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Wed, 04 Apr 2012
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Posted 11:48


Agenda Metting with Dy.CAG
I have received a letter from the CAG Office that Dy CAG has agreed to hold an Agenda meeting with National Audit Federation soon.And we have been asked to submit the Agenda by 3oth May,2012.

Agenda for meeting with Dy.CAG
during our meeting with AC(N) on 15/05/2012 we have suggested that naf would like to discuss the issues raised by Secy.Gen in his letter Dated 15/03/2012,few issues have to be deleted from our 2 point charter of demands.Action taken on few issues should be given priority.we need not give any new item so that explanatory note shall not be required and meeting shall also not be delayed.other issues may be taken up separately by writing letter by Secy.Gen.

Agenda items
Instead of 2 point charter of demands it should be read as 20 point charter of demands. Point no. 5,8,9,12,13,and 16 may be withdrawn. thus it will be 15 point charter of demands for which explanatory note has already been furnished.

GPF and SDS Interest Rates Revised for the Financial Year 2012-13
Government of India has revised the Interest Rates for the financial year 2012-13 in respect of State PFs (GPF) and Special Deposit Schemes (SDS) for non- government Provident, Superannuation and Gratuity funds (SDS), 1975, from 8.6% to 8.8% with effect from 01.04.2012. The funds concerned are:- 1. The General Provident Fund (Central Services). 2. The Contributory Provident Fund (India). 3. The All India Services Provident Fund. 4. The State Railway Provident Fund. 5. The General Provident Fund (Defence Services). 6. The Indian Ordnance Department Provident Fund. 7. The Indian Ordnance Factories Workmen’s Provident Fund. 8. The Indian Naval Dockyard Workmen’s Provident Fund. 9. The Defence Services Officers Provident Fund. 10. The Armed Forces Personnel Provident Fund.

Non seriousness of national level leaders:--The secy gen has requested the national executive to send their photographs for about a month ago.I have reminded the leaders to send the photographs over mobile phone and through SMS,but as on the day S/Shri Taizudin,shivkumar,anil jha,rakesh sharma,khaparde,krishnamurthy,upender prasad,h.s. chauhan,Dahiya,Basumatary,C.Rajesh ,and Rajwedi have perhaps not send the photographs.This indicate that either they are very busy or take the things in a very casual manner.If this is the situation ,how the process of re verification of membership shall be done in the stipulated time limit??

hold general body meeting in office premises
In the month of may'12, office gave permission to hold general body meeting to odisha civil audit association in out side office premises at 1.30 pm to 2 pm, which is 3 km away from office. Which was not posible to our members to attend general body meeting in such a short period. So, I want to know whether any ccs rsa rule 1993 provide to hold general body meeting in office premises.
Posted by barun majhi

Holding General Body meetings in office premises
This has reference to Mr. Barun Majhi's query. I am sorry to say that despite my comments on this page regarding reverification of membership, nobody cared to read it. I have already mentioned that an entire chapter has been dedicated by Swamy in his Complete Manual of Establishment and Administration. Earlier in all working committees and conferences etc. I have always been telling our representatives to purchase this book for Association'sLibr ary along with Swamy'sNews to update their knowledge, but none cares and situations like in Odisha Unit arise. It is still not late to immediately purchase these publications. How far units will depend upon NAF leadership for each and every problem in their units. Does the leadership of NAF come from alien land ?

Holding General Body meetings in office premises
Thanks to Mr. Arun S. Ingle ji to sort out my problem.
Posted by Barun Majhi

DRSOs appointed after 01.01.2006 are getting13350+4800. however DRSOs appointed befor 01.01.2006 are not being allowed this entry pay. Has this demand been included in NAFs demand.
Posted by nainshi

dear nainshi....u r at the wrong place....federation never involve themselves with the matters of direct recruit SOs...
Posted by ASHOK

provoking remarks by askok
The comment of mr.Ashok is very unfortunate,and totally baseless and false.before passing such a nonsense comment he should have gone through our 20 point charter of demands and explanatory remarks.nainsy is at wrong place and mr. Ashok is at right place,where mr. Ashok stands.

Restructuring of Group B & C cadres in IA&AD
Proposal to create two additional cadres for enhancing the avenues of promotion from Audit Officers/Sr. Audit Officer in addition to the existing system of induction to IA&AS. 1. Audit Manager  Intermediate level between Group Officer and Sr. AO/AO  Group B cadre with Grade pay of `6600 in PB3 (`15600 - ` 39100)  Minimum age – 55 Yrs.  Cadre strength – 10% of Sr. AO/AO  Recruitment – By promotion from Sr.AO/AO with 7 years service  No All India Transfer liability 2. Non-IA&AS Group A  To ensure carrier promotion of Group B cadre  Promotions upto the level of Sr.DAG (Non- functional grade)  Grade pay – `6600, `7600, `8700  Modalities are being worked out  All India Transfer liability Assistant Audit Officer / Assistant Accounts Officer  Recruitment will be through UPSC (starting from 2012) Supervisors  Presently no change in percentage (4% of AAO cadre)  Number of posts will increase with respect to the increase in number of posts in AAO cadre  Directions have issued to club the number of posts in AAO(Comml.) cadre with AAO(Civil) for the purpose of computing 4 percentage for Supervisor Senior Auditor/Senior Accountant  Non-Gazetted Group B  Re-designated as Audit Assistant / Accounts Assistant  Certain percentage will be reserved for direct recruitment through SSC Auditor / Accountant  Group C  Re-designated as Junior Audit Assistant / Junior Accounts Assistant  Upper age limit for the induction to IA&AS cadre enhanced from 53 to 55  Process of recruitment to fill up the existing vacancies in Group B & C cadres through SSC/UPSC has already been started and expected to be completed within two years  Expansion of all the cadres in IA&AD  Total Staff strength of IA&AD is to be doubled by the year 2020

Restructuring of Group B & C cadres in IA&AD
Proposal to create two additional cadres for enhancing the avenues of promotion from Audit Officers/Sr. Audit Officer in addition to the existing system of induction to IA&AS. 1. Audit Manager Intermediate level between Group Officer and Sr. AO/AO, Group B cadre with Grade pay of `6600 in PB3 Rs.15600 - 39100 Minimum age – 55 Yrs. Cadre strength – 10% of Sr. AO/AO Recruitment – By promotion from Sr.AO/AO with 7 years service No All India Transfer liability 2. Non-IA&AS Group A To ensure carrier promotion of Group B cadre Promotions upto the level of Sr.DAG (Non- functional grade) Grade pay – Rs.6600, Rs.7600, Rs.8700 Modalities are being worked out All India Transfer liability Assistant Audit Officer / Assistant Accounts Officer Recruitment will be through UPSC (starting from 2012) Supervisors Presently no change in percentage (4% of AAO cadre) Number of posts will increase with respect to the increase in number of posts in AAO cadre Directions have issued to club the number of posts in AAO(Comml.) cadre with AAO(Civil) for the purpose of computing 4 percentage for Supervisor Senior Auditor/Senior Accountant Non-Gazetted Group B Re-designated as Audit Assistant / Accounts Assistant Certain percentage will be reserved for direct recruitment through SSC Auditor / Accountant Group C Re-designated as Junior Audit Assistant / Junior Accounts Assistant Upper age limit for the induction to IA&AS cadre enhanced from 53 to 55 Process of recruitment to fill up the existing vacancies in Group B & C cadres through SSC/UPSC has already been started and expected to be completed within two years Expansion of all the cadres in IA&AD Total Staff strength of IA&AD is to be doubled by the year 2020

Cadre restructuring
was it an official meeting? with all federations? was sectoral restructuring discussed? what is progress of agenda meeting? ‎10% of AO/SAO posts means from existing strength or in addition to that strength?

Restructuring of Group B & C cadres in IA&AD
Yes. It was an official meeting on the restructuring of Group B&C cadres. All the 4 federations were invited. But neither the President nor the Secretary General from All India Audit & Accounts Federation participated in the crucial meeting for the reasons better known to them. Sectoral restructuring was not discussed. Agenda meeting is expected during the last week of June. Audit Manager cadre strength will be 10 percent of AO/Sr. AO sanctioned strength but will be operated over and above the sanctioned strength of AO/SAO as additional cadre.

Group B status to all staff in IA&AD drawing 4200 and above
Yes, yet another feather to National Audit Federation. Our two year long demand for Group B status to all staff in IA&AD drawing a grade pay of Rs.4200 and above is now accepted by the Headquarters. From 06-06-2012 onwards, All staff drawing Grade pay of Rs.4200 and above are categorised under Group B.

Promotional Scope of Asst. Audit Officer
This is not clear from your massage that what is promotional scope of Asst. Audit officer for the such type of cadre restructuring.

Whats about restructuring of Railway Audit Organisation
Railway Audit is small wing of C&AG department. Here promotional scope from AAO to AO/SAO is limited. In some of the Offices there is scarcity in AO/SAO and AAO of 5 years has been promoted and in some of the other offices AAO of 20 to 25 years is still awated for promotion. This anamonly can only sort out by restructuring of Railway wing or merging with other wing. This is not clear from your message that whether there is any proposal of Restructuring of Railway Audit wing.

Restructuring of Group B & C Cadres
As is evident from the recent NAF circular after their meeting at HQrs. Office on 6th June, it is evident that no written material has been circulated, except for power point presentation and word of the P.D. (S). Our experience in the past since 1984 has been very painful and the authorities in IA&AD do not fulfill their commitments made in the meetings held prior to such events. Ultimately the lower rung staff has to suffer. First of all our emphasis should be to get all the vacant posts in Gr.C & D cadres filled up and then other related matters can be attended to. The recruitment of DRAAO should be speeded up to fill up proportionate vacancies of Supervisors. With the recruitment of DRAAOs through UPSC, what will be the fate of SOGE for the Stenos/Sr.Auditor s/Clerks/DEOs etc.? This needs clarification and specific assurance from HQRS. office. We are not opposed to any restructuring or reorganisation, provided it serves the interests of all serving cadres in IA&AD and conforms to our duties and responsibilities enshrined in the Constitution.

anomaly between Direct REcruits
i could not understand Mr. Ashok's comments and MR. Arun Vidwans on my previous comment i.e DRSOs appointed after 01.01.2006 are getting13350+4800. however DRSOs appointed befor 01.01.2006 are not being allowed this entry pay. If NAF is not the right place then where should i discuss this issue. further i did not find this issue in the list of demands of NAF. why is step-motherly to DRSOs appointed before01.01.2006.
Posted by nainshi

Reply to Mr.Nainshi
The particular issue you have raised is not an issue relates to DRSOs only. It applies to all other cadres which have the element of direct recruitment. This is the directions of the Pay Commission. It says , if there any anomaly, their pay can be stepped up to that of the Junior w.e.f. the date the Junior gets higher pay than the senior. Any way this item is still under discussions in higher levels. We may hope for a favourable decision.

Determination of Seniority of Directly Recruited S.Os (Now AAOs) from the date of their appointment
Dear Shri Parida, I would like to draw your attention towards your letter No.NAF/26 dated 01.03.2012 addressed to CAG and CAG office letter No.383-NGE- (JCM)-5-2011 dated 05.06.2012 regarding Determination of Seniority of Directly Recruited S.Os (Now AAOs) from the date of their appointment (placed in correspondence of this website). I want to express my view on the reply furnished by HQ on the issue. 1) As replied by the HQ, the seniority of directly recruited AAOs are decided as per provisions of Manual of Standing Orders (Admn Vol.I) - As far as I know after the Supreme Court decision IN 1990 the Government of India issued guideline for determination of seniority from the date of joining in 1991, but CAG administration ignored and failed to incorporate this in their MSO. I don’t think any modification has been made in MSO after 1990 regarding the matter in light of new instruction issued by the GOI. This is clearly a violation of GOI and DOPT order. 2) Again the CAG has cited that seniority has been determined as per judgment of the Supreme Court in M.Srinivas Vs CAG reported in (2007) 10 SCC 246- In this connection I have to say that the Department is trying to save its face after the mistake occurred in 1991. We all know that at that time neither the Department nor the petitioners could produce the order of DOPT regarding the determination of seniority. The Department got the benefit of doubt and got this judgment as tool to rule out any of this type of Demand in the name of Supreme Court verdict. 3) The seniority of Divisional Accountant is fixed as per the Statutory Rules- It was also the order of CAT that compelled the CAG to give seniority to DAs from the date of joining. It transpires from above that CAG administration is not open to any type of reform on logical basis. It has some sort of rules formed in British era and the department is following it blindly. The demand for Determination of Seniority of Directly Recruited S.Os (Now AAOs) from the date of their appointment. Quite legitimate and we should try to get it.
Posted by ajeet

DRAAOs Seniority
In the NAF’s letter to CAG dated 1 March 2012, the references quoted for consideration of the issues were: 1. DOPT’s Office Memorandum No 20011/5/90-Estt (D) dated 4/11/1992- Seniority of a person regularly appointed to a post according to rule would be determined by the order of merit indicated at the time of initial appointment and not according to date of their confirmation. 2. Supreme Court’s judgment (JT- 1990(2)SC-264 dated 2.5.1990)- Para 44(A) - DIRECT RECRUIT CLASS II ENGINEERING OFFICERS'ASSOCIATI ON Vs. STATE OF MAHARASHTRA AND ORS. 3. DOPT’s Circular dated 11/11/2010 – regarding “Seniority- Consolidated orders on…” 4. Decision of AG’s Conference, 2008- To designate SOG exam for SO (p) as only a confirmatory examination and to reckon the seniority of such SO (p) with reference to their merit in the initial recruitment exam. All the above points have been verified and found unfit for taking up by NAF for the following reasons- 1. DOPT’s OM dated 4/11/1992 appears to be general in nature and applicable to ‘direct recruits’ (such as Auditors, Divisional Accountants etc.), who do not fall under the category of SO/AAO (P) “Probationers”. As far as SO(P) /AAO (P) is concerned, there are many conditions for final confirmation of their service in IA&AD, one of them being the candidates should clear SOGE/SAS within the specified period for confirmation. Advertisement published by the Staff Selection Commission for recruiting AAOs (P), known as SOs (P) till implementation of 6th Central Pay Commission, and a model offer of appointment being issued to the successful candidates indicate that their appointment is purely conditional and temporary, which clearly and also without any ambiguity mention that: • The candidates will have to undergo a regular course of training as prescribed in the recruitment rules. • The candidates will have to qualify the SOGE both Part I and Part II within the probation period of 2 years (probation period may be extended by the competent authority). Using this clause the CAG has already amended the rule by giving 6 chances to clear the exam. Those who fail to qualify the examination are liable to be discharged from service. Candidates who pass this examination will be posted as regular Section Officer (audit). • On satisfactory completion of probation he will be eligible for confirmation in the office where he is posted as regular Section Officers (Audit). His confirmation is also subject to his being considered fit in all respects for permanent retention in the service. His/Her confirmation in the Section Officer cadre will not, however, give him/her any special claim to seniority. • Here, it is pertinent to note that on passing Part I and Part II of SOG Examination, SOs (P) are required to take over charge (Supreme Court’s judgment dated 29/03/2007 may be referred) as a regular Section Officer. As much as the passing of SOGE is a mandatory criterion for reckoning the confirmation as a regular SO/AAO, the taking over of charge is a mandatory criterion for reckoning the seniority of the SO (P)/AAO(P) as a regular SO/AAO. It indicates that passing of SOGE is not an optional or desirable criterion but mandatory for being appointed as a regular Section Officer/Assistant Audit Officer. • Every person on appointment to service either on Direct Recruitment or by promotion in junior time Scale shall be on probation for a period of 2 years on completion of which, the officers shall be retained in appointment and confirmed against available substantive vacancies. Hence, as (80:20) ratio is to be kept for filling in the vacancies, the merit list of department vis-a- vis Direct Recruit candidates is in accordance with the substantive vacancies against the 20% quota for Direct Recruits and 80% for departmental candidate. • The confirmation of the Direct Recruits and the seniority is hence in line with the above and has to be reckoned with the date of actual taking over of regular SO/AAO and not as per the date of his appointment. In the case on the Direct Recruits- AAO (P) • The appointment is temporary which is terminable at one month’s notice on either side - A clause which is not applicable to other Government servants governed by CCS(TS) Rules (MHA Memo No.4/10/66-Ests (c)dated 26/8/67- the services can be terminated in terms of letter of appointment and not under Rule 5(1) of CCS( TS) Rules. As such it is evident from facts therein that conditions regarding satisfactory completion of probation and seniority stipulated in letter of appointment has to be complied. • Even the third increment is granted only on passing the SAS; a criterion not stipulated for other directly recruited government servants, who are not termed as “probationers”. • The seniority of the Direct Recruits to the post of SO on passing Part-II of the SOGE shall be regulated by the principle that an SO (P) shall rank immediately below the last SOGE exam passed member of the staff officiating in the SO grade on the date on which he takes over charge as a regular Section officer subject to the merit list of department vis a vis SOs (P) is in accordance with the substantive vacancies against the 20% quota for SOs (P). 2. While referring the matter to CAG, NAF has wisely and conveniently overlooked the Supreme Court’s judgment 29/03/2007 in respect of Civil Appeal No. 5013 of 2000 and 5504 of 2003. Whereas, the Supreme Court’s judgment quoted by NAF in respect of JT-1990(2) SC-264 dated 2.5.1990 has been referred in the letter addressed to CAG which has no relevance with the instant case. However, it is just a question of common sense that the Supreme Court’s judgment 2007 supersedes all previous judgments on the same case. However, Para 44(A) of Supreme Court’s judgment (JT-1990(2) SC-264 dated 2.5.1990) states that: “Once an incumbent is appointed to a post according to rule, his seniority has to be counted from the date of his appointment and not according to the date of his confirmation”. The above judgment emphasized that “appointment according to rule” and in case of IA&AD, specific recruitment rules for SO (P)/AAO (P) are already in place, which form a basis for deciding their seniority. After considering the merits of the issue, the Supreme Court of India has already dismissed said appeal on the similar grounds by a SO (P). Despite the fact that the Supreme Court of India had already dismissed the appeal, NAF had again made a representation to CAG of India, which appears to be on the grounds of sympathy rather than the merits/facts involved therein. However, we appreciate the boldness and promptness of NAF to flag the issue after presuming that the Supreme Court’s decision in the year 1990 and the provisions of DOPT’s OM dated 4/11/1992 were not considered by two of the top most constitutional authorities of India i.e., the Supreme Court of India and the CAG of India, during the course of ‘Appeal (Civil) 5013 of 2000 and 5504 of 2003)’. 3. DOPT’s OM dated 11/11/2010 has also been referred by NAF in its letter to CAG. However, the OM is also silent about the fixing of seniority in respect of “Probationers”. However, NAF could have considered the provision of Point No 4 of Circular of DOPT dated 11/11/2010, before endorsing the views of SO (P)/AAO (P), which provides that: “Notwithstanding the provisions of Para 3 above, the relative seniority of all direct recruits shall be determined by the order of merit in which they are selected for such appointment on the recommendations of the UPSC or other selecting authority, persons appointed as a result of subsequent selection. Provided that where persons recruited initially on a temporary basis are confirmed subsequently in an order different from the order of merit indicated at the time of their appointment, seniority shall follow the order of confirmation and not the original order of merit.” Here, it is also necessary to understand the meaning of “on probation” and “Probationer”. All the new recruits will have a fixed period of probation once in their service in their entry grade. Whereas, a new recruit appointed as “probationer” will also have a probationary period but has to comply with all the laid down pre- informed conditions for final confirmation in the service. The basic difference between on probation and probationer is: service during on probation is reckoned for all the purposes including increment, pension, leave, accommodation and seniority from the date of joining the service whereas service of probationer is reckoned for all the purposes i.e., increment (3rd increment only after clearance of SAS), pension, leave, accommodation excluding seniority from the date of appointment. The seniority of probationer is fixed after confirmation in the department as their service is purely on temporary basis. Without prejudice to the above points, the following are some other important issues needed to be considered before pursuing the matter any further. • The ratio between the departmental personnel promoted as AAOs and the AAOs (P) has to be 80:20 • Departmenta l candidate clears the examination and takes over charge as AAO with all duties and responsibilities is designated as a Gazetted Officer from the date of taking over charge and is confirmed against a substantive vacancy in the post whereas the direct recruit take over charge as regular SO only on passing SOGE. • Illustration 1: As per the new examination pattern, direct recruits are eligible for six chances. Presuming that an AAO (P) joins on 31/03/2012 and (you may be aware that examination results have been declared on 31/03/2012) a departmental candidate cleared the examination today and both of them are posted in a local audit party from 01/04/2012. The departmental candidate would hold the responsibility of highest degree whereas a probationer’s (AAO’s (P)) duties and responsibilities are not on par with the regular AAO (departmental candidate). Moreover, if the CAG considers the issue in favour of AAOs (P), the AAO (P) will remain senior to the departmental candidates who would pass the examination during the next 3 years (considering that the examination will be held twice a year) i.e., till he clears the examination (presuming that a AAOs (P) takes all the six chances to clear the examination). • SOs (p) sometimes could not clear the SAS exam in first attempt alternatively Departmental Candidate clears. • Illustration 2: In a similar condition, you may find in many cases the basic pay (other than grade pay of Rs 4800) of the regular AAO (departmental candidate) is less than that of the AAO (P). What an injustice! More responsibility, less pay” • Illustration 3: As the AAOs (P) are appointed with a grade pay Rs 4800, they would reach to grade pay Rs 6600 even if they do not get any future promotion. Whereas in case of some departmental candidates they would not even reach the grade pay of 5400 (if they are appointed as Cl/Ty or DEO and subsequently promoted as Ar, Sr Ar and AAO) despite being seniors to AAOs (P). • Last but not the least, a parallel seniority of the personnel working as Sr.AOs in the organization will be maintained by CAG Office for the purpose of their future promotion to the post of Dy. Accountant General (DAG), subject fulfilling the laid down conditions. Here, the date of passing the SOGE is crucial for consideration of a Sr. AO’s candidature for promotion as DAG. If the CAG decides to consider that the date of joining as the date of confirmation for AAOs (P) at field office level, then both the seniority lists become mutually contradictory because in one list Mr. X becomes senior to Mr. Y, whereas in another list Mr. Y becomes senior to Mr. X. Moreover, if the date of joining is considered as the crucial date for AAOs (P) and the date of passing SOGE is considered as the crucial date for departmental candidates then the law of ‘providing equal opportunity’ for both the sides is violated. Anyhow, if the NAF’s endorsement is considered by the CAG, then it is sure that the “all the doors in terms of future promotions are closed” for the departmental candidates. • As 80% posts of AAO’s cadre are held by departmental candidates like us, can the NAF back our proposal that the posts in AO/Sr. AO category also should be earmarked in the 80:20 ratio? 4. Probationer’s above demand seems ridiculous after accepting their “offer of appointment” to join this post in which the consequences were already mentioned. There was no order for strict compliance in the minutes (AG Conference 2008) circulated by Head quarter (CAG) till date in this regard. SOs (p) are recruited since 1992 onwards in IAAD and considering conference-2008 there was only one change made in 2010 that AAOs (p) have also made available 6 chances for appearing in SAS exam as against 2 earlier chances. It seems H.Qrs. after considering the proposal of AG’s Conference 2008 had only one relaxation offered to them i.e. 6 chances in SAS exam and remaining appears to be rejected. As regards to seniority with reference to their merit in the initial recruitment exam issue is concerned the same has already been followed in IAAD that merit in the initial recruitment exam if they cleared SAS and then their seniority among SOs (p) determined as per merit indicated at the time of initial appointment i.e; in Staff Selection Commission‘s merit. For example-If SOs (p) clears exam simultaneously with other SO (P) and one So (p) is senior among other SO (p) of that batch in Staff Selection Commission’s merit list he/she will be senior in Gradation list also and not according to marks obtained in SAS exam on the date of their confirmation. Departmental candidates even after scoring more marks than that of the Probationers always remain juniors to probationers in that year in the seniority list prepared for that year.
Posted by Alok, Patna

DRAAOs Seniority Issue
Friends who post their comments in this page are requested to do so in a small paragraph and with restraint because our freedom of expression in web page is not absolute.

Group B status for senior auditors
HISTORY - Govt of India has re-classified central civil posts vide gazette notification dated 09th April 2009. As per the notification, the employees in the GP of Rs.4200 are now coming under Group B ( non-gazetted). It was the Civil Audit Association Kerala had initiated the matter two years back with CAG of India directly and through NAF to endorse the gazette notification to effect the status in IA&AD.On 06th instant CAG has issued necessary endorsement amongst IN&AD offices effecting the re-classification. BENEFIT - Now the senior auditors became Group B non-gazetted and thereby entitled to avail LTC to NER by flight directly from the place of duty.I hope that the benefits of Group B employees will be extended to senior auditors also during the next pay revision. FURTHER DEMAND - As the Assistants of Central Secretariate are Group B non-gazetted and certain portion of them are recruited directly by the SSC,the senior auditors,when they are likely to be directly recruited (after cader re-structuring) ,the parity with CSA must be granted.The NAF must take up the matter with the higher ups when the cader re-structure. CHANGE THE NAME OF SUPERVISOR - The supervisors are holding the very same responsibilities of AAO's and drawing the very same Grade Pay.Therefore the name of designation may be changed as AAO (NF).

Non reply of my comment
Dear Sir,yet reply of my comment posted in Member`s forum at Sr. No. 55 have not been sent by you. Therefore you are requested to kindly furnished Ur reply on my comment.

Reply to Arvind
Dear Mr.Arvind,I think you have not sofar read the circular 10 of NAF which has already appeared in our website ,circular menu.Administration says that the creation of Audit Manager (Gr B) and non IA&AS (Gr A) posts from amongst the Sr AO/AOs will create vacancies in Ao/ Sr AO cadre which will accelerate the promotions of AAOs.

DRAAOs Seniority Issue
Dear shri parida Hensforth i will try to keep my views in short as desired by u....however in the matter i could not resist myself in expressing my views. kindly look into the matter...
Posted by ajeet

Creation of archieves for Circulars exclusively issued by CAG office
Sir, In order to refer the departmental circulars exclusively issued by the O/o the CAG, a separate archive may be created right from 1973 to date. Thanks

Cadre restructuring
Chief Audit Officer will be appropriate name for the proposed post of Audit Manager.

Cadre restructuring
The maximum confusion is about non IAAS Gr. A post. How it will speed up promotions without increasing the post of Group officers and again the problem is that they are recruiting AAOs from UPSC and if it happens Department have to make the posts lucrative with good promotional aspects by creating second line of promotion as non IAAS Gr. A. then what will happen to existing AAOs. whether they have to wait upto the age of 55 years to become Audit manager...
Posted by ajeet

CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988— Relaxation for travel by air to visit J & K
CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988— Relaxation for travel by air to visit J & K F.No.31011/2/2003- Estt.A-IV Government of India Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions Department of Personnel & Training New Delhi, dated 15th June, 2012 OFFICE MEMORANDUM Subject:- CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988— Relaxation for travel by air to visit J & K The undersigned is directed to refer to this Departments O.M. of even No. dated 18th June, 2010 on the subject mentioned above and to say that the relaxation for LTC travel to visit J & K under CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988 is extended for a further period of two years w.e.f. 18th June, 2012 subject to the following conditions: (a) Travel by Air to continue to be ˇn Economy Class only, irrespective of the entitlement of the officer. (b) The condition that air tickets can be purchased either directly from the Airlines (booking counters/website) or through authorized agents only viz., M/s Balmer Lawrie and Co. Ltd., or M/s Ashok Travels and Tours Ltd. / IRCTC (to the extent IRCTC is authorized as per D0PT’s O.M. No.31011/6/2002- Estt.(A) dated 02.12.2009), would necessarily apply. (C) All other conditions prescribed in this Department’s OM. dated 18.6.2010, read with O.M. dated 05.8.2010 and 25.8.2011 would continue to apply. 2. Hindi version follows. sd/- (B. Bandyopadhyay) Under Secretary to the Government of India

Non reply of comment
Dear sir, reply of my comment on Member's forum at sr. no. 56 is still awated, kindly looked into my matter and reply at the earliest.
Posted by Lalit Roy

Darbara Singh, Chandigarh
With reference to the meeting held on dt. 6.6.12 at Hqrs regarding cadre restructering in IAAD. I feel that nothing will gain to the cadre of AAOs. As there was no such proposal regarding uplift of cadre of AAOs. No discussion or evidence has been reported in meeting with reference to grant of Grade Pay of Rs. 5400 to the AAOs after completion of 4 yrs service. I think cadre restructuring is only for the cadre of Sr. Auditors /AOs/SAOs. Is there anything new for cadre of AAOs in cadre restructuring.

Reply to Mr.Lalit Roy & Mr.Darbara Singh
It was told in the meeting that the intention of Cadre Restructuring is to explore more promotion avenues to attract more and more dynamic persons in the department. Regarding stagnation in the AAO cadre, we have already pointed out this to the authorities and they have assured to recon the services rendered in the AAO cadre also for promotion to the post of Audit Manager. We have also demanded to maintain uniformity in promotion from AAO to AO through out the country. As far as railway audit is concerned, your suggestion of merging of cadres will create more and more problems to the staff. Are you willing to move from your headquarters for getting promotion? Merging of different cadres will invite transfer from one station to other on promotion. Regarding benefits to AAO cadre, we believe any opportunities above the cadre of AAO will only beneficial to AAO cadre. Only thing is that at present there is no uniformity in giving promotions in AAO cadre. It is understood that there will be an agenda meeting of our federation with the Dy. CAG of India during the 1st week of July. We hope to discuss the issues like 5400 after 4 years and other items in our agenda during that meeting. So be optimistic. Please give us your valuable comments/suggestions for better deal.

Pay fixation of SO(P) appointed before 1-1-2006
The Section officers drawing pay of rs.6500/-6700/-6900/-and 7100/- shall draw less pay Than directly appointed SO(P) getting entry grade pay of rs.13350/- to remove this anomaly separate orders are not at all required.The 6th pay commission in para 2.22 and as per Revised pay rules 2008 the pay of senior drawing less pay has to be stepped up. But the question is all those getting basic pay of rs.6500/-6700/-6900/-and7100/- shall get rs.13350/- so the benefit of bunching to those drawing 6900/- and 7100/- should be given. As regards grant of rs.5400/- grade pay to AAOs after 4 years service is concern the resolution issued by ministry of finance(Expenditure) dated 29th august 2008 para X(a) to (d) may be seen.all those mentioned in para a,b,and d have been granted rs.5400/-after 4 years service but the group B officers mentioned in para c have been denied the same,this issue has been taken up by NAF in 20 point charter of demands.but instead of appreciating some directly appointed AAOs are passing remarks which I can not resist.AAOS directly appointed are superior and promote is inferior,such a mentality can not be upheld by naf. Arun vidwans Chief patron naf

Increase sanction strength in EDP cadre
New cadre construction in IA&AD known as EDP cadre after recruting DEO by SSC, but there is not promotional scope in this cadre due to lack of promotional sanction strength, inspite of this comulsion DEO can't appear in Auditor/Accountant exam to come in audit cadre, which create truly painful conditionfor this cadre, Please give attention for this cadre.

Regarding problems of EDP cadre
Thanks mritunjay kumar for your comment.We have already finalised our 20 point charter of demands which is likely to be discussed in CAG office ,but the problems of EDP cadre may be takeen up separately by our Secretary General. you may kindly send a detail work paper through e mail to naf ,keeping in mind the MACP scheme for cadre change we may go through the terms and conditions applicable to Stenographers of IA&AD,you may attend our national executive or working committee meeting as a special invitee. ARUN VIDWANS.

anomaly between AAOs
What is the current status of demand of 18750 to AAOs appointed before 01.01.2006 (whether direct or departmental). is there any such demand by NAF to grant them 18750 on 01.01.2006
Posted by nainshi

Anomally between AAOs
I am sorry,many of our members have not sofar seen the new 18 points charter of demands which has appeared in this website ,our demands menu long back The question of pay scales of AAOs prometed before 1 1 2006 has been dealt with in demand No 1.This charter of demands will be discussed with the Dy C&AG very shortly in an Agenda Meeting.I am to add one thing more that all the files (Menu)in our website are regularly being updated according to need.NAF website is a living website.

Cadre Restructuring
Sir, From our association website I came to know about the creation of One cadre "Audit Manager" above Sr.AO. It is good as many AOs who would not get promotion as DAG because of age restriction may get this post. But the designation seems to be not impressive. It is a senior post and name Audit Manager sounds like typing pool manager. It may be good if a name like Executive Audit Officer or any such other name. Also the up gradation of Sr.Ar to Gr-B is a good step. But at present the situation in our department is that many auditor is not in a position to read and understand rule position or write an audit enquiry of his own because he came from the basic cadre and not having sufficient qualification. Either the system of giving promotion from Gr.D, who are not graduate, to Auditor post has to be stopped or an examination (national level and not like local confirmation exam) like SAS should be introduced for getting a promotion to Auditor cadre. I am not against the promotion to these people but the person getting promotion should able to do the work allotted to him. Further after introduction of MACP everybody will get the benefit of financial up gradation. Hence promotion is not must for them unless they are qualified. These conditions will increase quality of our work and our image in auditee institution. These things I am writing considering the position in my office and not much aware about other office. Leaders please consider this if it is good for our organisation.

Anomally between AAOs
Sh. GC Parida. the demand no 1 specifically deals with promoted AAOs before 01.01.06. what about Directly recruited AAOs appointed before 01.01.2006.
Posted by nainshi

stepping up of pay of DRAAO
Does any one has a copy of order vide which the pay of DRAAOs appointed before 01.01.2006 can be stepped up with reference to a junior DRAAO appointed after 01.01.2006. if so kindly mail me at
Posted by nainshi

Stepping up case
Dear Mr.Nainshi, There is no difference in stepping up of pay of a promotee and a direct recruit. As per the directions of the headquarters office in this issue, if any AAO promoted or appointed before 1-1-2006 drawing pay less than that of his junior, promoted/appointed on or after 1-1-2006 requests for stepping up of his pay with that of his junior shall be worked out by the field office and to submit to the headquarters office for approval. On approval of the same, the seniors pay will be stepped up to that of the junior from the date from which the junior drawing higher pay. Though explanation to demand number 1 refers the case of promoted AAOs, it is equally applicable to direct AAOs also. Clarification issued by headquarters office in this regard is self explanatory and is available in every field offices.

1st.A.G.M on 27/06/2012 at 15.00 hrs VENUE: T.B.Instt.Hall of the Employees' Assn(Cat-III),o/o.The Pr.A.G(A & E).W.B.
Massive success in the A.G.M with the Presence of Hon'ble Mr.SOUGATA ROY,Minister(State),GOI, Mr.Pradeep Banerjee,Leader,AITMC,Mr.ARUN VIDWANS,leader,NAF.& Ex-G.S.SKM

stepping up of pay of DRAAO
Sh. L.S. Sujith Kumar. does the last two lines of your comment imply that the whether departmental or direct, AAOs should get Rs.18750 on dt. of promotion/date of joining/01.01.2006
Posted by nainshi

AGM in West Bengal
Thanks Mr. Mazumdar ji for a successful AGM in o/o the AG(A&E) West Bengal.Congrat.It is time now for every emplyee to find a forum which will address his /her problem selflessly with dignity and with an exclusive identity.The question is how long one will remain disillusioned.And it is a happy news that finally the West Bengal eployees of IA&AD have come out of that illusion which had gripped them for over years.Offcourse there is a long way to go in your this new mission..Wish you more success.....

Mentallt tortured by Dy.DA to all AAO
Dear Shri Parida our DY. DA has been torturing mentally very much to all the AAO including Sr. Auditors of this unit by supporting of some Sr. AAOs of this office in day to day working by issuing verbal orders it is not enough he is now remarking adversaly in the APAR of some AAOs and in the office files. We all will be very grateful to you if the same may be highlighted by you to higher officials .

suggestion about nomenclature change of audit manager
my suggestion is regarding nomenclature change in respect of proposed post of Audit Manager. the designation should be 'Audit Commissioner' in stead of 'Audit Manager' so that it reflects more dynamicism.
Posted by navin kumar

working Committee Meeting in Delhi
Working committee meeting of National Audit federation is sheduled to be held in New Delhi on 29 th and 30th of July 2012. Accomodation will be available from 28th evening to 31st evening.Besides all National Excutive committee members and special invitees,President and Secretary of each Unit are members of working committee.Circ (ular to ths effect will be available in website ( circular menu) which can be downloaded and hard copy will be sent to units Please make it convenient by booking tickets early to ateend this all important meeting.

Agenda for the Working Committee Meeting at Delhi
Agenda for the working committee meeting will be 1. Sectoral Re- organisation in Audit and its consequence. 2. Proposed Cadre Restructuring in IA&AD - Views of members. 3. Association Activities in field level offices- Strength / Weakness / Threat. 4. Re-verification of strength of the Federation. 5. Other organisational Issues. All units are requested to participate in the all important meeting. Your suggestions and decisions will decide your future. IA&AD is running through a major transformation. We should not be an onlooker. Let us debate, decide and demand collectively for the upliftment of Audit Staff.

Cadre Restructuring
Pay commission always decide a particular pay to a particular grade of employees based on his duty and responsibility i.e., similar pay and status/post for equal/similar work. This is categorized irrespective of the department/ministries. Based on duty and responsibility, pay commission/government categorise grade/group of employees i.e., Group A, Group B gazatted, Group B non- gazatted, Group C and Group D. 6th CPC eliminated Group D post from Central Government establishment. These Groups should start with a minimum pay and post irrespective of department/ministries. In Central Government, supervisory cadre starts mostly with Group B gazatted post in all the departments. At the same time the entry pay is also fixed to this class of employee. As per 6th CPC, after completing 4years of service in group B gazatted post, grade pay of Rs. 5400 with pay band of PB2 will be given which is purely non-functional upgradation This benefit is extended to all the Central Government Department except Organised Accounts Cadre and officers of IA&AD. As far as Organised Accounts Cadre and Accounts department of IA&AD i.e., AG(A&E) is concerned, this may be justified as their work is purely clerical in nature with no variance i.e., fixed pattern of work whereas the audit department of IA&AD is concerned the same is not true. Surprisingly this notification is issued with the consultation of Comptroller and Auditor General of India. Now, we have to comparison the nature of work, responsibility of Audit Department of IA&AD with the other departments of Central Government where this benefit is extended. In all the department and ministry of the Central Government, the Rules, Regulations are fixed and not repeatedly changing in nature, the employees have to comply the fixed pattern of work with adherence to their own department’s Rules and Regulations. Transfer are mostly done within the department with different location. In other words, we can say no challenging job i.e., purely so called government job. Whereas, the scenario is not the same for Audit department of IA&AD. In IA&AD, Officers are transferred to other wing in every five years where they have to study and expertise with the Rules, Acts, Rules, Regulations, notifications, circulars etc of that particular wing otherwise they are not able to audit in a proper and professional way. Since the offices of the government are scattered all over the country hence the duty of officers of IA&AD is touring in nature all the year. The officers have no time to live with their family in his entire career. He has to manage even all the arrangements regarding his tour viz, ticket, accommodation, food, conveyance etc along with their regular duty. Here it is responsibility/accountab ility of the Inspecting Officer (officers of IA&AD) to say right or wrong of the work of the auditee organization which even involved the decisions of very high authority by giving audit certificate. This is not an easy task; it requires high knowledge with professional ability. Overall their work involved inspecting in nature to the work of the executive department of the government hence direct responsibility to the exchequer and at the end to the public as each work of the government involve public money hence more responsibility, but here the pay, status and other benefits of inspecting officer is less than that of the officers of the inspecting department. What a jok! Unbelievable and shockingly this was also endorsed by the C&AG. In IA&AD, the main audit work from audit plan to execution of audit plan i.e., regular audit work as well as review work which gave high name and fame of the C&AG is due to the hard work of these inspecting officers to whom C&AG does not want to give similar status with respect to other departments. That’s why we always feel embarrassing situation when asked about the status and pay by the auditee unit. In such a peculiar situation, the officers of the Audit department of IA&AD work. I think this is a single department where 3 promotions are offered only in Group B post (i.e., AAO. AO., and SR.AO.) unlike the other department where only one post is designed in Group B. Here, AAO is getting promotion to the post of AO after completion on an average of 15 years of service in AAO cadre with no financial up- gradation as the AAO already got MACP before promotion to the post of AO. Similarly, while offering promotion to the post Sr. AO, merely one increment is given as the grade pay does not change. Now the C&AG want to introduce a new post to the cadre of Group B only (Audit Manager) it means there will be 4 promotions in Group B which is clearly nothing but a humiliation to the Group B post of IA&AD department. Here the C&AG want to give grade pay of Rs. 6600 but don’t want to share status of Group A in other words, the C&AG plan in such a way where the Group B officer of the IA&AD never become Group A. No hesitation to say, join in Group B and retire in Group B. In Strategic Report 2020, it is mentioned that this department is no more lucarative in comparison to other departments as the person opt to join in lower grade pay rather joining in higher grade pay in IA&AD. Many a time, C&AG worried himself regarding the brain drain from this department or staying only such persons in this department who have lost/no opportunity to leave this department. In present situation, the department like CSS, Income Tax and Customs & Excise are more lucrative in terms of promotional aspect. The C&AG can definitely provide better promotional aspects i.e., one step ahead than these departments then only, the better man power can be retained in IA&AD. Here is a proposal for giving promotion taking into account the nature of work and responsibility if not one step ahead from the promotion channels of CSS but at least at par with the CSS: In new scheme appraised to the NAF, a new recruitment element have been included in Sr. Auditor post so that a comparison can be done with the Assistant of CSS for demanding parity of pay. In AAO cadre, Government as well as C&AG has already accepted parity by extending the pay of Rs. 6500 (as per 5th CPC) and Rs. 7500 (as per 6th CPC) to post of SO now AAO at par with SO of CSS. In new scheme C&AG gave proposal of recruitment of AAO through UPSC from 2012 onwards as a direct recruitment, who becomes regular AAO after passing SAS examination. Similarly, departmental candidates are also promoted to the post of AAO after passing SAS examination. AAO post in the IA&AD is not a promotional post based on seniority as the case of SO in CSS. In CSS, Section Officer are filled by promotion on seniority basis from the grade of Assistant (50%) and by Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (50%). In this scenario, the officers of IA&AD deserve if not better then at least similar line of promotions as existed in CSS. Nature of job of officers in CSS is more or less similar. Moreover, the duty, responsibility and accountability of officers of IA&AD are somewhat in upper side than the duty, responsibility and accountability of officers of CSS. Some additional features of job of the officers of IA&AD make him more tedious, responsible and accountable. Additional features include inspection/certification mostly on tour basis of the work/decision/policy already done by the officers of CSS. A comparative proposal for promotion of officers of IA&AD on the line of officers of CSS: Existing scope of Promotions in IA&AD Existing scope of Promotions in Central Secretariat Services Proposal of promotions in IA&AD also Entry grade of Group B gazatted: AAO SO AAO After 4 years No upgradation Non- functional pay scale of Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) + Rs. 5400 (Grade Pay) Non- functional pay scale of Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) + Rs. 5400 (Grade Pay) Next promotion/financial upgradation 1st MACP - PB2 +5400 (After completion of 10 years service in AAO cadre) Mostly got promotion of Group A (PB3 + 6600) i.e., Under Secretary after 10 years services in SO cadre. Group A (PB3 + 6600) by giving A.O. the status of Group A (Non-IAAS) post. Abolish the post of Sr. A.O. as there is no need to keep the post of Sr. A.O. as the duty, responsibility and grade of AO and Sr.AO are the same. Next promotion/financial upgradation Promotion to the post of AO (Group B gazatted only) – no financial-upgradation i.e., more responsibility without any additional pay Selection Grade: Rs. 15600- 39100 (PB-3) + Rs. 7600 (Grade Pay) Selection Grade: Rs. 15600- 39100 (PB-3) + Rs. 7600 (Grade Pay) Promotion to the post of Director (Non-IAAS group A post) Next promotion/financial upgradation Promotion to the post of Sr. A.O. (group B gazatted only) – only one increment as grade pay is same ( PB 3 + 5400) – Mostly AAO retires in Sr. A.O. post. Senior Selection Grade: Rs. 37400-67000 (PB-4) + Rs. 8700 (Grade Pay) Senior Selection Grade: Rs. 37400-67000 (PB-4) + Rs. 8700 (Grade Pay) It is worth to mention that there will be no interest clash with Group A (IAAS) post by creating Group A (Non- IAAS) as this will be purely a separate cadre specifically for promottees. There is no need of creation of four post in group B gazatted as the purpose will solve with only one post in group B gazatted i.e., AAO. There is no need to create a separate post of Audit Manager in Group B. In present set up Group A officer supervise even some time more than 35 LAPs including the work of Review and vetting of IRs and regular correspondences with HQtrs and Fileld offices. Imagine the work pressure and the quality of work! Now the time come where the C&AG will have to think in a broader prospects where the group officer can participate in field work minimum 10 years of his initial service like the other department (i.e., in income tax ACITs do assessment up to the post of JCIT/Addl. CIT, thus acquire knowledge as well as experience). As the field work is very important to acquire knowledge as well as experience. This is the main foundation work from where a good report is to be built. Now a day, many governmental and non- governmental organization have raised their fingers on the quality and lack of professional attitude in the CAG Report. Only study of books without practical experience sometimes does not give desired result. Definitely, to refrain our credit beyond any doubt viewing the present scenario and future challenge of new areas of audit, the C&AG has to think in broader/larger arena. The number of Group A post should be increased in multiple folds. Every group A officer has to perform minimum 10 years of his services in Field i.e., doing regular audit work and direct supervision of LAP in field. In higher post like Director/SDAG, only 5 to 6 LAPs should be given to supervise thinking effectively supervision so the person holds such post can judge the post. As the purpose of the C&AG, as reflected even in Strategic Plan 2020 is to focus on quality work with professional attitude and International standard. It will only possible if the above combination of group A and Group B directly work at field level from very beginning i.e., from audit of local unit level. If group B people work under the direct guidance/ supervision of Group A officer (which is a combination of direct recruit as well as departmental promotee) then definitely enhances the quality of work output and that is the actual goal/motto of the C&AG/department. The C&AG office always denied Group A status of AO/Sr AO by threatening all India transfer liability or saying that the AO/SrAO does not want all India transfer liability i.e., we can say throwing the ball in staff side. Here, the C&AG office is playing a double role. While deciding and sending for approval to Finance Ministry of the Audit Manager post, the C&AG office has not consulted any Associations which is a general practice in all the other departments. The C&AG office did not bother to seek advice of the staff while determining the fate of the staff i.e., cadre re- structuring. Actually before finalizing the scheme, it requires all India level debate through different forum/associations of staff side as well as department’s side so that a better scheme will evolve. But the fact is that the C&AG office feels very proud in informing the decision already taken by their side which is even related with staffs. In the so called Re- structuring plan, all the focus has been centered on how the promotional aspect of Group A post will be increased/better. This is not fair as the transfer liability can be removed for IA&AD services seeing the job requirements. We never denied promotion to the group A post just because it involves all India transfer liability. We are ready to go anywhere in India as it is applicable to group A post. Even an AAO has to accept all India transfer liability in writing while accepting the appointment. Hence, this is redundant when we talk on transfer liability while promotion to Group A post. Now the C&AG has to think whether the work will suffer due to transfer or not. If the C&AG feels that promotion with transfer is good for the health of the department then there is no problem with staff side. Remember, non-transfer on promotion to group A post is not the need of the employee but the need of the department. We again reiterated that we want only one post in Group B gazatted i.e., AAO like in other departments. We will not accept four post in Group B gazatted. However, a post like Audit Manager with a name of Pr. Audit Officer/Chief Audit Officer in Group B with GP of Rs. 6600 can be accepted for those (especially for women) who don’t want Group A post due to all India transfer liability. If the above proposal is implemented all the anomaly arisen due to implementation of 6th CPC i.e., anomaly due to MACP scheme where junior gets higher pay than senior etc. and other grievances like promotion aspects will be solved in one stroke. Once again we request the C&AG, Please don’t give step motherly treatment to us as we are actual bread earner to our department. Sr. Auditor/Auditor: As regarding the proposal of direct recruitment element in the cadre of Sr. Auditor, the idea is a welcome step. But changing name of Sr. Auditor and Auditor with Audit Assistant and Junior Audit Assistant is no more beneficial to the organization. In many times, it is heard that even the C&AG called himself the auditor of union and states. By changing name of Sr. Auditor and Auditor, the word auditor omitted from the department. Only in the highest post of the department i.e, in the C&AG, Auditor word reflects which is not a good sign. It is also said that by changing name we can compare Audit Assistant with the Assistant of CSS, this argument is no more relevant. As if this is an argument then by changing name of the post, a situation may arise where an Audit Assistant may be compared with Tax Assistant of the Revenue department which is even a lower cadre than the Auditor. We should not go by name of the post of the other department as the word may change department by department. We should also not forget that our department is one of the oldest department with a history of more than 150 years and this is actually a pride of our department. So, please re-think on this issue.

Cadre Restructuring
Purpose of posting of above draft in the member forum is to have a nation wise debate on cadre- restructuring issues. But the matter in tabular form was not appeared after posting and hence meaning may not be conveyed properly. You are therefore requested to delete such a lengthy comments from the forum as this draft is already mailed to Secretary General/President. Trying to upload the same in facebook/NAF.
Posted by Pramod

Cadre Restructuring
The proposal of Mr.Dharmenda,Mumbai that AAo cadre should be All India Cadre is unwelcome.If it so happens ,then proposal may come that all cadres beginning from MTS to Sr.AO should be all india cadres so that there will be no vacancy/promotion problems any where.Secondly,Auditor' s designation should not be changed in to assistant.Assistant means who assists only and who has no independent responsibility.
Posted by A K Biswas

Cadre Restructuring
I fully endorse views expressed by Shri A.K.Biswas and Shri M.Tongo and NAF should push this with CAG's office.

cadre restructuring
Mr. Biswas's apprehension on all india cadre is not unfounded.The committee set up by the CAG Admn.had given proposal that cdres from Auditors to Sr.Ao should be all india cadres so that one could be transferred from one office to another to maintain balance in Men in Position and uniformity in promotions all over the country in IA&AD.Fortunately this was rejected by the Hon' CAG while accepting other prposals on cadre restructuring which was divulged in the 6th June Appex level Federations meeting .

All India cadre to AAO of IA & AD
Dear Shri Paridaji, I am not fully agree with your views over the problems faced by AAOs, if All India cadre may be introduced. In our day to day life problems is every where and we are gently overcoming over the same then why we may not accept this challenge. In our IA & AD the all India cadre is already in existence in Defence Audit & P & T Audit. In our Railway Audit nobody can deny transfers from one Division to another Division except the officers who are very nearer & dearer, no hesitate to say `CHAMCHA` to our higher officials, who are handling the transfer & posting jobs. Therefore, its my suggestion that if our C& AG is not agreeing in All India cadre for AAOs, at least there is a transfer policy in Railway Wing to transfer all Group B officers in every 3-4 yrs., so that every officer can test the transfers as other unlike AAOs/AOs faced. Therefore, I request you that the same may also be suggested in the next forthcoming meeting with Apex Body.

Cadre Restruring -include all the cadres
The h.qrs office in the recent meeting with all the federations has given information about their scheme regarding change of designation as Audit assistants,Audit manager we should reject the proposal out rightly The percentage for higher grade pay of rs.6600/- should be 20%based on seniority cum fitness. The direct appointment in .Senior Auditor should be 50% and 20% segment of Auditors getting grade pay of rs.2800/- should be abolished as has been done for SO/AAO rs.4800/- and AO/Sr.AO rs.5400/-The clerks should be designated as Audit Assistants with grade pay of Rs.2800/-For EDP cadre 30% posts should be reserved for promotion to the post of Audit Assistant. The post of chief audit officer 20% in 6600/- may be introduced. ARUN VIDWANS

Restructuring of Cadres in IA&AD
With reference to telephonic talk with our Secretary General today morning (10.07.12), I suggest that the designation of Auditor and Senior Auditor should not be tinkered with. The Supervisor (Audit) should be redesignated as Audit Supervisor and there should not be any change in the designation of Assistant Audit Officer. In regard to creating new posts in Group A in Audit Officers' and Senior Audit Officers' cadres, the appropriate designation in promotional cadres should be Dy.Chief Audit Officer and Chief Audit Officer (equivalent to DAG and Sr.DAG). All these cadres should not have All India transfer liability.

Re-designation of the posts of Auditors and Senior Auditors and creation of a new post namely
It is glad to note that CAG is actively considering the issue of enhancing the promotion avenues for IA&AD Staff. At the outset, duties and responsibilities to be allocated to the new post called ‘Audit Manager’ and the conditions to be laid down for promotion as ‘Audit Manager’ create quite a few doubts in minds of IA&AD Staff. Some of the issues which struck to our minds are: • Designation of Audit Manager: If we go by the designation itself, it sounds very peculiar because it is an existing set up in the Department that an Assistant Audit Officer is the one who ‘Manages’ the work in a local audit party. There is no denying the fact that Assistant Audit Officer is the one who is the most responsible Officer for carrying out the local audit. For example, there can be an un-supervised Audit Party (without being supervised an inspecting officer called Ao/Sr. AO). But, there cannot be a local audit party without an Assistant Audit Officer. In such a case, Assistant Audit Officer is the real Audit Manager or the one who really manages the work in a local audit party. Therefore, creating a post called Audit Manager, which will be at a higher level than Sr. AO does not justify the nomenclature of the designation. Still there should a designation anyhow and it also should be suitably identifiable that it is bigger post than a Sr. AO. Therefore, designating the new post like “Chief Audit Officer” or “Pr. Audit Officer” would be ideal. It qualifies the condition that it at least sounds like a higher designation than Sr. AO. • Duties and responsibilities to be allocated to the new post would be “Vetting of Inspection Reports and leading the review teams”. First question that arises in our mind is “What will a Group Officer do? This is the primary responsibility of a Group Officer. It seems that the post will be used as tool to lessen the duties and responsibilities of a Group Officer. • Pay structure: It would placed in PB 3 with a grade pay of Rs 6600/-. Then how it will be possible to place the post between a Sr. AO and a Group Officer? Because, a Group Officer will draw a grade pay of Rs 5400 (though he/she belongs to Group A cadre) till he/she becomes a Sr. DAG. Even then a Sr. DAG will draw a grade pay of Rs 6600/-. Then it will create a mental block that an officer with an equal or lesser grade pay will supervise the work of an Audit Manager. These issues are to be sorted out well in advance. • Anomalies to be created within the Departmental staff: Condition of 55 years of age and 7 years of service as AO/Sr. AO will definitely create an anomaly among the departmental staff. A person clearing the AAO exam at an older age may not become eligible for the post of Audit Manager because of the higher age limit and minimum of 7 years service as AO/Sr. AO. In such a case, he has to forego his chance to his junior. In such a case it will create nastier anomalies than the ones created by the MACP after 6th CPC. THANKS TO THE SIXTH CENTRAL PAY COMMISSION FOR CREATING THE ANOMALIES WHICH EVEN GOD CAN NOT SET RIGHT. • Benchmark of “Good”: We feel that a yardstick in terms of field experience should be fixed for the post of Audit Manager. Because in many of the cases we see that people who have never done the real job of Audit (in field), occupy the higher posts depriving the opportunities of those who renders majority their service in field. If we speak candidly, opportunity of drawing a grade pay of Rs 6600/- should be given to those who really deserve it but not on the basis of their seniority in the gradation list. • Re- designation of Sr. Auditor as Audit Assistant: We fail to understand the logic behind this re- designation. Because, there is no element of change in PB. Also there is no change in the duties and responsibilities when re- designated as an Audit Assistant. It is to be used as a lure to attract people to join as Auditors in this department, it is also be thought twice that there is only one group for the staff in the department (for other than IA&AS) from Sr. Audit to Sr. Audit Officer i.e., Group B. Now it is worth thinking whether it is really necessary to re- designate Sr. Auditor as Audit Assistant. Moreover, it is a known designation to all the auditee units also. Therefore, when there is no change in the grade pay/pay or duties & responsibilities what is the need to change the designation? So let it be ‘Sr. Auditor’ only. • General issues: Probably IA&AD is the only department in the entire central government’s departmental structure, wherein there are 5-10 posts in Group B and PB-2. Referring Sr. Audit Officer as an officer with grade pay of Rs 5400 and PB-3 is only eyewash. This is the real issue to be addressed by the NAF. There is no wonder, if the post of Multi Tasking Staff also features in PB-2 in near future.
Posted by Pratap

An Agenda Meeting of National Audit Fedreation will be held with Dy CAG on 25th July 2012 at 4 PM in New Delhi on 18 points charter of demands. (Demands available in this website,Demands Menu)As stipulated by the CAG Admn.,only four office bearers of Federation will participate in this meeting.Minutes of the meeting will appear both in our website and CAG's official website aswell Departmental Council meeting (JCM) will also be held with Dy CAG on 23rd July 2012.In the 13 members Departmental Council,NAF has only 3 members.Had all Audit employees joined NAF, (Because National Audit Federation(NAF) is the Federation of Audit employees only) this Federation would have atleast 6members in the Depttl. Council.I hope, we will achieve it after the membership reverifiation is complete in August,2012 Therefore,,we all are to work hard to achieve this goal otherwise it will be just a wishful thinking.

Unilateral Transfer
Sir, I am extremely happy to know that Audit wing has taken such kind of Initiative but sir I am working as an Accountant in AG itangar Arunachal Pradesh.sir Plz give some idea

national anomoly committee meeting
all the members are requested to visit web site of confederation of central government employees and workers.the brief of discussion on 17th july 2012 has been written by mr.K.K.N.Kutty item no.1 and 4 may be gone through.

national anomoly committee meeting
NATIONAL ANOMALY COMMITTEE MEETING GIST OF DISCUSSIONS The 4th meeting of the National Anomaly Committee was held on 5th January, 2012. All the items could not be discussed on that day. The meeting was postponed and the same was held today on 17th July, 2012. The gist of discussions and decisions are given hereunder. Item No.1. Pay band of the merged pay scales: The demand to reconstruct the pay band in respect of merged pay scales (S8 to S10) by multiplying the minimum of the highest pay scales (6500-10,500) with 1.86 by virtue of which the pay band will commence with Rs. 12100 instead of 9300 is not agreed and as per the scheme disagreement has been recorded. Item No.2. Extending the date for exercise of option: Extending the date for exercise of option to come to the new pay scale as also to the next increment date on promotion was discussed at length. While the official side will agree to reopen the promotional cases where such change of option becomes necessary on account of an unforeseen event, the question of extending the date in general will have to be examined. The case of necessity to change the option once exercised in view of the recent order on increment was raised by the Staff Side. The Official side agreed to issue a clarificatory order. Item No. 3. Special allowance and qualification pay: Order has been issued in respect of Auditors. In respect of SAS passed hands necessary orders will be issued shortly. Item No.4. Fixation of pay of Promotees at the level of entry pay of Direct recruitees: The official side agreed to consider grant of entry pay in all such cases, wherever the RR provides for direct recruitment. Item No.5. Date of next increment: Orders have already been issued. Item is treated as settled. Item No. 6. Grant of minimum pay of Rs. 5200 +1800 to temporary status employees: Orders issued. Item No. 7. Grant of revised allowance with effect from 1.1.2006: The item has been withdrawn after discussion. Item No. 8. Transport allowance: The revision of transport allowance was not agreed upon. However, taking a percentage of the TA representing the CCA submerged for the purpose of OTA and grant of a portion of the TA in respect of persons on tour for more than one month at a stretch will be considered. Item No. 9. Doubling the Existing risk and patient care allowance: The matter has been submitted to the Cabinet for its approval and orders are likely to be issued shortly. The Staff side raised the issue of doubling the daily allowance on tour. The Official side agreed to examine this matter also. Item No. 10. Parity in Pension to pre 2006 retirees: The matter is sub-judice. Therefore it could not be discussed. Item No.11. Commutation of pension: The difference in the application of commutation table between the pre- 2008 and post 2008 retirees was discussed. It has been agreed that the difference would be quantified with reference to certain cases as an example. If it has no huge financial implication on the post 2008 retirees, the Govt. may consider the acceptance of the demand of the Staff. Restoration of commuted value of pension after 12 years instead of 15years would be considered in the light of the Supreme Court judgement of 1996, a copy of which would be made available to the Staff Side. Item No.12. Grant of Rs. 5400/- to the Assistant Accounts and Audit Officers: To be discussed with the JS(per)/JS(E) separately. The date of the meeting will be fixed soon. Item No.13. Revision base index for DA: The Staff Side will be provided with the computation made by the 6th CPC in the matter and on the basis of the same the issue will be discussed further. Item No.14. Child Care leave: Orders issued. Item treated as settled. Item No.15. Income criterion for dependency of parents: The item is dropped after discussion. Item No. 16. Revision of Grade Pay fixation: After discussion, the item has been dropped. Item No. 17. Reconstruction of Pay bands: dropped. Item No. 18. Fixation of pay on promotion to the post carrying same grade pay and PB: Agreed to grant one increment to the holders of post with higher pre-revised pay scale. Item No. 19. All MACP items: will be discussed further in the subcommittee on 27th July, 2012. Item No.20. Anomaly in the grade pay of Library information Assistants: The official side will consider the issue in consultation with the Ministry of Culture and take appropriate decision before the next meeting. Item No.21. Anomaly in pension of those in receipt of stagnation increments in the pre revised scales of pay: The inclusion of stagnation increment for the purpose of fixation of pay in respect of the persons retired between 2006 and 2008, if not done, will be examined and suitable orders issued. Item No.22. Anomaly in the pay scales of Stenographers of field offices with reference to Central Secretariat: It was pointed out that Senior PS in the field offices were on identical pay scale of PPS of the Central Secretariat and therefore, they must be granted grade pay of Rs. 5400 in PB3. They have agreed to grant Grade pay of Rs. 5400 in PB.2 applicable to the field offices if not already done. In respect of parity with Central Sectt, the proposal of Railway Board will be expeditiously examined by the Finance Ministry and suitable orders issued. Item No.23.Date of Annual increment in EOL cases: Orders were issued earlier and the matter is treated as settled. The Staff Side raised the issue of denial of encashment of earned leave and half pay leave for industrial employees. The official side agreed to issue clarificatory orders in the matter. Item No. 24. Parity of PB and Grade pay for Official language personnel with the Central Sectt: The official side said that orders have already been issued. Wherever, the same is not implemented or different decision taken, the same may be brought to the notice of the Department of Expenditure for appropriate decision. The proposal sent by the Railway Board will be considered separately.

Entry Pay
I was promoted as AAO on 01.01.2009 and that time my pay was fixed on 14100 (9300+4800). I was represent this to C&AG Office and HQrs office intimated me as there is no direct AAO posted in my WCR zone, entry pay will not provided to me. Now anomaly committee agreed to give such benefit to all the promotee in which Direct recruitment rules provided. Kindly clear me whether this facility will be provided me or not.

grade pay anomoly
there exists a grade pay anomoly in the macp .4600 is not in our line of promtion.when acp is for line of promotion why not macp. auditor audit cr chennai
Posted by prasad.b

Agenda meeting with Dy. CAG
Whether Agenda meeting with Dy. CAG has taken place or not on 25th July 2012. If meeting held than kindly furnish the outcome of meeting.

Reply to Mr.Lalit Roy & Mr.Prasad
As per the informations received, the Anomaly committee has agreed to give entry cadre minimum to all those who are promoted to a cadre which is having an element of direct appointment irrespective of whether any person appointed directly or not. In your case if it is so, you are eligible for minimum pay as per 6CPC. Regarding grade pay anomaly by Mr. Prasad, please refer MACP orders. Agenda meeting with Dy. CAG was held on 25-07-2012. Please wait for the minutes which will be published soon in our web site.

whats meaning of cadre having element of direct appointment.
Respected Sujith Kumar jee kindly clarify about the sentence "cadre which having an element of direct appointment". There are no direct AAO in our WCR Zone (all 26 AAO are promotee), whether our cadre not having element of direct appointment? You have also commented that in my case if it is so, I will be benefited. Kindly also clarify that whats meaning of it is so in my case.

related entry pay
Respected Sujith sir, plz clarify my doubt tha If i pass my all paper in SAS exam-2012 and became Assistant Account Officer in AG office, Bihar then may i get entry pay or not. plz.. clear my doubt because no direct recruit AAO come in account cadre
Posted by raj

Agenda Meeting
Briefings of Agenda meeting of National Audit Federation held with the Dy CAG on 25 th July,2012 available in our website, circular menu. Pl. see........

Be prepare for stike on 12/12/2012
the left affiliated federation have march to parliament on 26/07/2012 which was addressed by Com.Vasudeo Acharya,they have submitted 15 point charter of demands to P.M.Now they have decided to give strike call on 12/12/2012.once again the employees shall be called to tender apology after 12/12/2012.this is for your information

Clarification on entry pay
As per the available information, any person after passing SAS examination on promotion to the post of AAO should get entry pay minimum. But orders regarding is not issued by the Government as on date. So let us wait for the orders to come.

Reorganisation of Audit
Dear friends, we once again request to all our members and readers to post serious issues, if any, in their respective offices in connection the re-organisation of Audit. We have already demanded for a separate meeting with Dy. CAG on re- organisation issue. Please make use of this opportunity.

Regarding seniority
Sir, i would like to know about the seniority in following condition:- one who pass SAS on 24.11.2009 of SOG exam 2009 and one person who deemed passed with effect from 07.06.2010 of SOG exam. 2008 as per CAG circular dtd. 07.06.2010,

posting of husband and wife at same station
sir, i would like to know about spouse case transfer in auditor level in probation period.i am an auditor in DGA (C) husband is posted in RCF Kaputhala recruited against sports quota.he has a bond with Rialway. is there any possibility of my transfer during probation or after probation on the ground of spouse case ? please help.

Working Committee Meeting at Thiruvanathpuram ,Kerala
Working Committee Meeting of National Audit Federation will be held on 27th and 28th,Sept,2012 Thursday & Friday in Thiruvanathpuram,Kerala .This meeting will be hosted by the SAS Association & the Civil Audit Association Cat-3 O/o the Pr. AG (Audit) Kerala.President and Secretary of each affiliated unit of NAF must try to attend . Members of National Executive Committee,Departmenta l Council, Zonal Secretaries, Branch Secretarirs,Chief Patron , Patrons and Special Invitees are also to attend. Participants will pay a small amount of delegation fees as fixed by the host units for their fooding and lodging.These will be available from 26 th Evening to 29 th morning.The unit Secretaries must bring with them their Associations' banners and headquartes quota.

Reply to Shri.Digamber Jha
In this case as the late declaration of the result is not a fault of the official who was deemed passed w.e.f. 7-06-2010 and since SOGE batch seniority is maintained in IA&AD, as a general rule the official who was deemed to be passed the 2008 SOGE in a later date shall be treated senior to the official who passed in the 2009 SOGE. But without knowing the reason for the delay in declaration of result and other facts behind it, this cannot be clarified.

Be Serious While attending WCM
The WCM of NAF is going to be held at Trivendrum from 27th September to 28th.Unit leaders and all India leaders need not go for site seeing during these days.They should devote full time for association work.They should go through our 18 point charter of demands and outcome of discussion with CAG officeand come prepared for serious discussion.It appears that most of our demands were accepted by CAG but GOI/MOF is not responding positively.For example our demands like grade pay of rs.4600/- and rs.5400/- what should be our next step?Can we sit on dharna at Janter-Manter and handover memorandum to Secy. Expenditure MOF.Is there any need to ventilate our grievances,if yes than how? Is there any need to educate our members and mobilise them?How?

Minutes of Agenda Meeting
the official Minutes of our Agenda meeting held with Dy C&AG on 25 th July,2012 now appears in our NAF's website ,Meeting and Minutes menu.Please read and download....

Grant of grade pay of Rs.5400/- to AAOs & PS and Audit Restructuring:
As I have already expressed in this tab that the CAG's office never keeps its verbal commitments, it is proved beyond doubt from the "official Minutes of the meeting of NAF with Dy.CAG on 25.7.12". I have gone through our charter demands as well as briefings of meeting dated 25.7.12 and official minutes posted on this blog and find that the response of the official side to all our demands is lukewarm and discouraging. Our demand No.4 "Grade Pay of rs.5400/- to AAOs and PS after 4 years service" firstly has not been presented forcefully by us as is evident from the explanatory note and justification furnished insofar as the cadre of Private Secretaries has not been discussed at all. Please note that though a few in number, Stenographers are the backbone of our organisation and in the past NAF has achieved many pending demands of Steno's cadre. The demand for upgradation of grade pay of Rs.5400/- to PS to AG/PD should not be lost sight of in future discussions and pursued vigourously. Similarly demand No.18(a) and (b) are also not placed forcefully with appropriate statistical data in regard to dislocation of staff in various offices. Secondly, the problem of upper hand by A.G.Mumbai over A.G. Nagpur is a perennial issue since decades and needs to be solved to achieve uniformity in restructuring and reorganisation of audit offices. Please keep in mind that Nagpur Office has played a pioneer role in formation of NAF and has been our ardent supporter and any delineation of their problems may cause dissatisfaction in rank and file of Nagpur Office.

Clarification to Mr Ingle Ji
PS will be getting GP of 5400 after completion of 4 years. Orders have been issued.About audit restructuring in Nagpur was agreed to have a separate meeting which has been confirmed in the minutes.Accordingly, I have a written a letter to Dy.CAG which has appeared in our correspondence menu.
Posted by G C Parida

Cadre Re-structuring of Stenographers
Vide headquarters circular no 36(staff) dtd 7 12 2011, a comprehensive guidelines has been issued on cadre restructuring,classificatio n of posts,promotion procedures and change of designations of stenographers cadre. It will be designated as stenographer,Personal Asst.Private Secretary and Sr.Private Secretary.Stenographer with grade pay of Rs2400,; after 10 years it will be personal asst with GPof 4200,Gr B Non Gaz;, after 5 years it will be Private Secretary with GP of 4600,Gr B Gaz ;,after 2 years it is Sr. PS Gr Pay of 4800 Gr B Gaz and after 4 years it will be 5400..We may now take up a demand of 2800 Gp for stenograhers More suggestions are invited

Cadre Restructuring & Reorganisation of Audit Offices
Thanks for clarification by the Secretary General. Let us hope for positive outcome and orders on the subject at the earliest.

Working Committee - Thiruvananthapuram
President/General Secretary of all the affiliated units may please note that the invitation letter from the host units have already sent to available Address on 21- 08-2012. If any of the above members have not received a copy of the same please download the same from our Download zone or copy paste from our circular Tab for the purpose of special casual leave. Additional copy will be served on demand on your arrival.

Need Information
If anybody could give information about the nearest rail station of Mumbai RTI and how to reach there from stn.

From which station you are travelling to reach Mumbai?

minutes of anomaly committee 17.07.2012
Does any one has official minutes of anomaly committee held on 17.07.2012. where can i find it on internet
Posted by nainshi

Working Committee Meeting
Delegates of the working committee meeting are requested to intimate their itinerary to or for further arrangements for the pickup from railway station./airport

Who are the members of Working Committee
As per article 22 (c) of our constitution amended in nagpur conference in 2009 and approved by PD(S) the central office bearers,Sub committee members (Zonal sub committee and Branch sub committee0 and members of Departmental Council are members of national Executive,apart from NE ,the president and Gen Secy is a member of Working Committee meeting.Most of the field offices are not aware of the compositiion of N.E,WCM,and Conference,and they deny sp.C.L and permission to attend our meeting.This has happened in Patna,Allahabad and now at chandigargh.The Secy Gen may take up the issue at H.Qrs. level but the affected parties should give in writing.

Expected Delegates for the National Executive - Thiruvananthapuram (27, 28 September 2012)
Conformation received, -, - Punjab, -, 2 Gwalior, -, 5 Karnataka, -, 4 Nagpur, -, 5 Odisha, -, 10 Delhi, -, 5 Haryana, -, 4 Mumbai, -, 2 Patna, -, 2 Raipur, -, 2 Patrons, -, 3 Confederation Leaders, -, 4 Expected, -, - North East, -, 10 Chennai, -, 4 Andhra, -, 4 Mumbai, -, 2 Total, -, 68

Expected Delegates for National Working Committee
The above details is about the National Working Committee and not National Executive. Other delegates from units may please confirm their arrival departure immediately for making your stay comfortable.

Expected Delegates
Conformation received from CAT II, Pr. Acct. General (Audit)-I, Maharashtra. Delegates - 2

Dear Paridaji, through the press conference held at New Delhi, the NAF has righteously, logically, courageously and Constitutionally defended the role, duties and power of the CAG of India. It is not new that the politicians of India (post freedom) are on a looting spree of the wealth of our motherland and in the process are playing with the trust with which they were chosen to the highest level by the electorate to serve the NATION selflessly. However, these politicians with the help of some of the bureaucrats are trying to damage the image of the Constitutional Authority i.e the CAG of India, in particular the honourable Shjri Vinod Rai, who has shown the courage to comment upon the politicians wrong doings cutting across the parties and maintained the self esteem the powers delgated to him under the Constitution of India and has shown the world how his department and the officials work without any Fear. In this process he has gained many a foe who are day in and day out has started criticising him and his role.But we the Government Auditors very well know our duties, responsibilities and will not budge to any pressure. I feel proud to say that in such a critical moment our National Audit Federation keeping aside all other differences, has very rightly condemned such criticism and has showed the solidarity with the CAG, which no other association has ever done or will do. It was the need of the hour that as an Institution we should have rightly acted and reacted. Well done Paridaji, Long live NAF and Long live Audit Fraternity and Long live the CAG of India.
Posted by s.prabhakar

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