral transfer by making a confirm policy about unilateral transfer. We are not saying that he should not transfer all the employees in a single instance. But, he should order, that any body could be unilaterly transfer from one office to another office only when there is no shortage after releiving him and there will not be excess staff after joining him in that office. There should be a seniority based list of the employees seeking unilateral transferthe. in every cadre controlling office and the employee should wait till the vacancy creates in the transfer seeking office. With this kind of facility an employee will have a hope that he will be transferred to his State till retirement or whenever the conditions will be favourable to him.

unilateral transfer
as discussion on unilateral transfer is going on....i would like to attract your attention that apart from DOPT instruction...there is specific order of income tax department for their staff that unilateral transfer is must in these three cases 1) bachelor girl to their home town 2) transfer on spouse ground and 3) for handicapped person. In these three cases unilateral transfer can not be ruled out. there should be some rule in our department also. NAF could take these three criteria at first to get unilateral transfer in phases...
Posted by tarun

succesful working committee at Patna
all the members and sympathizers of naf are requested to visit news in media file of this web site. out of 18 all india office bearers 13 office bearers were present,4 patrons were also present.out of 59 affiliated units 30 units were 60 delegates were present.The working committee has finalised 12 point charter of demands and finalised agitation program commencing from 15th september to 15th november2013.every leader of NAF is advised to implement the program the 2nd phase shall be decided after reviewing the implementation of 1st phase agitation.The national executive shall meet at Ranchi on 29th november 2013.

SAS exam result negative marking suffering a lot
Sir, recently SAS result has been declared by the HQ' office and it was seen in the overall result that the pass percentage has been decreased due to the introduction of negative marking in SAS exam. It is also submitted that the candidates whose chance to appear in the SAS was last are more suffer in this exam result. You are therefore prayed to pledge for the candidates to increase the number of chance from 6 to unlimited for those who have passed more than 8 papers of SAS exam and only 1 paper is left out. Please take up the matter with greate concern as the candidates are more sufferer thanks

Unilateral Transfer
I fully agree with what Mr. Tarun has proposed logically regarding Unilateral Transfer. We wish that NAF will show instances regarding UT as prevailed in other departments while having their meeting with DAI. LIke AG offices, in other Central Govt. offices of other departments, there are also many staffs who are from other states. If those other departments can allow UT in certain cases following certain rules and in doing so they are not facing scarcity of staff, then what is the problem with our department? No one has bound or forced us to join a Govt. job 500 to 2500 km far away from our sweet homes. We have accepted our jobs and left home states to live in such places where the atmosphere, food, language etc are totally different from our habits.... being forced by our certain personal circumstances. But it will be really sorrowful if we have to spend all our service life (30 to 35 years) far away from our home states. We all love & respect our Department. Besides it is our earnest request to respected CAG to lift ban on UT in certain cases following certain rules.

Unilateral transfer
I am also fully agree with Mr. Tarun. The respected CAG should lift the ban from Unilateral transfer in certain critical cases. This point should be strongly be pointed out in the next agenda meeting with the higher officials.

To Respected Paridha sir
Sir, I want to remind you that you told me, you will write a letter to CAG Admn. regarding the demand of our Agenda specially regarding the demand of Unilateral Transfer after one or two month of Agenda meetning dated 29.04.2013. You have write two letter to CAG Admn. but you did not write any word regarding Unilateral Transfer. So therefor We all request to you to write a letter to CAG Admin. regarding the progress of our UT demand, we all very gratful to you for that.

Proposed Agitation programme of NAF
Executive Committees of both the nagpur units (Category II and category III) in a joint meeting have unanimously decided today i.e. on 6th September that if demand of "Uniform implementation of restructuring policy of CAG all over India", which is a very legitimate and justified demand, is not included in the demands for the agitation then both the Nagpur units will not participate in the proposed agitation programme of the federation.

decisionof nagpur units
the decison not to implement the call decided by working committee is unfortunate.If the units take such decision than holding working committee meeting and taking decision shall be meaningless.the gwalior unit is facing problem of transfer of employees from gwalior to bhopal and decided that we shall include this demand in our charter and implement the program.Nagpur units may also include additional points. the object of 12 points is to convey our resentment to Government of India who is not honoring the recommendations of CAG.other issues which can be decided by CAG may be discussed with Dy.CAG in agenda meeting likely to be held in last week of this month.kindly modify the charter of demand at local level and also keep in mind the views of mumbai units.

Decision of Executive Committees of Nagpur
At Patna Working Committee Meeting, I raised the point that non inclusion of the demand regarding "Uniform Implementation of restructuring policy all over india" in the Agenda Items which have been submitted to DAI for ensuing discussions is very unfortunate. The decision that Nagpur units will participate in the agitation programme only when this issue should be included in the National Audit Federation's agitation call, is UNANIMOUS DECISION OF BOTH THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEES. It was also a consensus view of the executive committee members that if this demand is to be included at local level only (as additional demand for Nagpur units) then separate agitation programme will be proposed as two agitation programme have been implemented successfully with 100% support of our Members. The say that object of 12 points is to convey resentment to Govt. of India only is not correct due to the fact that half the points are related to CAG administration only.

Reply to Deepak
Patna Working Committee has taken a unanimous decision to approve 12 point charter of demands and the dates for the agitation programme. It is also true that Mr. Tongoo, Assistant Secretary General of NAF representing Nagpur Unit, Mr. Y.K. Deepak, Secretary of Cat II Association, Nagpur, Mr. P.G. Chalpe, Delegate representing Cat II Association, Nagpur were also present in the working committee. The issue of - Uniform Implementation of restructuring policy all over India - was discussed and it was also told that NAF only favours uniform implementation of policies. After a group discussion of the representatives from Mumbai, Nagpur units with the President, Secretary General and the Chief Patron of NAF it was also decided to wait for the outcome of the proposed visit of the new CAG to Mumbai & Nagpur. Hence, the point was not included in the 12 point charter of demands for agitation. After the passing of charter of demands, the delegates from Nagpur unit has requested us to add the following to item number 10 of charter of demand - reduce minimum pass mark to 40 from 50 - which we have agreed to. From your comment it seems that the delegates attended the working committee meeting either not communicated the deliberations properly to their joint meeting or could not convince their members. No word for inclusion of the - Uniform Implementation of restructuring policy all over India - was raised during the finalization of charter of demands for agitation. A unanimous decision taken in the working committee meeting has to be implemented in Toto by all the affiliated units otherwise we cannot achieve anything. The decision taken in your joint committee is unfortunate and unwarranted. I agree that the NAF is a federation of affiliated units. It does not mean that any unit can threaten or force the federation to do something or other. Hence, I request you to convince your members and take appropriate action to implement the decision of the Patna working committee. Uniform implementation of the policies of CAG is a matter of concern to NAF and we are duty bound to pursue these issues with the CAG of India.

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