No. NAF/2014-16/Zonal 2                                           Dated : 05-04-2014



All Members of National Executive/South Zone secretary/Dept. Council Members, Shri. Arun Vidwans - Chief Patron, Shri. G.C. Parida - Patron (South zone), Shri. B.P. Mahji – Ex-Treasurer & Shri. Surajit Roy Choudhury – Special Invitee.


Sub: National Executive & South Zonal meeting at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

I am glad to inform you that the P&T Audit Association, Category II (Civil Audit) Association and Category III (Civil Audit) Association, Chennai have kindly consented to hold South Zone Conference and Executive meeting of National Audit Federation at Chennai, Tamil Nadu  on 29th and 30th of May 2014. All the top eight members in the National Executive Committee, South Zone Secretary, Dept. Council Members, President and Secretary of affiliated units from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu, Chief Patron, Patron (South Zone), Shri. B.P. Mahji, Ex-Treasurer and Shri.  Surajit Roy Choudhury, Spl. Invitee (incharge of website) are requested to attend the meeting. Departmental council members are requested to bring all the relevant documents relating to the demands included in the departmental council meeting for discussion.


1.      Preliminary discussions on drafting of memorandum for 7th Central Pay Commission and formation of Drafting Committee.

2.      Discussion on demands included in the Departmental council meeting.

3.      Review of Association activities

4.      Any other item with the permission of the chair

Venue of the meeting and place of accommodation will be informed later. Accommodation will be available from 28th morning to 31st evening. You are requested to reserve to and fro tickets in advance.                                       

                                                                                                 Fraternally Yours,

Circular: No.2 / 2014-16/                                                        Dt.28.02.2014


All our affiliated units secretaries/central office bearers/zonal/branch secretaries/ Departmental Council members/Patrons/chief Patron.

Sub: Resolutions to C&AG and to the Government of India



As per the decisions taken in the 9th Biennial conference held at Puri, Odisha, three resolutions were passed and the same has been forwarded to the Comptroller and Auditor General of India and Government of India. Inorder to complete the formalities, it is also required that these resolutions to be passed in individual unit level on its general body and send to the Comptroller and Auditor General and Government of India.

All unit secretaries are requested to convene a General Body meeting of their respective associations at their convenience before 15th March 2014 and pass the following resolutions (Format attached).

Resolution No.1 Immediate payment of Interim Relief 15 % to all Central Government employees and merger of  50 % DA

Resolution No.2   Concern over the rejection of demands by the Government of India

Resolution No.3 Implement Cadre restructuring in IA&AD

First two resolutions shall be forwarded to the The Secretary, Department of Personnel & Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, North Block, New Delhi and all the above three resolutions shall be forwarded to the Comptroller and Auditor General of India with a copy to the Secretary General, National Audit Federation for information.

All the 6 Zonal Secretaries are requested to follow up the directions issued by NAF and to report compliance by 20th March 2014 to the Secretary General.

Since forwarding of resolutions are absolutely necessary for pressurising the authorities to expedite implementation of our demands, all are requested not to delay the same.

With regards,

Encl: Format of resolutions

Resolution No. 1

Immediate payment of Interim Relief 15 % to all Central Government employees and merger of  50 % DA

The 9th Biennial Conference of National Audit Federation held at Puri, Odisha from 29-01-2014 to 31-01-2014, has directed this unit to pass a resolution on immediate payment of IR and merger of 50% DA. As per the directions of National Audit Federation, our Apex Level Organization, this General Body held on ____________ (date) of _____________(Name of association) Association, ______________________(Office name with name of state) unanimously resolved to urge upon the Government of India to sanction Interim Relief of 15 per cent (Band Pay plus Grade Pay) to all central government employees and staff in view of the uncontrolled price hike of essential commodities.

Dearness allowance has already been raised to 100 per cent w.e.f. 1-01-2014 by the Government. This General Body has also resolved to urge upon the government to issue orders for merger of 50% Dearness Allowance with Pay from the date DA crossed 50 per cent (ie. 01-01-2011) to all central government employees along with the grant of revised Dearness Allowance.

It is also resolved to send a copy of this resolution to the Government of India and the C&AG of India.

It is further resolved to send a copy to the Secretary General, National Audit Federation for information.

       Sd/-                                                                                            Sd/-

President                                                                          General Secretary

Resolution No.2

Concern over the rejection of demands by the Government of India

The 9th Biennial Conference of National Audit Federation held at Puri, Odisha from 29-01-2014 to 31-01-2014, expressed serious concern over the rejection of genuine demands of the employees of the Indian Audit & Accounts Department duly approved and forwarded to the Finance Ministry by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India and directed this unit to pass a resolution. CAG is a part of Indian Parliamentary Democracy and the staff of this organization does its work for the interest of the nation without fear or favour, no matter which party or persons govern this country. As per the directions of National Audit Federation, our Apex Level Organization, this General Body held on ____________ (date) of _____________(Name of association) Association, ______________________(Office name with name of state) unanimously resolved to urge upon the Government of India to reconsider all those genuine demands of the employees of IA&AD placed before it in its true spirit and without any further delay.

It is also resolved to send a copy of this resolution to the Government of India and the C&AG of India.

It is further resolved to send a copy to the Secretary General, National Audit Federation for information.


Sd/-                                                                                                 Sd/-

President                                                                                General Secretary

Resolution No.3

Implement Cadre restructuring in IA&AD

The 9th Biennial Conference of National Audit Federation held at Puri, Odisha from 29-01-2014 to 31-01-2014, observed that the last cadre restructuring done in IA&AD was only during 1987 and directed this unit to pass a resolution. As per the directions of National Audit Federation, our Apex Level Organization, this General Body held on ____________ (date) of _____________(Name of association) Association, ______________________(Office name with name of state) unanimously resolved to urge upon the Comptroller and Auditor General of India to implement the much expected Cadre restructuring in IA&AD in line with the cadre restructuring implemented in the other departments viz. Central Secretariat Service, Central Board for Direct Taxes, Central Board for Excise and Customs etc.

It is also resolved to send a copy of the above resolution to the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

It is also resolved to send a copy to the Secretary General, National Audit Federation for information.


             Sd/-                                                                                     Sd/-

President                                                                    General Secretary 

National Audit Federation

(Recognized by C & AG of India Vide No.172/NGE (JCM)/14-2003 dated 15.06.2004)

Headquarters Office : K/42 B.K. Dutt Colony, Jorbagh, Lodi Colony, New Delhi - 3

No. NAF/2014-16/Zonal-1                                                 Dated :14-02-2014


All zonal secretaries

Dear friend,

Sub: Furnishing of details of office bearers in r/o field units - regarding

As discussed in our combined meeting of old and new executive members, the zonal secretaries play an important role in our organization. Zonal Secretaries function as a link between the top leadership and the affiliated unit level leaders. The states coming under each zone is as shown below:

Sl. No.



Names of State in Charge


Sudhir Kumar


 Zonal Secy (North)

Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, New Delhi, Haryana & Punjab 


Anil R Khaparde 


Zonal Secy (West) 

Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa & Maharashtra


B. Mansingh


 Zonal Secy (South)

Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka


Barun Prakash Majhi


Zonal Secy (East) 

West Bengal, Bihar & Odisha


Utpal Bandopadhyay


Zonal Secy (Central)

Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand & Chhattisgarh


P Basumatary


Zonal Secy (North East)

Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Manipur & Assam

In order to function in a smoothly manner we need the details of all elected office bearers of affiliated units along with their mobile number & email ids. I request the zonal secretaries to collect full particulars of the leaders of affiliated units pertaining to your respective zones (list attached) and forward to my email id ( at the earliest (before 19-02-2014). An activity report of their respective associations for the last one year and date of recognition may also be collected.

Our chief patron has also directed me to inform you that a visit to the local units under your jurisdiction shall also be conducted within a month or so. Hence, you are also requested to prepare a tour programme on your convenience and in consultation with the local units for you visit. A copy of the tour programme may please be sent to Secretary General for information. Zonal Secretaries shall address the General House/Executive Committee of the local units. Sleeper class train fair shall be reimbursed by our treasurer on furnishing tour report. Food and accommodation of zonal secretaries shall be the liability of units visited. Prior information may be given to the units for necessary arrangements.

I solicit your sincere co-operation on the above proposals.

Thank you.

With Regards,

Encl: List of affiliated units 

National Audit Federation

(Recognized by C & AG of India Vide No.172/NGE (JCM)/14-2003 dated 15.06.2004)

Headquarters Office : K/42 B.K. Dutt Colony, Jorbagh, Lodi Colony, New Delhi - 3

Circular: No.1 / 2014-16/                                                        Dt.06.02.2014


All our Affiliated Units Secretaries/Central Office Bearers/Zonal/Branch Secretaries/ Departmental Council Members/Patrons/Chief Patron.

9th Biennial Conference - 29th January to 31st January 2014, Puri, Odisha


The 9th Biennial Conference of National Audit Federation was held at Puri, Odisha from 29th January 2014 to 31st January 2014. 91 delegates from 35 affiliated units including patrons attended the meeting (Annexture-1). The meeting was co-hosted by the Odisha Civil Audit Associations Cat-II & III, East coast Railway Audit Association - Bhubaneswar, P&T Audit Associations Cat II & III – Cuttak and was held at the Youth Hostel, near the office of the DAG office, Puri, Odisha.

On 29th January 2014, Honourable Minister of Law Tourism, Culture, Planning & Coordination, Odisha Shri Maheswar Mohanty inaugurated the conference by lighting the lamp and Shri B.K.Mohanty, IA&AS, Pr. Director of Audit, Eco Railway, Bhubaneswar was the guest of honour Shri. L.S. Sujith Kumar, during presidential address expressed his discontentment over the negative attitude of the Government of India towards the genuine demands of the employees of IA&AD after the recent scams viz. 2G, 3G, CWG, Coalgate etc. Addressing the delegates, the Honourable Minister highlighted that a huge amount of taxpayer’s money is being spent in infrastructure building and running different welfare schemes. Therefore every taxpayer has the right to know if the funds are being spent wisely. Shri. Bijay Kumar Mohanty, Principal Director of Audit highlighted the importance of CAG in safeguarding taxpayer’s money. Secretary General Shri. G.C. Parida expressed the difficulties being encountered by the employees during discharge of duty. Both the guests extended their best wishes for the deliberations in the conference and all success.

After completing the formalities and registration of delegates, the deliberations started at 4.00 pm. Secretary General presented his report and the accounts of the organisation by the Treasurer. Secretary General welcomed all the delegates and requested them to contribute creatively in the deliberations. Treasurer reminded the delegates about the weak financial position of NAF and requested to take up the issue seriously as fund is an important element in the running of any organization. After few discussions the house unanimously passed Secretary General’s report and Accounts.

Delegates from 31 units discussed various issues to be addressed at higher level discussions in the CAG office and with Government of India. Discussions continued till 10.00 PM and resumed at 10.30 AM on 30.01.2014. The National Executive meeting on 30.01.2014 discussed the above issues and a 32 point charter of demands to be discussed with C&AG of India along with 12 issues relating to the common front to be discussed with the Government of India.  Puri declaration containing the above charter of demands (Annexure 1) was approved by the general house. The house as a whole congratulated the Secretary General for his efforts to host website for NAF and using of new technologies for faster correspondence and bringing information to its members at the earliest. Shri B.N. Amarnarayana Swamy, Cat-II, Karnataka was appointed as the Returning Officer. Shri R.V. Tutwawadi, CAA Nagpur and Shri Rameswar Kashyap, CAA Odisha were also appointed as Assistant Returning Officers.

Notification for election to the top eight executive posts was made on 30-01-2014 at 6.00 pm and the nominations were filed by the delegates till 11.00 am on the 31st January. After the expiry of time allotted for withdrawal of nominations all the eight top executives were declared elected unanimously. The conference also appointed three out of four Branch secretaries, six zonal secretaries, four special invitees and three departmental council members (Annexure 2). The Secretary General Shri G.C. Parida in his concluding speech inspired the delegates by reminding about the vision of the formation leaders and Patrons of National Audit Federation twenty years back. He also added that their dedication to build NAF as the number one federation in audit is unquestionable and also invaluable asset to the organization. He also appealed to the new executive and all other delegates to carry the torch to a greater height keeping its unique identity of being apolitical. On a combined National Executive of old and new body, the new Secretary General briefed the challenges before the new committee and an action plan to be implemented in the next two years. He also requested the cooperation of both the committees in executing certain unfinished task of previous committee along with the new assignments. Members wholeheartedly supported the Secretary General for his future plans to take up the organization to new heights.

Farewell function for the retiring Ex-Secretary General was held at the office of the DAG, Puri, Odisha on the 31st January 2014 at 5.30 pm. The meeting was inaugurated by Shri S.S.Dadhe, IA&AS, Pr. Accountant General (E & RSA) Odisha, Bhubaneswar in the presence of Smt Gargi Kaul, IA&AS, Pr. Accountant General (A&E) Odisha, Bhubaneswar. In his inaugural speech, Shri Dadhe stressed about the need of employees association for the betterment of the employee - employer relationship. He also highlighted that he observed the functioning of NAF for the last 10-15 years and as a federation NAF has established a unique identity in presenting the issues of its members to the officers and gets it done. This unique identity has made NAF distinguish from other traditional organizations, he added. Both the officers wished Shri G.C. Parida a long, happy and peaceful retired life. Delegates from various units felicitated Shri G.C.Parida and Smt Parida. It was a wonderful farewell ceremony and a befitting one. The friends and colleagues were praising and showering best wishes to a personality who was already blessed by god with various talents. Let us also wish him a happy and peaceful retired life. The meeting concluded with a colourful cultural programme.

Wish you all a very happy new year and hope together we can achieve our goals.

                                                                           With regards,




Annexure 1

National Audit Federation

9th Biennial Conference, Youth Hostel, Puri

From 29 to 31 January 2014


Charter of Demands

1. Give unlimited chances for SAS with 40% passing marks.

2. Grant one incentive increment after passing DCT & SAS.

3. Revise allowance for sports persons.

4. Bring all the audit parties at Headquarters for 3 days in a month.

5. Timely payment of TA claims may be ensured and Tour Advance may be granted.

6. Sufficient time and staff (at least one Auditor in every field party) may be given.

7. Rotational posting in every audit branch may be ensured, option may be called for inter sector transfer.

8. Unilateral transfers may be allowed.

9. Grant Grade Pay 5400 to Hindi Officers.

10. Re-organisation in every state civil office may be done properly and uniformly.

11. Arbitration award of August 2004 may be implemented and parity with CSS may be          restored.

12. Consider graduate DEOs for promotion as Auditor.

13. Introduce MCQ pattern for Departmental Exam also.

14. Increase supervisor quota to 20 per cent of the sanctioned strength of AAOs.

15. Reversion of Supervisors shall not be done even if the office becomes deficit subsequently.

16. Change in nomenclature of Supervisor as AAO with Gazetted status.

17. Transparent policy of Posting in DG/PD (Central) office with Deputation Allowance.

18. Grant Tribal area Allowance.

19. Provide quality uniforms to MTS.

20. Ensure promotion of employees from lower cadre while filling up of vacancies in Auditor cadre through direct recruitment.

21. Grant GP of Rs. 4200 to Auditors.

22. Withdraw negative marking from SAS/RA examinations

23. Result/Marks obtained in SAS/RA/CPD online exams may be declared immediately after completing the examinations like other internationally accepted online examinations.

24. Allow audit people also to opt for posting in office of their choice after passing of SAS exam.

25. Allow MTS employees also to appear for SAS examinations.

26. Provide open pass to visit Ministerial offices in New Delhi and State Capitals to those officials who are doing liaison works regularly with those offices.

27. Provide adequate infrastructure, proper sitting arrangements etc. in all audit offices.

28. Pre-2010 Group D, Record Keepers now designated as MTS may be exempted from duties of Chowkidar, Sweeper, Gardener etc.

29. Withdraw Certification/Undertaking which has been initiated to be given to Head of Auditee Units under newly introduced Code of ethics.

30. Stop assigning survey works to audit employees during performance audits.

31. Immediate absorption of those AAOs to audit offices who are on deputation for eventual absorption from A&E offices.


32. All India Transfer liability of AAOs & AOs should be dispensed with.

Common Central Government Employees Issues

1. Entry grade pay to all may be granted.

2. Grade pay of Rs. 5400 to AAOs and Private Secretaries after 4 years of service may be granted.

3. Grade pay of Rs. 4600 to Sr. Auditors may be granted.

4. Grant one increment to all employees who retire from January to June.

5. Interim Relief @ 15 % to all Central Govt. Employees may be granted from January 2014 and 50% DA should be merged in pay.

6. Anomalies in MACP may be removed and Supreme Court judgment for stepping up pay of senior employees may be implemented.

7. MACPS may be given four times after completing 8, 16, 24 and 32 years of service.

8. Annual medical check-up facilities through CGHS to all officials on the line of similar facilities to Gr. A officers.

9. Enhance limits for HBA, MCA and other advances.

10. Allow Child Care Leave to single male father as well and either of any spouse.

11.  Enhance CGEIS contribution and coverage.

12. Link Hotel/Taxi/Food reimbursement with DA and increase reimbursement limit for GP up to Rs. 4800 (i.e. Rs. 1000 from existing Rs. 500)

Letter to CAG on following issues               

1. Sports persons welfare 

(a) Inclusion of more disciplines for Sports quota recruitment

(b) Recruitment of DEO/Clerk/MTS may also be considered.

2. Victimization of association office bearers in respect of Hyderabad Unit

Local Level Issues

1. Association representation in transfer/posting committee

Resolutions approved and sent to the CAG/Government of India

1. Immediate payment of 15% IR to all Central Government employees in view of the setting-up of 7th Central Pay Commission,

2. Cadre restructuring in IA&AD which is long overdue,

3. Concern over the rejection of demands by the Government of India even if the CAG of India positively proposes and send them to GOI.




Annexure 2

Office Bearers for the Period 2014-2016





PostDate of BirthName of UnitAddressEmail Id
1Taizuddin AhmedPresident01.06.1954CAA Cat-III, AssamO/o the Prl. AG(Audit), Assam, Beltola, Maidamgaon, Guwahati - 781029rezina_2008
2S.PrabhakarVice President16.10.1960


Nagpur, Maharashtra

No.116, Govind Gourkhede Complex, Seminery Hills, Nagpur - 440006prabhakarsvj
3L.S. Sujith KumarSecretary General10.03.1967


Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

SURABHI, L-56-B, LIC Lane, Pattom,
4Amal Kumar DasAddl. Secy. General01.07.1966

Hqrs. Office, NAF, New Delhi

K/42, B.K. Dutt Colony, Jorbagh, Lodi Colony, New Delhi -
5N. Shiva KumarAssistant Secretary General20.07.1962

CAA, Cat-III, Bangalore, Karnataka 

129, 4th main 9th cross chamaraja pet Bangalore-560018shivipoori
6Rakesh KumarAssistant Secretary General04.03.1965

CAA Cat-III, Chandigarh, Haryana

C/o Shivam Karyana store Preet VIP Industry Tandli Model Town Ambala City,
7Raghavendra DeoAssistant Secretary General14.01.1977

Audit Cat-II Association, Mumbai

O/o the PAG, Mumbairaghavendradeo
8V. Sam JamesTreasurer07.07.1964

CAA Cat-III, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Vazhiyilanickal, KP 3/428(2), Madathunada, Mikkola P.O., Thiruvananthapuram - 695043samvjames

Branch Secretaries
Sl. No.



BranchDate of BirthName of UnitAddressEmail Id
1Amrendra KumarCivil Branch26.06.1973Audit Welfare Assn. Cat-II, Gwalior, Madhya PradeshFlat No.34, Block F-5, Windsor Hills, New collectorate road, Sirol, Gwalior, MP - 474006amrendrashmi2667
2Devender KumarP&T Audit08.09.1968Cat-III, P&T Audit New DelhiS/o late Ramkishan, Village Kheri_Manajat, District Sonepat, Haryana - 131103dahiyadevender1371
3G.K. AgarwalCommercial14.11.1963Cat-III, PDCA, Ranchi, JharkandO/o the Dy. Director (Comml. Audit), Central Coal field Ltd. Darbhanga house, Ranchi, Jharkhand –

Zonal Secretaries
Sl. No.



ZoneDate of BirthName of UnitAddressEmail Id
1Utpal BandopadhyayCentral14.09.1962Cat-III, Ranchi, JharkhandNew AG Colony, Qr. No. Ty/111-TS-04, Doranda, Ranchi - 834002utpal2014naf
2Anil KhapardeWest21.05.1962Cat-III, ESM&SD, Mumbai405, Minakshi Apartment, Lalchakki, Venus Road, Ulash Nagar, Thane - 421004anilkhaparde3
3P BasumataryNorth East01.07.1959Cat-III, NF Railway, Maligaon, GuwahatiRly. Qtr No.29/B, West Maligaon, Guwahati - 781011phuleswar.basumatary
4Barun Prakash MajhiEast 03.03.1973Odisha CAA Cat-III, OdishaType-II-10, Old AG Colony, Unit IV, Bhubaneswar - 751001barunmajhi
5B. MansinghSouth12.06.1973CAA Cat-III, Hyderabad, Andhra PradeshH.No.8-43/9/2/5, StreetNo.6, Balaji Hills Colony, Boduppal, Ghatkesar Mandal, Renga Reddy District, Andhra Pradeshmansingh1415
6Sudhir KumarNorth04.03.1956Punjab CAA Cat-III, Chandigarh, PunjabH.No.2963/2, Sector 42-C, Chandigarh - 160036sidhirsharma1956

Special Invitees
Sl. No.


Date of BirthName of UnitAddressEmail Id

Nitin Kumar Paul

07.01.1959Cat-III, AG (Audit), Raipur, ChattisgarhIndu Chowk, Magarpara Road, Jarhabhata,  Bilaspur, Chattisgarh - 495001paulnitin59

Suraj Singh

01.01.1960Cat-III, ESM & SD, New DelhiO/o the PDA (E&SM), AGCR Building, IP estate, New

B.N. Dubey

22.01.1959CAA Cat-III, PAG(Audit), Patna, Bihar302 B, Pushpanjali Appartment, North mandhiri, Patna – 1, Biharbirendranathdubey

Surajit Roy Choudhury

27.03.1970CAA Cat-III, Puri, OdishaSai Nath Palace, Jagmohan Nagar, Jagamara Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar – 751030,

Departmental Council Members

Sl. No.


Date of BirthName of UnitAddressEmail Id

H.S. Chauhan

04.05.1957Cat-III, PAG (Audit), Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh52A, Gayatri Vihar Near Chambal Coloney, Thatpur, Gwalior - 474011chauhan.hs56

P.R. Rajvedi

29.04.1970Cat-III, PAG(Audit), Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh44- Dilkush, New Katra, Allahabad - 211002pushprajrajvedi

Mayank Gilani

05.05.1967Cat-III, DGACR, New DelhiB-40, first floor (left hand side), Moti Nagar, New Delhi - 110015mayank_gilani



National Audit Federation

(Recognized by C & AG of India Vide No.172/NGE (JCM)/14-2003 dated 15.06.2004)

Headquarters Office : K/42 B.K. Dutt Colony, Jorbagh, Lodi Colony, New Delhi - 3

Circular No.1                                                                   Dated : 10.01.2014



All the Unit Secretaries / Central Office Bearers / Zonal and Branch Secretaries / Chief Patron/Patrons 

Courtesy Meeting with CAG of India on 8th January, 2014


Dear friends,

There was a courtesy meeting of National Audit Federation with the Hon'ble C&AG of India on 8th Jan 2014. Only 4 representatives were asked to take part in the meeting in a very short notice. Sri L.S Sujith Kumar, President, A. K Das Addl Secy. General, Barun Majhi Treasurer and G C Parida, Secy General attended the meeting. The meeting started at 4 PM,  on being asked, we raised the pay parity issue of Central Secretariat Asst with Sr. Auditors. CAG specifically wanted to know where and how the parity was disturbed. We told the brief history of separation and the sole purpose for which the audit and accounts were separated in 1984. It is not the Pay Commission which have failed us in respect of pay parity issue. It is the Govt. which is failing us and the Govt. is sympathetic to the Central Secretariat service we emphatically presented. CAG then told us to make a strong confederation to maintain balance with coordination with the Govt. and other employees organizations. However CAG assured us to take up this issue in the 7th Pay Commission. It was informed, arbitration award favouring parity has been decidedly rejected by the Govt.


(2)  There was discussion on cadre restructuring in IA&AD and promotional prospects CAG replied that attempts are being made to fill up the vacancies first. It has been made up to 48000 staff strength now and all 70000 strength to be complete in couple of years. Promotional prospects in all cadres particularly in AAO/AOs to Gr.A position to be explored and materialized in a time bound period C&AG assured.

(3)  We raised an issue of sending Sr. Auditors in UN / Embassy Audit CAG and DG staff discussed this issue pros and cons and DG told the CAG that NAF this time has come with this new demand. It was not earlier discussed any time any where CAG assured us to examine the issue.

(4)  5400 GP to AAOs after completion of 4 years issue to be settled in next pay commission. CAG told.

DG staff and ACN were present in the meeting.


G C Parida

Secretary General

National Audit Federation

(Recognized by C & AG of India Vide No.172/NGE (JCM)/14-2003 dated 15.06.2004)

Headquarters Office : K/42 B.K. Dutt Colony, Jorbagh, Lodi Colony, New Delhi - 3

Circular No.11                                                                   Dated : 12.12.2013



All the Unit Secretaries / Central Office Bearers / Zonal and Branch Secretaries / Chief Patron/Patrons/ Special Invitees

9th Biennial Conference at Puri


The 9th Biennial Conference of National Audit Federation will held in Puri (Odisha) on three consecutive days beginning from 29th January 2014 to 31st January 2014. As per our byelaws “The General Body/ Conference shall constitute delegates from affiliated units on proportional representation based on its strength, i.e. each unit upto membership of 75 shall nominate one delegate and one additional delegate for every 75 members or part thereof subject to maximum of five delegates (Article-7). The units are to clear all their headquarters fees @ Rs.20/- per member per annum. The delegates are required to be accompanied with a resolution duly adopted in their respective general body meetings authorizing to attend the biennial conference with a specific mention that in case a delegate is elected to the National Executive Committee for the year 2013-15, he/she cannot be withdrawn midway on any request or otherwise from the local units. The resolution will be communicated to the Secretary General, NAF in the letter head pad of the unit.

The accommodation and fooding for the delegates/observers will be made available from 28th January 2014 (Evening) to 1st February 2014 (Morning). All the delegates and observers are to pay Rs.1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) each towards delegate fees.

This biennial conference will discuss the organizational matters, departmental issues, common front problems and other miscellaneous issues with permission from the chair on different days including election of new National Executive Committee members on 31st January 2014. There will be a farewell meeting organized for the out going Secretary General, Sri G.C.Parida who will retire on attaining the age of superannuation on 31st January 2014.

Venue:   YOUTH HOSTEL, CT Road, Near DAG Office, Puri -752002

Location of Youth Hostel, Puri

Distance from Puri Railway Station – 1 km

Distance from Puri Bus Stand – 3 km

Distance from Bhubaneswar Airport – 60 km

For further assistance the delegates may also contact following members including the Secretary General.

Amol Das, Additional Secretary General, Chairman Organizing Committee of Conference –         Mobile No. 09434038749

Barun Prasad Majhi, General Secretary, OCCA, Odisha – Mobile No. 09777595058

Nityananda Mohanty, Secretary, Puri Unit and Convener of Organizing Committee –        Mobile No. 09437559514

Surajit Roy Choudhury, NAF Website Admn – Mobile No. 09437178859

All are requested to attend the conference which being hosted by Odisha Units.

      Fraternally yours

G C Parida,

Secretary General, NAF

Download Circular No.11 Dated 12.12.2013

National Audit Federation

(Recognized by C & AG of India Vide No.172/NGE (JCM)/14-2003 dated 15.06.2004)

Headquarters Office : K/42 B.K. Dutt Colony, Jorbagh, Lodi Colony, New Delhi - 3

Circular No.10                                                                    Dated : 13.11.2013


All Central Office Bearers / Zonal / Branch Secretaries / Departmental Council / Members / Patrons / Chief Patron / Special invitees.


Friends ;

            The National Executive Committee Meeting of National Audit Federation will be held on 29.11.2013 at Regional Training Institute, Ranchi (Jharkhand) being hosted by the Cat-II & III Civil Audit Association, O/o the Pr. Accountant General (Audit), Jharkhand, Ranchi to discuss the following agenda.

1.         Organisational matter:

            a.         Discussion on Agenda meeting with Deputy C & AG.

            b.         Cadre restructuring etc.

2.         Common front issues:

            a.         Seventh Pay Commission. (To release 10% IR immediately).

            b.         Grade Pay etc (Case filed in Delhi CAT on Arbitration Award).

3.         Miscellaneous points as permitted by the Chair. (Farewell to Sri R.B.Tiwari a veteran leader of National Audit Federation who retires on 30.11.2013).

            For detailed information about venue and other please contact.

            Sri R.B.Tiwari – 09835346595

            Sri N.K.Jain – 09431581969

            Sri Anil Jha – 09204308920

All are requested to attend the meeting.

                                                                                                                        Yours faithfully,



Secretary General

Download CIrcular No.10 dated 13.11.2013

National Audit Federation

(Recognized by C & AG of India Vide No.172/NGE (JCM)/14-2003 dated 15.06.2004)

Headquarters Office : K/42 B.K. Dutt Colony, Jorbagh, Lodi Colony, New Delhi - 3

Circular No.9                                                                             Dated : 5.11.2013


All our affiliated Unit Secretaries / Central Office Bearers / Zonal / Branch Secretaries / Departmental Council Members / Chief Patron / Patrons

Sub:       Agenda Meeting with Dy C & AG of India.


                An agenda meeting of National Audit Federation was held with Dy C & AG on 1st November 2013 at 3.30 PM. From the official side Sri Sankar Narayan, Dy C & AG, Ms. Annie G Mathew, DG (Staff) and Mr. M.L.Tamrakar, Sr.AO (JCM) were present in the discussion. From the staff side Mr. L.S.Sujith Kumar, President, NAF, Mr. Taizuddin Ahmed, Vice-President, Mr. G.C.Parida, Secretary General and Mr. A.K.Das, Addl Secretary General attended the meeting that continued for two hours which ended at 5.30 PM. The briefings of the meeting are given below although the official record note of discussion is yet to come.

1. Fixation of pay of AAOs promoted before 01.01.2006 and after 29.08.2008

Official Reply : As agreed earlier in the agenda meeting with the DG (Staff) to post one DRAAO in each office to facilitate the stepping up of pay of the seniors with the entry grade pay it has not been possible due to delay in clearance of the exam by the UPSC. This time CAG management had agreed to examine to make the posting of AAOs coming from Accounts to Audit as fresh appointment and to step up others pay accordingly in pursuit of exploring another way to settle the entry grade pay demand departmentally. The stepping up pay cases of many field offices including Odisha office pending in CAG office will be disposed off immediately.

2.  Promotion of erstwhile SO to AAO between 01.01.2006 to 28.08.2008 to be restored.

Official Reply : It was agreed to examine the cases of promotions declared null and void Federation has given two case studies as example for examination.

3.  Exercise of option in case of promotion in quick succession

Official Reply : Clarification to this effect is still awaited from the Ministry, however, the DAI directed the DG (Staff) to remind the Finance Ministry to seek clarification early.

4.  Rs 4600/- Grade Pay to Senior Auditors

Official Reply : The Finance Ministry has replied to the CAG management that the case of arbitration award has been referred to Lok Sabha Secretariat for necessary action. This reply, as agreed will take place in the official minutes. It is agreed to keep this demand alive for decision in the 7th Pay Commission if not settled in between.

5.  One increment for DCT passed candidate

Official Reply : It is agreed to consider positively to give one increment to the DCT passed Auditors and it has been assured that the difference in day of commencement of the increment in respect of RA Exam and Incentive Exam will be made uniform.

6.  Implementation of cadre restructuring

Official Reply : It is agreed that the vacancies would be filled up in next few years (at present sanction strength is 70,000 and Person in Position is 40,000). Status report of restructuring of PD Central offices resulting in more sanctioned post of Audit Officers and Auditors would be prepared and circulated immediately. The DG (Staff) has been instructed to complete the cadre restricting keeping in view of the 7th CPC.

7.  Unilateral transfers

Official Reply : It was not agreed to lift the ban on unilateral transfer. However, it was assured that the special cases of physical handicapped and spouses employed in different States will be considered positively. The absorption cases of Auditors in AG Audit, Manipur and AAOs in PAG Civil Audit, Mumbai offices would be looked into.

8.  Revision of rate of Daily Allowances for Sports person.

Official Reply : It was assured to revise the rate of daily allowance of persons participating in different sports competition/cultural activities and DG (Headquarters) was directed to issue this order, revising the daily allowance within one month.

9.   To designate the post of Supervisors and AAOs “increasing promotion quota to 20%”

Official Reply : It was told that additional 6% (4 % + 6% Addl) was released with a condition of reversion when SAS passed candidates are available and implementation will be start with immediate effect without waiting for the 1st January 2014 as some offices interpreted. It was also assured to examine to designate Supervisor as AAO in line of orders of Finance Ministry in case of Controller General of Accounts employees (CGA gives 10% Senior Accountant as AAO). There will be no reversion of Additional Supervisors, it was assured. 20% quota will be taken up after implementation of 10% quota.

10.  SAS Exam

Official Reply : A committee has been setup in CAG office to look into NAF’s demand (a) Withdrawal of negative marking (b) to increase the chances (c) reducing pass marks. On being requested the DAI directed the DG (Staff) to ask the committee to submit the report before the last date of submitting application of supplementary SAS Exam.

11.  Non functioning of Departmental Council

Official Reply : NAF was asked to submit a fresh agenda to Secretary Official side for Departmental Council Meeting.

12.  Payment of arrears of 01.01.1996 to 18.02.2003

Official Reply : Payment will be made after Government OM is issued. It is learnt that the payment also has not been made in Railway accounts in general.

13.  Rs 5400 Grade pay to AAOs after completion of 4 years.

Official Reply : It was agreed to take up the case again with the Finance Ministry as to keep the issue alive for 7th CPC.

There will be a meeting of National Audit Federation with C&AG of India soon and the NAF has been asked to send a request letter in this regard with few points which need immediate attention of the Hon’ble C&AG of India.

In view of this development the 2nd phase of agitation which was scheduled to begin from 18 November 2013 is postponed.

The Biennial Conference of NAF will be held in Puri (Odisha) from 29 January 2014 to 31 January 2014 (3 days). The accommodation and other facilities will be available from 28 January 2014 (evening) to 1st February 2014 (morning) and it may please be ensured that all our affiliated units with their delegates attend the conference (details will follow). An organizing committee setup for the purpose.

With regards

Fraternally yours

G C Parida

Secretary General


Circular No.29-2013


Dated: 25.09.2013


(1)   All the Heads of Department in IA&AD

(as per mailing list except of overseas Audit offices)

(2)   Director General (Commercial)

(3)   Director (P) – Local

Subject: Additional posts of Supervisor in deficit offices of IA &AD.


            I am to invite a reference to this office Circular No.40-2011 issued vide letter No.1050-Staff (App)/20-2010 dated 23.12.2011 vide which it was decided that the promotion to the post of Supervisor shall be made only against 04 (four) percent of regular sanctioned strength of AAO (excluding adhoc, casual temporary, supernumerary, etc.) in both Audit and (A&E) Offices.

2.         The recent review of Sanctioned Strength (SS) and Persons in Position (PIP) in the cadre of AAO has shown deficit in many offices. Accordingly, the offices having shortfall of 15% or more in AAOs cadre have been classified as the deficit offices. It has further been decided that such deficit offices can operate additional 6% posts of AAOs cadre in the cadre of Supervisors taking total SS in Supervisors cadre to 10% of the regular SS of AAOs as of temporary measure.

3.         This scheme of additional 06% Supervisors in deficit offices will come into operation with immediate effect. Subsequently, this will be operational only in such deficit offices where vacancies in the cadre of AAO are 15% or more as on 1st January. Whenever, the vacancies in AAOs cadre fall below 15% this scheme would cease to exist and no further promotion to the additional post of supervisor would be made. The promotion to the cadre of Supervisors agains the additional 6% posts of AAO is subject to reversion as and when eligible SAS qualified officials are available. This clause should be mentioned invariably in the promotion orders.

Yours faithfully, 


Asst. Comptroller & Auditor General (N)

National Audit Federation

(Recognized by C & AG of India Vide No.172/NGE (JCM)/14-2003 dated 15.06.2004)

Headquarters Office : K/42 B.K. Dutt Colony, Jorbagh, Lodi Colony, New Delhi - 3

NAF Circular 8                                                                             Dt.01.10.2013


All the unit Secretaries/ Central Office bearers / Zonal/ Branch Secretaries /    Departmental Council Members/ Patrons/ Chief Patron.



As it is earlier intimated, the biennial conference of National Audit Federation will be held at Puri from 29th January, 2014 to 31st January, 2014 (both days inclusive). For the purpose an organizing Committee has been formed with the members mentioned below to oversee the arrangement, Souvenir  publication, Conference  inauguration etc.


Sri Amal Kumar Das, (Eco Rly Audit) Additional Secretary General, NAF, Chairman Organising Committee


Samir Panda, President, Cat-II OCAA, Bhubaneswar


Priyadarsi Kanungo, General Secretary, Cat-II, OCAA, Bhubaneswar


R. Kashyap, President, Cat-III, OCAA, Bhubaneswar


B. P. Majhi, General Secretary, Cat-III, OCAA, Bhubaneswar, Treasurer, NAF


A. K. Ray, President, Rly Audit Association, Cat-III, Eco Rly, Bhubaneswar


Srikant Sahoo, General Secretary, Rly Audit Association, Cat-III, Eco Rly, Bhubaneswar


B. Majhi, P & T, Audit, Cuttack


Nityananda Mohanty, Secretary,

OCAA, Puri Unit, Convener, Organizing Committee

Email ID:



Surajit Roy Choudhury, OCAA, Puri, Admn of NAF website


It is reported by the convener, the organizing Committee will start functioning immediately 

Yours faithfully

GC Parida

Secretary General

Delhi High Court Judgement on Group "A" Status to Senior Audit Officers

National Audit Federation

(Recognized by C & AG of India Vide No.172/NGE (JCM)/14-2003 dated 15.06.2004)

Headquarters Office : K/42 B.K. Dutt Colony, Jorbagh, Lodi Colony, New Delhi - 3

NAF Circular 7                                                                                   Dt.07.09.2013


All our affiliated units secretaries/central office bearers/zonal/branch secretaries/ Departmental Council members/Patrons/chief Patron.

Working committee meeting at Patna(Bihar)


The working committee meeting of National Audit Federation was held in Patna (Bihar) on 1st and 2nd of September 2013. Out of 60 affiliated units, 30 units with 60 delegates attended the meeting (Annexture-1). As many as 13 National Executive Committee members out of total 18 members and 4 Patrons were also present in the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Civil Audit units i.e cat 2&3 of Patna The working committee meeting was held in Vidhayak Club.

 On 1st September 2013. Shri Pravin Kumar Singh, Accountant General (Audit) Patna attending as the Chief Guest formally inaugurated the Working Committee Meeting and appreciated the role of C&AG employees. (Details news report appears in our website, New in Media menu & Working Committee photos appearing in “Our Memories”).

            The Working Committee Meeting started after formal composition of the house i.e after the outstanding dues of headquarters fees are cleared and settled. The meeting process commenced in accordance with the agenda earlier circulated (Annexture-2). Federation’s President Sri L.S Sujith Kumar presided over the meeting and outlined the development of the federation work. Sri G.C Parida Secretary General briefed the activities of the Federation happening for over the last one year with the agenda talks with the C&AG management. In the afternoon session, the Units leaders present gave their deliberations on their units’ problems along with the organizational and departmental/common front issues (Annexture-3).

On 2nd September 2013, The WC meeting started with a discussion on demanding setting up of 7th Pay commission and merger of 50% D.A as D.P for all purposes. Sri G.C Parida, Secretary General opened the debate analyzing  the rationale behind the demand of 7th pay commission and merger of D.A. Sri Arun Vidwans, President and Sri A.B Sen, Secretary General of Confederation of Audit and Accounts employees and officers spoke  on these issues demanding that a permanent wage board should  be set up to periodically review the employees pay and allowances. It was decided to hold the seminar on pay commission issue in zonal levels.

In afternoon, Secretary General gave the replies on the discussion of the unit leaders. Then 12 points charter of demands was finalized and an agitational programme was determined to urge upon the CAG management to settle them (Annexure-4). All units are here with instructed therefore, to implement the agitational programme beginning from 18th September 2013. The national executive committee will meet in Ranchi from 29th November 2013 to bid farewell to our veteran leader, R.B Tiwari, Ranchi.

A resolution was approved in Working Committee meeting to extend the tenure of the present national executive committee upto 31st January 2014 and to hold Biennial Conference of NAF in Puri from 29th January 2014 to 311st January, 2014 corresponding with the date of retirement of Shri G.C Parida, Present Secretary General. Mr Taizuddin Ahmed, Vice-President Spoke in the meeting.

The meeting ended with the vote of thanks given by Sri Amal Das, Additional Secretary General.

Looking forward to the Biennial conference to be held at Puri in January, 2014 .                                           

                                                                        Fraternally Yours ,

G.C Parida,

Secretary General 

Annexure – 1


SL. No.





















































































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